Lindsey Graham Wife: When Chelsea Handler Accused Him of Being Gay?

Lindsey Graham is a strong supporter of Donald Trump, who served as President of the United States from 2009 to 2017. For those who are not familiar with him, we will inform you that he is the senator for South Carolina and that he serves that state. His romantic history has, throughout the years, been a major draw for people’s attention.

We are aware that each of you is interested in learning about the current romantic situation of Lindsey O’Lin Graham. So, tell me, what are you holding out for? Keep reading to find out whether the politician is now single or involved with someone else in a relationship.

Lindsey Graham Wife

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina does not have a spouse and is currently unmarried. According to Herald Online, Graham stated that he almost got married to a flight attendant named Sylvia, whom he met while he was living in Germany in his late 20s. However, the couple’s relationship did not continue for very long.

Lindsey Graham Wife

Why Did He Decide to Remain Single?

When it comes to keeping his Senate seat in South Carolina, Lindsey Graham is in the fight of his life right now. Graham has recently pulled ahead of his Democratic rival, but his win is far from guaranteed (via 538 Blog). It’s possible that Senator Graham’s lack of marital history contributes to his cautious outlook.

Graham claims that he came very close to success once. He revealed this during an interview with The Herald in 2015. He was stationed at Rhein-Main Air Base from 1984 to 1988 and says he came very close once.

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We may never know how close they came to getting married, but Graham did give some insight into what went wrong.”Her mother was elderly, and I wasn’t going to stay in Germany. I didn’t think she wanted to come back to South Carolina,” He elaborates, telling the story of the engagement that never was.

Maybe there’s a good explanation for why he’s never made any friends, but maybe there isn’t. As far as we are aware, he has never made a public statement on other matters.

Is Lindsey Graham Actually a Gay?

There have been persistent accusations that Senator Lindsey Graham is gay. After joking with the New York Times about having “a hidden affair with Ricky Martin,” the politician then declared, “I ain’t gay. Sorry.”

The senator’s sexuality was called into doubt by blogger Michael Signorile. The blogger stated, “Let’s have a real investigation of the rumors about South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who … has been rumored to be gay for years.”

Lindsey Graham Wife

Signorile continued, “Like Larry Craig, Graham has voted antigay — including for the federal marriage amendment — while people in South Carolina and Washington have discussed what some say is an open secret for a long, long time.”  Then, Lindsey refrained from making a statement in response to Signorile’s announcement.

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When Chelsea Handler Accused Him of Being Gay?

In 2018, the star of This Means War Chelsea Handler tweeted about a South Carolina senator known for his hardline, Republican views, implying that he was gay. It was on the official day of coming out that she sent the tweet.

Historically, Handler wrote, “If you’re wondering why Republicans took a sick day today, it’s probably because it’s #NationalComingOutDay. Looking at you @LindseyGrahamSC” Graham replied to Chelsea’s post nearly a day later, saying that her comments were unflattering. Then, he started talking about his sexual orientation.

Lindsey told a TMZ cameraman as she was leaving the Reagan National Airport,  “It’s a free country; she can say what she wants to say, I don’t care. I don’t think much about what she says at all. She wants to live her life that way, it’s up to her.”

The cameraman from the news organization then asked the politician another question shortly after. After Chelsea made a joke about someone being gay, a few people condemned her for being homophobic, so he inquired whether she was comparing his “homosexuality to being evil,” or if she was simply being homophobic.

Lindsey Graham Wife

How Did Graham Defend Himself?

Graham claimed he was not gay. He didn’t hesitate to respond to the camerawoman’s inquiry, saying, “Number one, she knows zero about me. To the extent that it matters, I’m not gay.”

Following up, Lindsey said,  “And these comments… I don’t think they reflect well on her and I don’t know how it makes us a better country, but it’s up to her, not me.”   He stated that in today’s society, it is not appropriate to make fun of other people just for the sake of laughter.

I think we’re moving on from it, “I think we’re moving on from that. Belittling people is not as funny as it used to be, and that’s a good thing.”  Then some users defended her while others attacked.

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Why Being Single Can Be a Democratic Weakness?

One thing is certain, however: being single might be a handicap in the nation’s capital. Let us be clear: by no means do we imply that the single is less desirable than the married. Two people are stronger than one when it comes to political networking and campaigning.

Having a politically active and astute partner is a huge plus. From Abigail Adams and Dolley Madison to Eleanor Roosevelt and Nancy Reagan, there is a long line of powerful first ladies who have served alongside their husbands.

Most candidates would benefit from having a savvy woman (or man) on their side who can assist them develop connections in the very competitive political sphere. There’s no rule that says you can’t go it alone, but a strong partnership almost always yields better results. Graham opts to travel the country without company.

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