Nia Kay Net Worth: Her Weight Loss Has Made an Enormous Difference!

Nia Kay is a popular young American rapper who rose to fame at a young age. She is only seventeen years old, but she has already attained fame and recognition she could never have anticipated.

Early Childhood and Education

Nia Kay was born into a middle-class family in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She was born 2001 on December 8th. Her brother’s name is Vo, and her mother’s name is Toni. There is no record of her father.

Nia Kay was always interested in music and used to perform at her mother’s salon. She recently graduated with “honors,” but she was unable to attend her graduation since she was working on the sets of The Rap Game.

She wishes to attend a conventional high school. Nia Kay has made her family proud by exceeding their expectations because her family believes that education should come first. She seeks to motivate teenagers her age and is upbeat.

nia kay net worth

The Career of Nia Kay

Nia Kay was born a star! Because musicians run in her family, this young lady began playing music at the age of four. Before she got famous, she used to sing at family gatherings and in the church choir.

Nia Kay, then ten years old, uploaded her first YouTube video, In My Zone. With the support of friends and other viewers, she formed the rap group “Diary4Two” with her cousin Trueblu.

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She rose to prominence as a result of her videos, particularly her compilation titled NiaKay Freestyles. She appeared in the second season of the reality show The Rap Game, which premiered on July 22, 2016 and wowed the judges as well as a large fan base.


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Nia Kay, the young woman’s skill, sparked outrage on Twitter. Her most recent hits were Walked In – Remix and her Viva debut, Extra with Pink Bandz, both of which she sings as a solo artist.

Net Worth of Nia Kay

According to The Cityceleb, Nia Kay, a young rapper, is said to have a net worth of $450,000. Her principal source of income is her musical career. Nia Kay’s net worth is earned from her work as a composer and rapper. The majority of her songs may be found on YouTube, where she also makes the majority of her money.

Her Weight Loss Has Made an Enormous Difference!

When Nia was little, she was a cute plump girl. She was happy with her appearance and never thought about going on a diet to lose weight.

Nia has evolved into a completely different stylish girl since obtaining all of her popularity and name. She has shed a significant amount of weight and appears to be an entirely different person than she did previously.

nia kay net worth

Her weight loss makeover began in March 2018, when she declared on Twitter that she was returning to her weight reduction journey and that anyone who wants to join her can do so without hesitation.

Relationship Status And Family Life!

Nia’s parents appear to be very strict and want their daughter to focus more on school than on music. Despite countless limits and restrictions, Nia never stopped singing.

Instead, she used to sing at her mother’s salon. Nia has already made her parents proud of what she has accomplished thus far. Aside from that, she never passes up an opportunity to make her parents happy, whether it’s by wishing them a happy Father’s or Mother’s Day.

nia kay net worth

Nia  with Nova

When it comes to dating, Nia looks to be creating fewer headlines and rumors. Nia has only dated one man, Nova, a prominent rapper best known for winning the third season of the show The Rap Game.

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Nia Kay is a young American rapper who rose to prominence at an early age. She is just seventeen years old, yet she has already gained a level of popularity and renown she never could have imagined. Nia Kay, a teenage rapper, is said by The Cityceleb to have a net worth of $450,000.

Her musical career is her major source of income. The source of Nia Kay’s wealth is her work as a musician and rapper. The majority of her songs are available on YouTube, which is also where she earns the most of her income.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Season Did Nia Kay Appear on Rap Game?

Nia Kay (born Duchess Nia Kay on December 8, 2001) is a well-known American rapper, composer, actor, and social media presence. She competed in season two of the reality show The Rap Game. She drew a lot of attention because of her lyrical and freestyle abilities.

What Age is Rapper Nia Kay?

20 years as born on (December 8, 2001)

What is Nia Kay’s Height and Weight?

Nia Kay is 1.45 meters tall and weighs 46 kilograms. Her physical measurements are 34-25-35 inches.

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