Who is Alex Hodoyan in Narcos: Mexico and How Did He Die?

Both the original series Narcos and the spin-off series Narcos: Mexico has shed light on the violent underworld of drug cartels operating in South and Central America. The fact that both series’ narratives are inspired by actual happenings contributes to the intensity of the drama.

In the third season of Narcos: Mexico, viewers are introduced to Alex Hodoyan, who goes on to become a pivotal character as the episodes develop. Who exactly is Alex Hodoyan, and was he ever a real person? Does he wind up dead by the time the third season of Narcos: Mexico is over?

On Friday, November 5th, 2021, Narcos: Mexico Season 3 became available to watch on Netflix.

The plot continues after the arrest of Felix Gallardo in the season 2 finale as the newly independent cartels begin to struggle with political turmoil and increasing levels of violence. The next season picks up the story at this point.

Because there is no longer a single figure to command them, the fragmenting cartels are now being headed by a new generation of kingpins. However, the competition amongst the rising drug lords threatens to result in an all-out war.

Alex Hodoyan

Who is Alex Hodoyan in Narcos: Mexico?

In the second episode of season 3, we meet Alex Hodoyan, a typical Tijuana youngster who is only drawn into Ramón Arellano Félix’s gang of Narco Juniors with the help of his brother, Alfredo.

Alex, portrayed by Lorenzo Ferro, is first hesitant to join the group, but he comes around and is soon given increasingly crucial missions for the Tijuana Cartel. Alex Hodoyan, like many other characters in Narcos: Mexico, is based on a real person who grew up in a middle-class household in the city of Tijuana.

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Season 3 swiftly turns Alex’s comfortable existence into a nightmare after he is kidnapped by Mexican authorities and handed over to the DEA after confessing that he had dual citizenship with Mexico and the United States.

How Did He Die in the Series?

The unfortunate reality is that Alex’s problems with the DEA are only getting started. Scoot McNairy’s character, Agent Walt Breslin, tries to get Alex to testify against the Arellano Félix brothers and the Tijuana cartel.

Alex eventually agrees. In the meantime, the cartel ensures that Alex’s brother Alfredo will not be able to testify against them by having him brutally murdered. Despite this, Alex is adamant about traveling to Mexico to visit his family. Walt is very adamant about advising against doing so.

Alex receives a dire warning from him that if he goes back to Mexico, he will most certainly lose his life.

Sadly, Alex does not pay attention to Walt, and as a result, Alex loses his life as a result of this decision. Alex is murdered by members of the Tijuana cartel despite the fact that he was never able to end up testifying against the organization.

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In the end, Alex is successful in evading capture by the DEA and makes his way back to Mexico the day before his court. The words of caution that Walt had offered turned out to be spot on. Alex suffers a gruesome death at the hands of the cartel, which culminates in his corpse being hung from an overpass after the murder.

Alex Hodoyan

Was There a Real-life Inspiration for Alex Hodoyan?

A significant number of the characters in Narcos: Mexico is drawn from actual historical figures. Alex Hodoyan is one of the characters in this story. According to a report that aired on PBS, Alex did fly back to Tijuana after his trip.

After a few days had passed, a few days later, he was kidnapped while traveling with his mother, and he hasn’t been seen since, therefore it has been thought that the actual Alex Hodoyan has also passed away.

In exchange for his testimony against the cartel, it was reportedly offered to Alex to enroll in a witness protection program so that he could remain anonymous. Alex was terrified that he would have to testify against his brother, Alfredo (yes, Alfredo was indeed a real person, but he wasn’t killed like he was in Narcos: Mexico), and as a result, he departed his safe haven in a hotel in San Diego in order to travel back to Tijuana.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Narcos Exist in Reality?

Actors in the Netflix show “Narcos” play the roles of real-life DEA agents Steve Murphy and Javier Pea. They assisted the Colombian National Police in their 1993 hunt and killing of cocaine lord Pablo Escobar.

How Did They Torment Kiki?

The United States Drug Enforcement Administration claims that Kiki Camarena was subjected to brutal torture, including having his skull pierced with a drill, and that a doctor with ties to drug trafficking kept him alive to prolong his pain.

Who is Alfredo in Narcos Series?

El Lobo, or Mexican-American drug trafficker Alfredo Hodoyan, was a narco junior with the Tijuana cartel.

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