Richard Williams Net Worth: How Did He Train His Daughters?

Richard is an American tennis teacher and writer who lives in the United States. He grew to prominence and gained critical acclaim for his work, particularly in the film “King Richard.”

Early Years of Richard Williams

Richard Williams was born in Louisiana, USA, on February 14, 1942. He will be 79 years old in 2021. He was good at athletics as a kid. Richard Doe Williams and Julia Mae Metcalf are his parents.

He was raised as a Christian and is of African American origin. His family was not financially secure, and they resided on east 79th street near the train lines for a short time. Williams completed high school and subsequently relocated to Michigan. He afterward relocated to California.

Richard Williams’s Career

Richard has enjoyed playing tennis and other sports since he was a child. He started his career by studying tennis. He used to be quite interested in Virginia Ruzici’s games. He also taught his daughters to play tennis at the top level. They were just 5 years old when he devised an 85-page plan for them and enrolled them in the same academy as him.

richard williams net worth

He rose to popularity as one of the greatest tennis coaches in the industry, and his tactics and dedication were lauded. Serena Williams won the US Open in 1999 as a result of his training and mentoring. They have previously competed in tournaments such as the Shreveport tournament.

What is Richard Williams’s Net Worth?

According to Popular Net Worth, Richard Williams’s net worth is believed to be $20 million. Richard is a tennis teacher and author from the United States. He rose to prominence and got praise for his performance in the film “King Richard.” According to his source, he will make $500,000 per year by 2022. His major sources of income include his professional tennis teaching job, brand endorsements, and co-authoring a few books.

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How Did He Train His Daughters?

He first took tennis lessons, and after seeing Virginia Ruzici play tennis, he decided he wanted his children to play as well. He hoped to turn both of his daughters, Serena and Venus, into world-class tennis players. He devised an 85-page plan and then began training his five-year-old kids.

richard williams net worth

He then enrolled them in a tennis academy. He convinced them to compete in events such as the Shreveport tournament. Later, he began instructing them individually. He is regarded as one of the top tennis coaches in the sport’s history. Serena Williams won the US Open under his tutelage in 1999.

Venus Williams, his second daughter, won the Wimbledon championship in 2000. His daughters won numerous titles under his tutelage in successive years. He even taught his siblings how to play tennis. Williams published a book called ‘Black and White: The Way I See It’ in 2014.

Personal Life of Richard Williams

Richard Williams was in three relationships in his life. He married Betty Johnson in 1995, and they have five children. Then, in 1973, he chose to divorce his first wife, Betty Johnson. In 1980, Richard married Oracene “Brandy” Price. From his second marriage, he produced two daughters, Venus and Serena Williams. Unfortunately, Williams and Oracene divorced in 2002.

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He married Lakeisha Juanita Graham, the owner of a grocery store, in 2010. Dylan, their son, was born in 2012. Williams and his third wife Lakeisha chose to divorce in 2017 for various reasons.

richard williams net worth

Despite this, Richard had a stroke in July 2016, and his wife Lakeisha reported that his status was stable, but he went on to have several strokes.

King Richard

Richard Williams received a lot of attention after the release of a film based on his life in November 2021. Will Smith plays King Richard in the film ‘King Richard.’ The film is a documentary on Richard Williams’ life and the role he had in teaching both of his daughters to become world tennis champions.

Demi Singleton is shown in the part of Serena Williams, while Saniyya Sidney is seen in the role of Venus Williams. The film, which cost $50 million to produce, was released on November 19, 2021.


Richard is a tennis instructor and writer from the United States. He rose to popularity and received critical acclaim for his work in films such as “King Richard.” Richard Williams’ net worth is estimated to be $20 million by Popular Net Worth. Richard is an American tennis instructor and author.

Frequently Asked Questions

Richard Williams Had a Stroke?

Williams had a stroke in July 2016. At the time, his then-wife, Lakeisha Williams, reported that his status was stable.

Why Did Richard Williams Abandon His First Family?

SERENA and Venus Williams’ half-sister has accused their father of failing to pay her mother child support, causing her and her siblings to grow up in poverty. Sabrina told The Sun that Richard’s abandonment when she was only eight years old, devastated her family.

Why Did the Williams Relocate to Compton?

Venus spent her first three years in peaceful Long Beach, California, before Richard moved the family to Compton, despite his wife’s protests, since he believed the rough environment would instill in the daughters a fighter’s mindset.

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