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Was John Krasinski Arrested in Saturday Night Live?

John Krasinski Arrested

Ardent followers of Saturday Night Live have been celebrating the victorious comeback of the legendary show.

John Krasinski served as the presenter for the opening show of the year, but viewers couldn’t help but address him as Jim, his character from the long-running American sitcom The Office. He responded by saying, “My name is actually John. Hello.”

On the other hand, some people have an additional question for the film’s co-writer, director, and star, and that question is… Did John Krasinski get arrested?

Was John Krasinski Arrested in Saturday Night Live?

There is no doubt that John Krasinski was not placed under arrest. In a satirical comedy that aired on Saturday Night Live, he and his co-stars played characters who were arrested for their participation in rioting that took place in the Capitol.

According to USA Today, the cartoon showed John and a couple of his buddies spending the evening in a “quarantine pod” playing games and having a good time. In the middle of the night, the doorbell rings, and Brad answers it, thinking that the group’s pizza delivery had arrived.

Instead, it is an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation who has come to take Brad into jail for his participation in the incident that occurred in the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

He goes around telling his buddies, “I care about our nation and its Constitution, so I rubbed jelly on a statue and put (Nancy) Pelosi’s phone down my pants.”

Throughout the course of the sketch, other officers arrive to arrest the friends, and John Krasinski is the very last one to be taken into custody.

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John is questioned by a broker who asks, “Are you Keith Reynolds?” Before he is carried away, he asks for permission to “fast put on some face paint” and responds, “Yes, or QDaddy on Facebook.”

After that, he walks out of the room while holding what looks to be the podium used by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He wishes everyone a good day before leaving. This is a reference to the internet meme known as “Podium Guy,” which rose to notoriety on a national and international scale.

In light of this, what we have here is a satirical sketch that pokes fun at the riots that took place.

John Krasinski and Pete Davidson Lock Lips

In between answering questions about his time on The Office, spectators continually stopped Krasinski as he tried to talk about his directing debut, A Quiet Place. A person of the audience quips, “Excuse me, Jim. Okay, so here’s my question… So, I guess I have to ask: are you Jim from “The Office?””

Then the teammate inquired as to where Pam was. A courteous response came from Krasinksi, “Yes, my name is John, and no, that’s not a typo. Hello.” He then clarified that “Pam is not real.”

Ego Nwodim said to Krasinski, “Jim is soft; quit working out.” When Kenan Thompson saw the host, he told him to “kiss Pam.” What I need to see today,” Thompson said.

Next thing you know, SNL cast member Pete Davidson is standing by Krasinski’s side, explaining that everyone’s been asking about Pam because they’ve been watching “The Office” nonstop in quarantine. Then, Davidson says the crowd should cast for “Pam.” Krasinski and Davidson kissed passionately as the crowd cheered.

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What is SNL Show About?

Saturday Night Live, or SNL as it’s more often known, is an American late-night live television sketch comedy and variety show conceived by Lorne Michaels and developed by Dick Ebersol.

Michaels is the current showrunner for the series. First airing on NBC on October 11, 1975, George Carlin presented the show under the name NBC’s Saturday Night. The show features a huge and rotating cast of regulars and newcomers performing comedic sketches that often poke fun at modern culture and politics.

Each episode is hosted by a different celebrity who gives the opening monologue and participates in sketches with the ensemble. A musical guest also performs during the program. Cold open sketches typically conclude with a cast member breaking character and announcing “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” to kick off each program.

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SNL episodes often feature a single host chosen for their fame or uniqueness, or because they have a film, album, or other work being released around the time of their appearance on the show. The host typically makes an opening monologue, bids farewells, introduces the musical guest, and participates in sketches alongside the rest of the cast.

A musical guest (soloist or band) performs two or three songs during each episode. Sometimes the musical performer doubles as the show’s host and even makes cameo appearances in comedic sketches.

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