NCIS Season 20 Release Date: Has Mark Harmon Left the Show?

NCIS is, without a doubt, an unprecedented success in the history of television. It has a massive following that spans several age groups and sex orientations. Due to this, the CBS drama has maintained a loyal fan base for its entire run of 435 episodes, making it one of the longest-running series on television.

In the fall, the club will begin its first complete season since Gibbs’ departure from the helm. Indeed, the tone for the future will be established by Gibbs’s absence.

The 19th season was intense. Even ignoring the cases of the week, it was rife with tragedy, drama, personal challenges, and romance. With Season 20 promising to pick up where Season 19 left off, it’s time to take a look at everything we know about the show’s next cast, plot, and premiere date.

NCIS Season 20: Release Date

The first episode of Season 20 of NCIS will air on September 19 at 9:00 p.m. This indicates that NCIS will continue to air on Monday nights at the time slot that it switched to at the beginning of Season 19 and will continue to act as a lead-in to its newest spinoff series, NCIS: Hawai’i.

NCIS Season 20

Next episodes may be viewed on Paramount+ for anyone who was unable to catch them during their initial broadcast. The premiere of the new season won’t be too much longer now. In the meantime, though, older seasons of NCIS can be watched on Paramount+ and Netflix, in addition to regular airings of reruns on USA Network.

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Which Cast Members Will Return?

CBS has not released a list of returning or new cast members for NCIS season 20, but the following individuals are listed as regulars on the show’s official website:

  • Sean Murray as Timothy McGee
  • Wilmer Valderrama as Nick Torres
  • Diona Reasonover as Kasie Hines
  • Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer
  • Gary Cole as Alden Parker
  • Katrina Law as Jessica Knight
  • David McCallum as Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard
  • Rocky Carroll as Leon Vance

NCIS Season 20

Has Mark Harmon Left the Show?

Mark Harmon, the final original series regular, has left his role as Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Following his suspension for beating up the man who was abusing dogs, Gibbs had been having a tough time, so when a case led him to Alaska for some wonderful fishing, he decided to call it quits.

“I’m not going back, Tim. I’m not going home. I am thinking I don’t have another boat left to build. Whatever I’m feeling, this sense of peace, I have not had this since Shannon and Kelly died and I’m not ready to let it go. I could not have imagined anyone better to have watched my back from the past 18 years than you, Tim. I love you, man.”

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What Could Be the Focus of Season 20?

As a procedural, NCIS typically focuses on a single case throughout an episode, however there are occasionally season-long threads that span multiple episodes.

NCIS Season 20

NCIS covers the team of Naval Criminal Investigation Service agents and the intricate (and often funny) interactions within the NCIS team in order to provide a foundational look into the organization. All crimes having Navy or Marine Corps ties are investigated by these agents, from murder and espionage to terrorism and stolen submarines.

Alden Parker’s ex-wife Vivian was kidnapped in the season 19 finale of NCIS, making Parker a prime suspect. The NCIS team, however, is convinced of his innocence and agrees to assist him in hiding out. After evading her kidnappers, Vivian chooses to accompany him.

Later in the episode, Vivian receives a text asking, “How’s it going?” to which she replies, “It’s done. I have him,” implying that she is the kidnapper. The Raven, a shadowy criminal character, has also been linked to this.

NCIS Season 20: Trailer

The usual lack of plot-teasing was present. However, it did give the impression that the first episode, “A Family Matter,” would continue directly from the season finale’s Raven-centric cliffhanger. It was revealed that the episode would be a part of a crossover event with NCIS: Hawai’i.

The search for the Raven will be aided by Special Agent Tennant and Computer Expert Ernie. The first episode of Hawai’i will be titled “Prisoners’ Dilemma,” and will see Torres and Knight travelling to Oahu to foil the Raven’s latest plot.

Final Thoughts

NCIS returns with brand new episodes every Monday night at 9 pm. EST/PST on CBS. Paramount+ is another option for viewing. You can stream the upcoming season 20 from September 19.

Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service was the initial title for the show, but it was quickly shortened to NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service and subsequently to NCIS altogether.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will We See Agent DiNozzo Again?

DiNozzo is safe and sound and departed NCIS on amicable terms. Given that his loved ones are still alive, there’s no reason to believe that he won’t return at some point. It all comes down to whether or not Weatherly is ready to commit to the long hours required for filming again.

Do Tony and Ziva Eventually Tie the Knot?

The Redditor admits to falling behind on the show, and other commenters were quick to point out that viewers have seen some resolution to the Tony-Ziva relationship. Finally, the fact that Ziva and Tony are living together in Paris with their daughter became public knowledge.

Who Does Mcgee Marry?

In Season 14 Episode 23, after years of courtship, McGee plucked up the confidence to ask Delilah to be his wife.

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