Who is the Richest Youtuber in the World?

Real-life examples of the wealthiest YouTubers demonstrate that the platform has become a viable career option. In 2005, no one could have predicted that YouTube would grow to become such an integral part of daily lives.

While not everyone sees enormous financial rewards from the platforms, some do. They make money from their YouTube channels in a number of different ways, the majority of which come from advertisements and product placements.

We have gone through the list of the top-earning YouTubers at this moment and determined how much money each one of them has made. We included not only vloggers and reviewers but also comedians and every other type of full-time YouTuber.

Only full-time YouTubers whose notoriety and fortune primarily stem from the platform will be discussed. Most of them first became famous on the largest video streaming platform in the world, and now their fame has spread beyond the site.

Richest Youtuber in the World

Who is the Richest Youtuber in the World?

Let’s get to the 10 wealthiest YouTubers in the world in 2022:

1. Mr. Beast

He was rated as the highest-paid YouTuber star due to the fact that it was estimated that he earned more than 54 million dollars annually from his channel. The well-known celebrity on YouTube has donated millions of dollars to various charity organizations, and his channel has 103 million subscribers.

In addition to that, Mr. Beast is well-known for the original content that he produces, which frequently includes dangerous feats, challenges, or stunts. Even more, he has appeared on televised programs such as “Good Morning America” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Mr. Beast is definitely someone you should check out if you’re seeking an amusing YouTuber. His net worth is $25 Million.

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2. Jake Paul

Jake Paul’s YouTube channel has racked up millions of viewers thanks to his reputation for entertaining pranks and exploits. However, his wild and thoughtless demeanor has caused anxiety among others.

Nonetheless, with over 20 million subscribers, Jake Paul is one of the world’s richest YouTubers. He was a household name until his brother Logan uploaded a video in December 2017 that was shot in a Japanese forest notorious for being a suicide hotspot.

His following was not pleased, but he appears to have recovered and his net worth is $35 Million.

Richest Youtuber in the World

3. Markiplier

Markiplier, a famous gamer, and comedian is one of the wealthiest YouTubers. He became famous for creating the video game franchises Five Nights at Freddy’s and Satisfaction City.

He has helped organizations like the American Cancer Society and the Make-A-Wish Foundation collect nearly $2 million in donations. In addition to his video game content, he also hosts a web series called “Drunk Minecraft.”

This Canadian comedian branched out from his roots in sketch comedy to other forms of humor media in 2012, including vlogging. As a philanthropist, Markiplier has collected millions of dollars for good causes.

Markiplier and Ethan launched their new YouTube channel, Unus Annus, in 2019. They uploaded new movies every week, and in just 7 days they had over a million subscribers.

Roughly 15,000 people watched the first live feed on this platform. Markiplier has over 33 million subscribers and his net worth is $35 Million.

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4. Rhett and Link

Rhett and Link had known each other since they were in the first grade at a North Carolina elementary school. They had been writing obscenities on their desks when someone finally caught them. For this reason, their most watched YouTube channel is called Good Mythical Morning. They were given coloring books depicting fantastic beasts.

They both had careers in their chosen fields for a while. Rhett and Link’s video and comedy sketch work for the nonprofit Cru was also well received. Before pursuing a career in entertainment full-time, they worked together and honed their skills as a duet. Presently, they have five separate YouTube channels under the Smosh banner.

They have almost 5 million followers and a combined net worth of 20 million.

Richest Youtuber in the World

5. Unspeakable

Minecraft’s widespread appeal helped Nathan Graham launch a successful YouTube channel. He goes under the name “Unspeakable” on YouTube. Over 20 million people are subscribed to the four networks he manages.

Outside of the world of Minecraft, he enjoys making films of himself doing absurd challenges and performing comedic antics. He also frequently holds giveaways. The appalling earnings are almost $28.5 million.

He struck a contract with Spotter and quickly amassed wealth. In exchange for a sizable sum of money, Nathan has agreed to let Spotter have full ownership of his channel’s video library. In addition to licensing Nathan’s current videos, they will also have the option to license any future ones that are made. He has a net worth of 20 million.

6. PewDiePie

With over 111 million subscribers, Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie is a strong contender for the title of “most popular YouTuber in the world.” There are 4,458 videos on his channel in which he plays games, comments on other videos, roasts people, and delivers amusing reactions.

He has worked as a hot dog vendor, a port commander, and a Photoshop artist before he joined the YouTube community. In school, he focused on art and video games. As soon as he had saved enough money, he purchased a computer, began playing video games, and uploaded his exploits to the video-sharing website YouTube.

Pewd’s popularity increased, and he remains YouTube’s most subscribed individual channel even though T-Series surpassed him as the service’s top channel.

Richest Youtuber in the World

7. DanTDM

In 2012, DanTDM launched a YouTube channel under the name TheDiamondMinecart. It was mostly him playing Minecraft on this channel. He is also recognized as the person whose Minecraft video channel has received the most views ever.

Prior to this, in 2009, he spent his time playing Pokemon and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In 2016, he changed the channel’s name to DanTDM. A book he wrote that year, titled Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal, was the New York Times Best Seller in hardcover graphic novels for nearly three months.

DanTDM also starred in the YouTube Red original series Creates a Big Scene. At the moment, his channel has over 26 million subscribers.

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8. Ryan Kaji

When it comes to YouTube channels, Ryan’s World is by far the most subscribed to by young viewers. Toys, do-it-yourself science experiments, and other challenges are reviewed, as well as completed, by Ryan Kaji in these videos. This channel is why Ryan’s mom left her full-time job. Formerly known as Ryan ToysReview, the site has been rebranded.

Currently, the family is responsible for nine separate YouTube channels. Over $250 million in sales were made in 2020 from a line that debuted in 2018 and was sold only at Walmart. He has over 33 million subscribers. Ryan also has a contract with Amazon and Nickelodeon to produce a television series.

Richest Youtuber in the World

9. Ninja

This YouTube ninja has been around for a while, but only recently began to receive significant attention. His lightning-quick play and hilarious analysis have made him a fan favorite.

He frequently posts videos to YouTube in which he demonstrates his prowess and offers advice on how others might improve their own Fortnite and other gaming talents. Although formerly active on Twitch, Ninja decided to switch to Microsoft’s private broadcasting network Mixer in 2018.

He plays the game live on stream with other viewers. It’s a fantastic opportunity to observe his interactions with his rivals and gain insight from their play. He has over 23 million subscribers.

10. Dude Perfect

The lads from Dude Perfect are a gang of chums who met in college and started their YouTube channel back in 2009. Since 2009, they have been making videos. Over 58 million people subscribe to their channel on YouTube.

Tricks, shoots, contests, and games of all kinds are all fair game, as are plans to surprise your favorite athlete with an adoption ceremony if they happen to be free at a certain moment. Dude Perfect, however, is just one of several teams around the globe, each with its own history and style.

Once a Cannonball Studios sensation, the sports-oriented YouTube channel “Dude Perfect” became an ESPN mainstay the following year. Commercials for companies like Nike and Toyota Corolla have included them. There are more than 57 million users, and they make more than $30 million per year.

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