Samantha Tyrese Net Worth: Is Tyrese Gibson Her Husband?

Samantha Lee Gibson is a well-known American actress best known as the wife of Tyrese Gibson. He is an American singer, songwriter, novelist, rapper, actor, model, VJ, and screenwriter. In addition, Tyrese Gibson and his second wife Samantha Lee have filed for divorce, citing the fact that he was “raised in shattered homes with no examples of what it means to be a husband or father.”

Tyrese said in a separate statement that he and Samantha, whom he met in 2015, will “remain the best of friends and strong co-parents” to their 2-year-old daughter Soraya.

Samantha’s Earlier Life

Samantha Lee Gibson was born on 28 October 1989 in New Jersey, United States of America. She was born to parents of Ecuadorian and Jamaican ancestry. In addition, Lee has a tight relationship with her brother, Doug, with whom she grew up.

In addition, she received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Georgia. Lee continued her education at the same University, where she received a master’s degree in social work.

samantha tyrese net worth

During the 2011 school year, she also competed in the Miss Latin UGA competition. Samantha earned a certificate in mixology and bartending from the Professional Bartending School of Atlanta in addition to her high school diploma.

After graduating from college, she began working for Project Sage Inc. as a social worker and an advocate. She honed her talents in her chosen area there.

Samantha Lee Gibson Profession

After receiving her bachelor’s degree, she began working for Project Age Inc as a social worker and advocate. Sources suggest that she has participated in a number of social projects and is also a talented bartender. After marrying Tyrese Gibson, she rose to great prominence.

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Tyrese Gibson is a musician and actor from the United States. His involvement in the Fast and Furious sequel has made him renowned. The cast of the film also included Sung Kang, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, and many others.

What is the Net Worth of Samantha Lee Gibson?

According to, As a social worker and bartender, Gibson earns a comfortable living. By 2022, Samantha’s estimated net worth will surpass $1 million. According to several online sources, a social worker’s (MSW) basic compensation ranges from $61.15k to $75.2k, with an average salary of $67.9k. Therefore, Samantha is likely compensated on the same wage scale.

She is also bartending-trained, and bartenders earn between $22,000 and $30,000 annually.

Is Tyrese Gibson Her Husband?

Tyrese Gibson, an American actor, and R&B performer is married to Samantha Lee Gibson. They exchanged vows on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2017. The pair formally remarried on July 4, 2017, despite having been previously wed in a secret ceremony.

Their union has produced a daughter, Soraya Lee Gibson (1st October 2018). After their first official wedding, Samantha and Tyrese attended the Black Girls Rock Awards.

samantha tyrese net worth

Additionally, the couple attended additional award ceremonies. Currently, they are happily married and raising their gorgeous baby. Once upon a time, her husband was criticized for mentioning his wife, The Black Queen.

Fans replied that the phrase was racist, and Tyrese eventually deleted his tweet. Tyrese was formerly married to Norma Gibson. 2007 saw the birth of Shayla Somer Gibson, his daughter with Norma.

The First Marriage of Tyrese

The actor was previously married to Norma Mitchell, whom he wed in 2007. Nevertheless, their love did not endure after their marriage ended in divorce in 2009. Tyrese and Norma have been married for two years and have a daughter together.

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After their divorce, there were numerous disputes between Norma and Tyrese regarding Shayla’s custody. The conversations continued even after his wedding to Samatha.

During this time, Norma filed charges against him alleging that he had abused the child. When Tyrese posted a video to his Instagram, Norma finally dropped the charges, bringing the ordeal to a close.


Samantha Lee Gibson is a well-known American actress who is most known for being the spouse of Tyrese Gibson. He is a singer, songwriter, author, rapper, actor, model, VJ, and scriptwriter. Gibson earns a nice life as a social worker and bartender, per By 2022, Samantha’s estimated net worth will exceed one million dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Did Tyrese’s First Marriage Last?

Gibson’s ex-wife Norma Gibson, to whom he was married from 2007 until 2009, is the mother of his 13-year-old daughter Shayla.

Is Tyrese Gibson the Custodial Parent?

The judge denied Tyrese Gibson’s ex-request wife for a restraining order and granted him joint custody of his daughter. People initially published this story. Tyrese Gibson has recently won a significant victory in his nasty custody fight with his ex-wife Norma Mitchell Gibson over their 10-year-old daughter Shayla.

What is the Height and Weight of Tyrese Gibson?

She is also estimated to weigh approximately 58 kilograms. Her true physical dimensions are about 34-20-48 inches. She stands at an approximate height of 5 feet 6 inches.

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