Queendom 2 Voting Instructions: Were the Results Digitally Altered?

On March 31st, the newest season of Mnet’s K-pop reality show Queendom 2 got underway. Fans of girl group lineups such as Loona, Kep1er, WJSN (Cosmic Girls), and Viviz, amongst others, are pulling for their preferred act to emerge victorious at the end of this competition. Find out when and how you may vote for Queendom 2 using the Mnet app, as well as the voting regulations and dates, on this page.

Queendom 2 is a competition that began with five K-pop groups and one soloist, and the winner was announced on June 2nd. The competition was hosted by the iconic K-pop queen Taeyeon.

During the live finale, voters will cast their ballots for the final time in Queendom 2. During the final episode, viewers can only vote for one team. The voting procedure for Queendom 2 is detailed here.

Queendom 2 Voting

Queendom 2 Voting Instructions

The voting process for Queendom 2 on Mnet is incredibly streamlined.

  • Please visit WWW.MNET.WORLD.
  • Select QUEENDOM 2 by clicking on it.
  • Sign up HERE to become a part of the Queendom 2 community.
    Please check the box, fill in your email and password, and then click the “Send Code” button (enter 6 digit code)
  • After registering, go to the Queendom 2 tab and cast your votes for your favorite bands and musicians.
  • On the night of the live finale, viewers will have the opportunity to cast their votes.

Voting Via Mobile Phone

Voting through text messages is another option for fans.

  • The finale will reveal the phone number viewers can use to cast their votes.
  • Simply state the side you’re rooting for in the body of the text to cast your vote.
  • Only one team per number can be chosen in a vote.
  • Enter the team number, then the name of the Korean team.
  • Here’s how to enter the name of the team: 브레이브걸스, 비비지, 우주소녀, 이달의소녀, 케플러, 효린
  • All of the team names should be entered without any spaces.

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Number Code for Queendom 2 Participants:

  1. Hyolyn – 1
  2. WJSN – 2
  3. Kep1er – 3
  4. Viviz – 4
  5. Loona – 5
  6. Brave Girls – 6

Queendom 2 Voting

Find the Live-Streaming Vote on Spotify

In addition to votes cast on Mnet, the number of streams that a participant’s final song receives on Spotify will also be factored into the final tally of voting points.

There is a value of 20,000 points attached to the streaming vote. The official Queendom 2 playlist on Spotify will be used to determine how well a user is doing in terms of streaming.

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Were the Results Digitally Altered?

Mnet has addressed claims that the new “Queendom 2” tunes had been digitally altered.

WJSN won “Queendom 2” on June 2 at the live finale broadcast on Mnet, with LOONA coming in second. Each team’s digital performance, YouTube video score, fans’ choice score, and live vote count were factored into the final tally, along with scores from previous rounds.

The broadcast showed digital performance rankings for LOONA, VIVIZ, and WJSN; however, Spotify’s total digital performance rankings put LOONA in the first place, followed by VIVIZ and then WJSN, leading to accusations of deception.

Queendom 2 Voting

Mnet issued a statement on June 3 addressing the claims. Take a look at their explanation below:

In order to hear the diverse voices of global K-pop fans, we calculated digital performance scores through the ‘Queendom 2 Official Playlist’ on a global music streaming service.

As previously announced, only one stream of ‘Queendom 2 Official Playlist’ per day and per ID (multiple songs permitted, duplicates not permitted) was reflected in the digital performance score. This digital performance score data was all organized by the music streaming service and shared with ‘Queendom 2’ producers after they calculated final scores.

Additionally, a voting witness confirmed that this data was reflected as is on the broadcast. Thank you for giving ‘Queendom 2’ lots of attention until the very end.

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What were the Criteria for Winning?

According to the first episode of Queendom 2, Mnet will choose the winner of Queendom 2 based on YouTube views (on full version videos), a score from the music charts, votes from fans for their favorite group, and votes cast live.

The number of views on YouTube will only be taken into consideration for the first four days after the video has been broadcast, and then those views along with the number of likes will be multiplied by 100 for each contestant lineup.

In contrast to Kingdom, Mnet’s Queendom 2 will feature elimination, making each round of competition more important for the contestants. If a girl group or soloist finishes in last place after the first two rounds, they run the risk of being eliminated from the competition.

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