Does the Friend’s Actor Matthew Perry Die in an Accident?

The name of American actor Matthew Perry is currently trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons, as fans are worried after reading rumors stating that he had died in an accident just a few hours before he was due to turn another year older.

Because of the dramatic nature of the headlines surrounding certain celebrities, hoaxes have been widely spread around the internet and have focused on those individuals. Just a month ago, the YouTube sensation Shane Dawson was said to have passed away on his special day, according to rumors.

There has been a significant misunderstanding that has led to rumors circulating on social media that the actor who played Matthew on Friends has passed away.

Matthew Perry Accident

Does the Friend’s Actor Matthew Perry Die in an Accident?

Taking into consideration the American-Canadian actor’s age is just one of the numerous things that can give us confidence that he was not the person who perished in the collision. The actor is 52 years old, although the victim of the accident was only 49 years old when they passed away.

There was no comment regarding his passing made on any of his official social media sites, nor was there a statement made by his friends, family, or even established news publications.

Since this is the case, it is not entirely obvious why the actor was included in the articles reporting the collision.

It’s possible that the individual who perished in the collision was actually a different male with the same name. The fact that the media did not publish a photograph of the deceased person makes it rather challenging to validate the statements being made.

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Has He Ever Been in a Fatal Accident?

The actor from 17 Again was not engaged in the current incident, but he was in a potentially fatal crash 20 years ago. The actor’s silver BMW was involved in an accident with a motorist that disregarded a stop sign in April of 2001 in Los Angeles. Lucky for everyone involved, neither the actor nor the 75-year-old driver sustained any serious injuries.

Matthew Perry Accident

Perry’s automobile, on the other hand, was severely damaged. His publicist, Lisa Kasteler, issued a statement that same year saying:

“Matthew Perry was involved in a car accident in Los Angeles yesterday when he swerved to avoid a car whose driver had run a stop sign. There were no injuries and no drugs or alcohol involved.

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What Has He Been Doing Recently?

On June 14, the Massachusetts-born actor announced to his 7.8 million followers on Instagram that he had finished writing his autobiography. “The memoir is titled Friends, Lovers, and The Big Terrible Thing.” The caption of the post read:

“My ego doesn’t like that I have to stop writing about myself. But the book is now down. So that’s that.”

“In the book, Perry takes readers behind-the-scenes and onto the soundstage of the most successful sitcom of all time while opening up about his private struggles with addiction. Perry’s memoir, the first from a cast member of Friends, is unflinchingly honest, dishy, and hilarious.”

The release date forecast for the highly anticipated book is November 1, 2022.

Matthew Perry Accident

Who Died in the Accident?

According to the authorities, a tragic collision was caused when the driver of a Ford Bronco, who was 26 years old, turned into the path of a motorbike rider. The car did come to a complete stop at the blinking red light but then veered into the path of a motorcycle that was authorized to proceed forward.

According to the police, Matthew Perry, 49, from Bangor was operating the motorcycle when he was involved in the accident. He was pronounced deceased at the scene.

According to the authorities, neither alcohol nor drugs appear to have played a role in the collision. The inquiry into the crash is still ongoing for further investigation and laboratory examination.

According to the police, there were delays on the roadways for around four hours.

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