What is the Barry Wood Nude Sitting on Bed Meme and How It Went Viral?

You remember Barry, the huge, strong black man with the ridiculously lengthy “member” who went viral on the internet during the 2009 COVID-19 epidemic. Specifically, you can agree with that statement. The guy whose viral picture inspired a zillion parodies.

Barry Wood and the “wood sitting on a bed” meme have been the subject of much speculation over the past few years, so we though we’d set the record straight.

Who Exactly is Barry Wood?

Wood, as he was known to his friends, was a preacher and a football coach who catapulted to prominence in 2012 after a naked photo of himself went viral on the internet. Wood was born in San Francisco on the 30th of August 1971 under the name Wardy Joubert III. His real name was Wardy Joubert III. He passed away from a heart attack in December of 2016.

People who Wood met at sex parties in his hometown of San Francisco pushed him to make pornographic videos because of his outstanding body and big manhood. Wood was born and raised in San Francisco.

Barry Wood Nude

Because he was having financial difficulties at the time, he sought their guidance in order to find a way to make ends meet. It was around this period when the infamous photograph of him was shot.

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What is the Barry Wood Nude Sitting on Bed Meme?

In 2010, Wood participated in a nude photoshoot while sitting on a bed, and a shot from the shoot was subsequently published on the internet. An internet user used photo editing software to make the subject’s private parts appear larger in the picture, which is what led to the image receiving a lot of attention.

The altered picture quickly became a popular meme on the internet after it was posted on a number of social media platforms, including 4chan and Reddit. On the other hand, it wasn’t until the year 2020 that it truly took off and became one of the most popular online memes in the history of the internet.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, a trend on WhatsApp became widespread that duped people into clicking on a link that featured the naked photo. This trend was a joke.

Barry Wood Nude

How His Close Ones Responded on the Meme?

In the year 2020, Vice inquired about the internet meme with some of Wood’s closest friends and relatives. His sister Ebony Joubert provided the following description of the first time she came about the meme:

“I was sitting on my bed and I had an ex co-worker send me something from Facebook in my inbox. She was like ‘Is this your brother?’ and I was furious.”

Then, Wardy’s sister, step-mother, and pastor went on to explain the fun, charitable, and religious nature of his character. After that, Wardy’s friend Greg Hill said, “Those photos weren’t really even who Wardy was.”

It was disclosed by his relatives that he participated in the nude picture shoot in order to make some additional money because he was going through “financial hardship” and was going to “lose his house.”

The words of his pastor, “You can’t reduce him to this picture,” echoed in the room before Greg chimed in, “Wardy is bigger than one photo.”

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How This Meme Went Viral?

Some of the most (in)famous internet memes featured the character often known as “Huge Penis Guy,” including the following:

  1. They photoshop an image of themselves resting their heads on his shoulders.
  2. Flowers covering Wood’s penis as he poses for photos beside a woman in a beautiful meadow.
  3. Wood holding a sign, next to a group of healthcare workers also holding signs that read, “We stay here for you. Please stay home for us.”
  4. Quarantine Day 49: Finally Got Dressed is the strapline for a picture of wood with clothing superimposed on his body and the number
  5. Jeopardy! Contestant Wood without any clothes on.
  6. His image was featured as Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” on the cover.
  7. Wood is in the Oval Office, seated at the President’s desk.
  8. Having a photo shoot for a rap album’s cover and ending up sitting next to Tupac and other famous rappers.
  9. Pictures showing people’s expressions “before,” “during,” and “after” they gaze down and view Barry’s Wood.
  10. Photograph shows Wood wearing a mask; the caption urges readers to follow his lead.
  11. The American flag draped over a piece of wood on the moon.
  12. Riding one of Disney World’s roller coasters.

Barry Wood Nude

Notable Slip-ups

People were cheered up by these memes, but they also caused some shame.

  • Most notably, in May of 2020, WIN News in Ballarat, Victoria, actually aired, on live TV, a weather video that included the naked photo of Wood.
  • The Pennsylvania pizzeria Chiaro’s Pizza placed a full-page ad in the advertising publication Community Connections, which was distributed to homes on February 1, 2022.
  • The advertisement used the infamous nude photo as latte art in a cup of coffee, prompting an immediate and heartfelt apology from the company.

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Concluding Remarks

Wood’s identity has been shrouded in mystery throughout the meme’s history, from its inception to its most recent surge in popularity. The complete history of the photo was only made available to the public last year, when a short documentary about it was published by VICE.

Through his work as a professional football coach and devoted evangelist, Wood aided countless individuals. It seems that he frequently gave away his last few dollars to those who were even poorer than he was.

However that picture is the one that will stick out in people’s minds when they think of him. To ignore these additional accomplishments and contributions he made throughout his life would be a mistake.

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