Linda Evangelista Net Worth: Is She Making Headlines for a Lawsuit?

Linda Evangelista (born May 10, 1965) is a Canadian fashion model who was one of the top supermodels of the 1990s. She is regarded as one of the most accomplished and influential models of all time, with over 700 magazine covers to her credit. Evangelista is well known as photographer Steven Meisel’s lifelong “muse,” as well as the saying “We don’t wake up for less than $10,000 a day.”

Early Years of Linda Evangelista

Evangelista was born on May 10, 1965, in Pignataro Interamna, Italy, to Italian immigrants. Evangelista was raised in a working-class, Roman Catholic household in her hometown of St. Catharines, Ontario, where she attended Denis Morris Catholic High School. Tommaso, her father, worked for General Motors and died on January 17, 2014.

Marisa, her mother, worked as a bookkeeper. At the age of 12, Evangelista enrolled in a self-improvement course at a modeling school, where she learned skills like posture and etiquette and was urged to enroll in a modeling course. Evangelista began modeling as a teenager in her hometown.

 She competed in the Miss Teen Niagara beauty contest in 1981.  While she did not win the pageant, she did catch the attention of an Elite Model Management representative.

linda evangelista net worth

She traveled to Japan at the age of 16 to model, but a bad encounter involving nudity during an assignment caused her to give up modeling entirely. She returned to Canada and waited two years before deciding to try her hand at modeling again.

Linda Evangelista’s Professional History

Evangelista was raised in Ontario, Canada. She began modeling classes when she was 12 years old. As a teenager, Evangelista modeled in her hometown and competed in the Miss Teen Niagara pageant.

Elite Model Management later became interested in her. She moved to New York City to model professionally in the mid-1980s. However, she did not achieve success until she relocated to Paris.

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Evangelista quickly rose to prominence in the fashion world, appearing on the covers of magazines like as L’Officiel, Vogue, Marie Claire, and Glamour. She has also posed for well-known fashion houses such as Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Calvin Klein, and Oscar de la Renta.

Many individuals were taken with Evangelista’s appearance, including designer Karl Lagerfeld and photographer Steven Meisel. She has served as a model for each of them. “There is no other model in the world as professional as she is,” Lagerfeld once commented (via Forget Today).

linda evangelista net worth

Evangelista chopped her hair short in the late 1980s at the recommendation of photographer Peter Lindbergh. Her distinctive hair drew a lot of attention, and it was even dubbed “The Linda.” She quickly rose to the status of a true supermodel.

Unlike some supermodels who try to break into business or entertainment, Evangelista has mostly stayed in modeling. She is still regarded as one of the most well-known models.

What is Linda Evangelista’s Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Linda Evangelista is a wealthy Canadian supermodel with a net worth of $40 million. Linda Evangelista was a well-known supermodel in the 1990s. She has appeared on over 700 magazine covers and has been photographer Steven Meisel’s muse for many years. Evangelista made a comeback in 2001 after quitting in 1998.

Is Linda Evangelista  Making Headlines for a Lawsuit?

Evangelista made headlines in September 2021 when she filed a lawsuit against Zeltiq Aesthetics. The organization offers a variety of cosmetic procedures, including CoolSculpting, which Evangelista had.

Evangelista alleges in an Instagram post that the CoolSculpting technique was supposed to reduce her fat cells but instead boosted them. She was also “permanently disfigured despite two agonizing, fruitless repair procedures.”

linda evangelista net worth

The model also mentioned a side effect known as paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH), which she described as “not only destroying my livelihood, but sending me into a cycle of deep melancholy, unfathomable sadness, and the lowest depths of self-loathing.” Evangelista claims she was not informed about the danger of PAH before getting CoolSculpting.

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According to CNN, Evangelista is suing for $50 million, alleging she has not worked since 2016 and has suffered from emotional distress.


Linda Evangelista (born May 10, 1965) is a Canadian fashion model who rose to prominence in the 1990s as one of the top supermodels. She is regarded as one of the most accomplished and influential models of all time, having appeared on over 700 magazine covers.

Linda Evangelista is a wealthy Canadian supermodel with a net worth of $40 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Linda Evangelista was a popular supermodel throughout the 1990s.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Deformity of Linda Evangelista?

She told People that she was diagnosed with paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH), a rare adverse effect of CoolSculpting in which the freezing process causes the fatty tissue to thicken and enlarge. “They’re protrusions,” she explained to People.

How Has Coolsculpting Disfigured Linda Evangelista?

Evangelista claimed that she was never informed of the risks. She revealed to People that she had been diagnosed with paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH), a rare side effect in which the freezing procedure in CoolSculpting causes the fatty tissue to thicken and enlarge. “The protrusions are bulges,” she told People. And they’re difficult.

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