Is Youtube Celebrity Kountry Wayne Dating Actress Amber-Tai?

The YouTube celebrity of comedy confirmed his romance with the actress Amber-Tai by posting a sweet video on Instagram showing the two of them together displaying how much they adore each other.

They’ve worked together on a plethora of comedic sketches, but they’ve just reached the conclusion that it wasn’t quite enough. At this point, it appears that Kountry Wayne and Amber are seeing each other… at least, we hope this is the case.

Yesterday, the YouTuber uploaded a little movie of the two of them engaging in some light PDA, and while the vast majority of viewers are completely infatuated with it, other viewers are suspicious that it might be another prank.

Since the beginning of the year, audience members have been remarking on the dynamic that exists between the two actors, and we have a strong suspicion that they have noticed it as well. However, a lot of people have pointed out that Mike probably won’t be too happy about it!


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Who is This Youtube Celebrity?

Kountry Wayne first rose to prominence online for his comedic skits, which he posted on Instagram in the form of short videos. In 2019, he launched a channel on YouTube, which currently has approximately 200,000 subscribers.

The 34-year-old celebrity, who has a combined total of 10 children from his past engagements, frequently posts humorous snippets of his family life on Facebook. His profile currently has more than 7 million people following it. Although he has children ranging in age from 3 to 16, only five of them are widely known thanks to his social media.

Kountry Wayne has made his way onto the big screen, and he has appeared in a number of television shows, including Holiday Heartbreak, The Turn around, and Brazilian Wavy.

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How Did He Make His Career Debut?

Kountry Wayne has always wanted to be a successful musician. However, he was unsuccessful as a musician, so he turned to stand-up comedy as a means of supporting himself and his family. In 2014, Kountry uploaded his debut comedy video to Facebook, and it quickly became viral.

Kountry Wayne Dating

Since then, he has been successful as a stand-up comic, and the rest is history. He then proceeded to play in several major competitions, where he received widespread media coverage.

Other films in which he had a role were Holliday Heartbreak, The Turnaround, and Brazilian Wavy. The television shows Wild ‘N Out and DJ Smallz Eyes are two of Kountry’s past appearances.

He is well-known for his comic skits, and he just published one called “When your baby mama car breaks down on the side of the road! After its first release, the film quickly went viral, eventually amassing over 800,000 views. YouTube star Country Wayne has over 688 thousand subscribers.

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Is Youtube Celebrity Kountry Wayne Dating Actress Amber-Tai?

He tied the knot with the actress and model Genna Colley in 2017. The couple divorced after only one year of marriage yet are parents to two children they had together. Since then, he has been romantically involved with Jessica Moore, who is a star on the show Wet and Wild on MTV, in 2019. Despite this, the couple’s relationship didn’t last very long.

Now, Wayne appears to be completely smitten with his co-star Amber, and he gives off the impression that he couldn’t be happier. However, are they just trying to get us worked up and end up breaking our hearts? There are a great number of people who are dissatisfied, considering that the video has approximately 250,000 likes.


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Kountry Wayne Net Worth

According to credible estimations, the current net worth of Kountry Wayne is roughly $2.5 million. It is common knowledge that Wayne is one of the comedians who is most well-known on social media. The monthly income of Country Wayne is greater than $10,000. At the same time, he pulls in an annual salary of over one hundred thousand dollars.

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Has His Father Ever Been in Jail?

Mr. Wayne was born on December 9th, 1987 in Waynesboro, Georgia, which is located in the United States of America. As in the year 2021, the stand-up comic is 33 years old. The comedian Kountry was one of four brothers when he was born and grew up in their household.

Even though the country never divulged any information about his parents, speculations continued to circulate that his father had spent time serving a sentence in jail. Wayne received his secondary education at the Jenkins Country High School located in Georgia.  After that, he stopped attending the institution altogether.

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