What is a Negative Parenting Test and Why Was It Designed?

The quizzes and polls that are popular on sites such as TikTok can range from being completely pointless to having some degree of appeal, and they can go viral for apparently no reason at all. Recently, the multidimensional anger test, which assists individuals in determining the extent to which they are prone to become angry, has been trending on the platform.

The Negative Parent Test is the name of the recently trending quiz that has gotten a lot of attention recently.

What Exactly is a Negative Parenting Test?

This test is designed to determine “whether you are struggling with common damaging patterns as a consequence of the way your parents treated you.”

Participants are required to provide answers to thirty questions regarding their upbringing by their parents. The next step of the process is determining which destructive patterns of conduct were most apparent in the parent.

Negative Parenting Test

What is the Meaning of Negative Parenting?

When parents lose their temper with their kids, they often wonder if they were being too severe. It’s possible that occasional displays of anger and annoyance are inconsequential. However, negative parenting is still a prevalent method of interacting with one’s offspring.

Certain actions, such as physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, are undeniably “wrong” and may be considered child abuse. Though less severe than the examples given above, other forms of abuse (such as neglect or verbal abuse) can nevertheless have lasting effects on your child’s mental health.

Therefore, negative parenting is a parenting style in which parents show their children intense negative feelings and, in some cases, punish them. As a form of discipline, it may involve using harsh language, displaying wrath, or physically restraining the kids.

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How to Take the Test?

The Negative Parenting Test consists of a series of thirty statements, each of which asks you to indicate whether you agree or disagree with the proposition being presented.

The statements range from “When I was young, my parents… put a lot of pressure on me to complete all of my tasks” to “When I was young, my parents… made me feel like the ‘black sheep’ of the family.”

Negative Parenting Test

After that, you will be provided with results in the form of percentages that are grouped into the following categories: competitiveness, rejection, deprivation, controlling, overprotection, and punishing.

It is essential to keep in mind that the findings should be interpreted with a grain of salt. The website makes it clear that the test is only meant for educational reasons and that it should not be interpreted in any way that it “construed to constitute professional services or warranties of any kind”.

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How the Tiktok Users Shared the Results?

The manner in which the findings of the test are discussed on TikTok varies from user to user, as does the manner in which users discuss the results of the exam.

Some children are disclosing their results with the intention of making fun of their parents, while others have done so in order to provide a more cynical perspective on the influence that their parents have had on the manner in which they have behaved.

Who a child’s parents are is obviously one of the many aspects of their life over which they have very little influence. Regardless of how loving or attentive your parents were to you, it’s highly likely that they engaged in some behavior that ultimately had a major bearing on the kind of person you developed into being.

Even while many of the young people on TikTok are defining their own identities in a way that is distinct from their parents, The Negative Parent Test gives you the opportunity to celebrate the ways in which your parents molded you.

  • @mikeeyboii

Father vs Mother. I was a mentally ill kid so my mother did everything she could. She protected me and wanted me to do my best whether I succeeded or not #parents #negativeparenttest #narcissist #caregiver #greenscreen

The user @mikeeyboii’s results revealed his father’s negative parenting pattern was “Punishing,” while his mother’s was “Overprotection.”

Negative Parenting Test

Does the Test Help in Stimulating Conversation?

It is not known how many of the users who have posted on TikTok have informed their parents that they are sharing these results; however, it may be beneficial to share the results with parents in order to stimulate conversation.

Naturally, this presupposes that your parents are amenable to acquiring new skills and expanding their horizons as individuals. This test tackles, in part, the challenges that come with being a child as well as the challenges that come with being a parent.

It is evident that the test has developed into a rather popular fad on TikTok, regardless of whether it is being utilized to promote serious self-reflection from parents or youngsters. To join in the activity yourself, all you need to do is take the test and then upload a video of yourself sharing your results to TikTok.

You have the option to take the test multiple times and then share the results for each of your parents or guardians individually, as many other people have already done. If you so choose, you can also do this.

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Why Was It Designed?

After becoming viral on social media, the negative parenting test gained an unbelievable amount of attention and popularity.

The IDR Labs Negative Parenting Test is designed to detect whether or not you are having difficulties or suffering consequences in your adult life as a result of the parenting techniques that your parents adopted. This test is based on the study work of Dr. John Philip Louis.

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