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Oakland-born Kehlani Ashley Parrish is an American singer, dancer, and composer. In the sixth season of “America’s Got Talent,” her band Poplyfe placed in fourth place, gaining her prominence. Kehlani has not only garnered tremendous recognition, but also widespread adoration and esteem.

In addition to being nominated for a Grammy, she has also been nominated for BET Awards. Additionally popular on social media, she has around 3.8 million Instagram followers.

Childhood and Education

Kehlani, whose full name is Kehlani Ashley Parrish, was born in Oakland, California on April 24, 1995. She is of African, Mexican, Filipino, and Native American origin. Kehlani was reared by her aunt, who adopted her when her mother was incarcerated for substance abuse.

kehlani net worth

Meanwhile, her father was also a drug user and died when Kehlani was a baby. Kehlani attended the Oakland School for the Arts as a teen, where she specialized in ballet and modern dance.

She desired to learn as a dancer at the Juilliard School, but after suffering a knee injury, she turned her focus to singing. As a child, Kehlani listened nearly solely to R&B and neo-soul, especially the music of Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill.

Early Profession of Kehlani

Kehlani is openly bisexual and had both girlfriends and boyfriends as a youngster. She began dating for the first time in ninth school but ended the relationship as she wrestled with her sexual identity. Simultaneously, Kehlani was recruited as a vocalist for a local teen cover band called Poplyfe, which featured other school performances.

kehlani net worth

His kids and nephew Jaden Wiggins, Dylan, Dillon Ingram, Ali-Khan Lochin, and Denzel Merritt were members of the group, which was managed by music producer Dwayne Wiggins. The band played numerous gigs until gaining a breakthrough slot on America’s Got Talent’s sixth season in 2011. The team came in fourth place.

Not exactly the outcome they had hoped for, but being on the world’s stage with everyone watching was excellent exposure. The band began touring with actress Zendaya’s “Swag It Out Tour” from that point forward. However, immediately after the performance, Kehlani departed the group due to management and contract conflicts.

What is the Net Worth of Kehlani?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kehlani is a singer, songwriter, and dancer with a $6 million net worth. Kehlani began her professional career as a member of the teen pop group Poplyfe. With her mixtapes “Cloud 19” and “You Should Be Here” and her studio albums “SweetSexySavage” and “It Was Good Until It Wasn’t,” she achieved solo popularity.


Personal Life and Sexuality

In early 2016, it was announced that Kehlani was dating NBA player Kyrie Irving. A photo of her hand, which implied she was in bed with Irving, was uploaded on Instagram, sparking a media scandal in which Kehlani was subjected to abuse and baseless accusations that she had cheated on her partner.

kehlani net worth

Kehlani, therefore, attempted suicide. Later, in 2018, she revealed her pregnancy with guitarist Javaughn Young-White. The next year, she gave birth to her daughter Aditya. In 2019, it was announced that Kehlani was in a relationship with the rapper YG; however, they broke up after she discovered YG’s infidelity. Kehlani dwells in Simi Valley, California, on a tiny farm.

Kehlani has identified along the LGBTQ+ spectrum over time. She identified as queer and pansexual in 2018. A few years later, she declared herself to be a lesbian. In addition, Kehlani has indicated that she falls somewhere on the non-binary gender spectrum.


Kehlani Ashley Parrish is an American singer, dancer, and songwriter who was born in Oakland. Her band Poplyfe placed fourth in the sixth season of “America’s Got Talent,” so giving her recognition. As of September 2022, the net worth of Kehlani is $6 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Kehlani Fans Called?

“Being a part of the Tsunami Mob is a blessing,” stated Laika, co-founder of YSBHDaily, arguably the largest Kehlani fansite on the internet. Now since I’ve met so many folks, we’re all very close.

Who is her Ex-boyfriend of Kehlani?

Kehlani was with NBA player Kyrie Irving from 2015 to 2016. This was a complicated relationship. Until a photo of her with the rapper, PartyNextDoor was posted on social media, they appeared to be getting along fine. Even though Kyrie and Kehlani had already ended their relationship, the internet exploded with rumors that Kehlani was cheating on Kyrie.

Why Do Kehlani Have So Many Tattoos?

Kehlani stated to Latina in 2016 why she got tattoos of both artists, stating, “Frida influenced my personality, my strength, and my artistic side, while the Lauryn Hill cover encourages me to stay focused and attempt to make a fantastic record.”

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