What is the Kill John Lennon Audio From in Viral Tiktok Videos?

The fad on TikTok known as “Kill John Lennon” is not quite as menacing as it may sound, but it is certainly peculiar and eerily similar to a cult. On the other hand, taking into account TikTok’s penchant for a wide variety of bizarre and offbeat viral trends, songs, challenges, and memes, this particular viral trend fits in perfectly.

There are already more than 200,000 videos using the audio, and the #sleeperagent hashtag has accumulated 51.5 million views. In light of the aforementioned, could you perhaps explain the “Kill John Lennon” movement and elaborate on the role that animals play in it?

What is Kill John Lennon Trend on Tiktok?

The name of the trend might lead you to believe that it is about the singer John Lennon, but in reality, the trend is almost entirely focused on the pets of TikTokers rather than the musician himself.

What is the Kill John Lennon Audio From

They video their animal companions while playing an audio file that says “Kill John Lennon.” After the statement is stated, an ominous piano piece begins to play, and the animals often appear as though they are getting ready for a hunt after hearing the music.

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What Happens in This Viral Videos?

The latest trend involves pets, but in a rather peculiar setting. You may be scratching your head and thinking what in the world pets have to do with John Lennon, but this challenge reveals a strange link between the two. In fact, some people might jestingly label it as such, a conspiracy theory.

Users of the video sharing platform TikTok have been filming their pets’ reactions to a viral audio clip with the phrase “Kill John Lennon” What happens next is hilarious, both for the pets and their owners.

Dogs, cats, and even the occasional non-traditional pet are instantly roused from their daydreams by the sound. The great majority of them rapidly snap their heads back while staring blankly.

Some even came to a complete halt, while others reacted by rolling around in apparent distress. Evidence that the audio even roused some sleeping animals is a big plus for the hoax’s credibility. Some users didn’t trust the pets’ reactions at first, thinking they weren’t real, but after trying it for themselves, they saw the same effects.

Pet owners are now playing fully wondering if their pets were actually Russian sleeper spies all along, with “Kill John Lennon” serving as their “sleeper agent activation word,” all thanks to these TikToks.

Where is the Sound Coming From?

This audio was originally taken from one of the episodes of South Park. After finishing The Catcher in the Rye in class, Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny decide to write a book with the same title after being inspired by the novel.

The episode of the program named “The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs” can be found in Season 14, Episode 2 of the show. They think the most popular book’s title isn’t insulting enough, so they write their own book with content that, in their opinion, really pushes the envelope.

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In order to get out of trouble, the four of them come up with the plan to convince Butters that he penned “The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs” while sleepwalking. Butters believes them because, after finishing The Catcher in the Rye, he develops a desire to murder a number of people who have already passed away, one of whom being John Lennon.

What is the Kill John Lennon Audio From

In the TikTok recording, it is actually him speaking the words “Kill John Lennon” while he is in some sort of trance state.

The audio track from “Kill John Lennon” is being used by pet owners as part of a fad on TikTok to determine the level of nefariousness possessed by their four-legged companions. If they hear the audio and look like they are getting ready to hunt someone down, it is clear that they are a disguised assassin.

Some users refer to their animal companions as “hidden sleeper operatives.”

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How to Watch South Park?

Since its inception, South Park has amassed a large and loyal fan base. Although many of its viewers have grown up with the show since it premiered in 1997, a large number of new viewers are constantly being added to the fold. It has been featured on several streaming services over the years.

There are now 25 seasons of South Park available to watch on HBO Max. Paramount Plus is where you can watch South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut, South Park: Post COVID, and South Park: Post COVID.

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