Ghost Face Cult: How to Participate in This Tiktok Trend?

We’re at the pinnacle of the spooky season, and lots of people are wondering: What exactly is the Ghostface cult, TikTok’s brand-new craze that’s just perfect for Halloween? Is there a deeper meaning behind people’s undying support for this notorious persona created by Wes Craven?

Even though many of the platform’s most devoted users weren’t even born when Ghostface from Scream began wreaking havoc in Woodsboro, they seem to have developed a strong emotional connection to the fictional serial killer. Is it safe to assume that this situation poses a tremendous obstacle? How many individuals are considering doing what Billy and Stu did?

Don’t worry, it’s just a lighthearted tribute to one of the best Halloween films of all time and not anything to be afraid of. There’s no need to imagine yourself as the new Sydney Prescott.

What is the Ghost Face Cult Trend on Tiktok?

Cults on TikTok are nothing new, and they usually only include updating your profile image to suit the latest trend. At present, this cult is known as the Ghostface Cult, and its members are devoted to a single goal: having their profile pictures replaced with those of Ghostface from the Scream films.

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Members of the cult will start to actively seek you out once you update your profile image. With this method, users can potentially amass tens of thousands of new followers.

Ghost Face Cult

The rise of the Ghostface Cult is perfectly timed for the Halloween season in the United States. Following the release of the teaser for the upcoming episode of the series, which is simply titled Scream and will premiere in January of 2022, many people have changed their profile pictures to promote the upcoming episode. Since the first film in the franchise debuted in 1996, four more have been made.

How to Participate in This Tiktok Trend?

Joining the Ghostface Cult is not too difficult. Changing your profile photo to the ubiquitous Ghostface image can do the trick, though you might also want to adopt a more sinister handle if you’re going for the full spook effect. Next, just follow other users whose profile pictures are identical to yours.

The premise behind gaining more followers is that the more people you follow, the more people will follow you back. Historically, such cults have grown rapidly in popularity, gaining new members and spreading across TikTok in this way. You may not be interested in watching content from all of your new followers right away, but that’s an issue for another time.

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Were There Any Similar Trends in the Past?

In reality, the Ghostface Cult is merely the most recent in a long line of cults that have ruled TikTok, despite the fact that it may look like a completely separate phenomenon. These fads have in the past revolved around everything from anime characters to horchata, but they all fizzle out after a few days on the site and are replaced by another fad.

When it comes to the actual videos that are uploaded to the network, trends tend to take precedence over cults. Both are fads that surge in popularity before fizzling out, but cults appear destined to stay a fixture on TikTok for the foreseeable future. Cults, like TikTok, are likely just a part of the internet’s new normal.

Ghost Face Cult

What Was Scream 5 Released?

The film Scream released on January 14, 2022, is the impetus behind the Ghostface fad on TikTok. As they continue to share videos of themselves dressed as Ghostface, people who are participating in the trending activity are witnessing a rise in the number of followers they have.

The movie, which is the fifth installment in the franchise, centers on a new murderer who dons the Ghostface mask.

The village of Woodsboro, California will serve as the new setting for the movie, in which a serial killer preys on adolescents in an effort to unearth long-lost mysteries about the community.

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Who Initiated the Trend?

It was rumored that the TikTok user @ghostface4670 was the one who initiated the fad. On October 22, 2021, the user uploaded the very first Ghostface cult video, which marked the beginning of completely new competition.

After getting involved with the trend, a lot of people on TikTok have reported seeing an increase in their following of hundreds or even thousands of new followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does the “Ghostface Cult” Stand for?

In a fad known as “Ghostface Cult,” people have started customizing their profiles with the infamous mask worn by Ghostface in the Scream movies. Many individuals have joined in on the practice by sharing movie-related photos and clips on social media in the days leading up to Halloween.

Which Tiktok Cult Has the Most Followers?

Some TikTokers have taken to labeling their devotion to Eddie Munson a cult, and they’ve gone so far as to declare themselves the platform’s largest cult.

What Does a Cult Consist of?

A cult is an organisation whose members are bound together by their devotion to a single person or set of beliefs. It’s based on a set of beliefs that, when adhered to, provide a unique solution to all of life’s problems.

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