Mila Kunis Net Worth: How Much Does She Earn by Endorsing Products?

Mila Kunis is an actress who was born in Ukraine. When she was just a kid, she shot to fame in a big way. Kunis rose to fame thanks to the lead part she played in the television sitcom set in the 1970s called “That ’70s Show.”

She recently made headlines as the 38-year-old “Bad Moms” actress and her husband Ashton Kutcher launched a campaign to raise funds for humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. They were able to collect more than $20 million in less than one week, which is significantly closer to their goal of $30 million than it was when they started.

Kunis is also in the news because she discussed her Ukrainian heritage and the Russian occupation of Ukraine in a recent interview. On March 11th, she posted an honest interview with Maria Shriver that she had conducted on YouTube.

Early Life of Mila Kunis

On August 14, 1983, Mila Markovna Kunis was born in Chernivtsi, Ukraine (formerly part of the Soviet Union). She and her brother grew up in Ukraine until she was seven years old, at which point their parents made the difficult decision to uproot their lives and come to Los Angeles, California on the meager sum of $250.

Mila Kunis Net Worth

They were not destitute, but that was the most money they could bring with them, and none of her parents’ credentials were valid in the United States.

As antisemitism increased in the Soviet Union, Mila and her brother were forced to leave their Jewish family and the country they had called home for so long. Kunis had a hard time fitting in when she first entered school, and she began starring on That ’70s Show not long after she enrolled in high school. While filming, she attended GED classes.

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At Which Age She Started Acting?

When Mila Kunis was just 9 years old, she had already begun her training as an actress by enrolling in lessons. As a child, she appeared in a number of commercials, including one for Barbie as Lisa Frank. In 1994, she began making appearances on various television series.

Her major break came when she won a regular part on the television show “That ’70s Show,” in which she featured with Ashton Kutcher, who would later become her husband. In the year 1999, she was cast as the voice of Meg Griffin, a character who appeared in the television show Family Guy.

She made her film debut in the early 2000s, but it wasn’t until around 2010 that Mila Kunis landed the major roles that would make her a household name and propel her career to new heights. Her performances in films such as Friends With Benefits, Ted, Bad Moms, and Jupiter Ascending, among others.

In addition to working with Channing Tatum, Kunis has collaborated with a plethora of other well-known performers.

Mila Kunis Net Worth

Mila Kunis Net Worth

Mila Kunis’s net worth is believed to be $75 million, according to celebrity net worth. Mila Kunis’ pay per film is $9 million and for an episode of her TV show, she makes $150,000.

The main voice performers on “Family Guy” make a cool $100k per episode. That comes out to about $2,000,000 annually for each performer. DVDs, merch, and syndication arrangements all present opportunities for extra revenue streams. The main voice performers on The Simpsons make $300,000 a year each, but they obtained a higher deal a few years ago after threatening to walk off the show.

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Who is She Married to?

The year 2002 saw the beginning of Mila Kunis and actor Macaulay Culkin‘s high-profile romance. Throughout the entirety of their time together, the couple had a difficult time protecting their privacy in the face of constant media attention. In 2011, the pair ended their relationship amicably.

In 2012, Mila Kunis started dating Ashton Kutcher, who she had previously worked with on That 70s Show. They tied the knot in 2015 and went on to have two children afterward.

Mila Kunis Net Worth

How Much Does She Earn by Endorsing Products?

Millions of people follow Mila Kunis on Instagram and other social media. Mila Kunis receives offers to endorse things via her online profiles from various companies. Mila Kunis receives up to $150,000 for every corporate promotion or sponsored post. Almost the previous year, Mila Kunis has made over $3 million from endorsement deals like these.

How Many Cars Does She Possess?

Mila Kunis just dropped $190,000 on a brand-new Land Rover Defender. Aston Martin DB11, which Mila Kunis also owns, cost her $460,000 USD. The rest of the cars she owns include BMW X8, Mercedes-Benz G-Class, and Porsche Macan.

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Where Does Mila Kunis Live?

In 2008, Mila purchased a property in the Laurel Canyon neighborhood of Los Angeles for the price of $2.9 million. She purchased a condominium in West Hollywood for the price of $540,000 in the year 2002.

In May of 2014, Ashton and Mila bought a property in Beverly Hills for the price of $10.2 million. They put the home up for sale in 2020 for a price that was just under $14 million. In the end, they decided to take the offer of $10.35 million in January of 2022.

They purchased a seaside home in Carpenteria, California, for the price of $10 million in June of 2017. Carpenteria is located close to Santa Barbara. The property consists of a duplex that has a total of three thousand one hundred square feet of interior living area between its two homes.

Mila Kunis Net Worth

Their primary residence is a Beverly Hills property that spans 6 acres and was featured in an issue of Architectural Digest that came out in August of 2021.

What Does She Feel About Her Russian Invasion?

She told Maria Shriver for the journalist’s “Conversations Above the Noise” “I very much have always felt like an American. People were like, ‘Oh, you’re so Eastern European.’ I was like, ‘I’m so L.A. What do you mean?’ My whole life I was like L.A. through and through.

Then this happens — and mind you, we have friends in Ukraine, Ash and I went and met with [President Volodymyr] Zelenskyy right before COVID. I’ve been there, but have always considered myself very much an American.”

“I don’t think that we need to consider the people of Russia an enemy.” Kunis continued.  I do really want to emphasize that. I don’t think that that’s being said enough in the press. I think that there’s now, ‘If you’re not with us, you’re against us’ mentality. I don’t want people to conflate the two problems that are happening.”

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