Which Are the Locations Used for Filming Intrusion?

Netflix’s Intrusion is a gripping and expertly crafted psychological thriller that follows a seemingly perfect and wholesome couple as they move into a contemporary home in Corrales, situated in the vast New Mexico desert. Henry, the wife’s spouse, is an architect and the one who built the house. 

Meera, the wife, is a counselor and a cancer survivor who was also rendered infertile by the disease. Henry has been there for Meera through thick and thin, standing by her side even when she was at her most crippling. The pair now appears to be much better, despite occasional worries about Meera’s disease returning.

The couple’s lives are in grave jeopardy when the robbers strike again. They do, however, manage to live thanks to Henry, who shoots all the burglars with a revolver he had stashed under a pot. 

Henry has been hiding several things from Meera, not just the gun. Meera, growing increasingly skeptical of her husband, starts looking into the alleged burglars and learns that there is much more to the story than she first imagined, including the inexplicable abduction of a girl who is connected to the burglars. 

As the film approaches its climax, we see a heart-pounding scene filled with suspense, thrills, and plenty of blood.

We are shown the stunning and even eerily haunting settings where this skillfully created thriller is set. If you liked the scenes featured in the movie and were curious about where “Intrusion,” a thriller on Netflix, was shot, check out our overview of all the locations.

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Date and Details of the Intrusion Film

According to Wikipedia On September 22, 2021, Intrusion slowly made its way into Netflix.

The movie follows married couple Henry and Meera as they leave their life in Boston to start again in a huge, secluded mansion Henry himself created. Meera is recovering from a recent bout of breast cancer.

locations used for intrusion

But when the house is broken into, the peaceful existence the couple had been expecting is abruptly destroyed, leaving Meera traumatized and doubting whether she truly knows her husband.

All Locations Used for Filming Intrusion

According to imdb The movie “Intrusion” was shot in New Mexico, USA, which also serves as the setting for the plot. All the filming sites used for the movie were in the state and included indoor and outdoor scenes. 

New Mexico’s breathtaking scenery has been used as the backdrop for major Hollywood productions like Marvel’s Avengers (2012), Transformers, and Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials. 

Popular TV shows like Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul frequently used the deserts and other natural settings of New Mexico as their primary backdrops. Some of the best filming sites for movies and television can be found on dry ground with little human population and searing sun.

The fact that so many major studios like to film in New Mexico is not solely due to the magnificent vistas, though. The province has also implemented a number of beneficial tax advantages to promote and prosper film projects. Additionally, it has generated enormous profits for the regional economy. 

location used for intrusion

Filming “Intrusion” in New Mexico during the Covid-19 pandemic benefited the local economy, particularly the industries that were negatively damaged by the pandemic. The direct economic impact of the film productions that utilized the state’s tax credit was an astounding $854 million throughout the entire fiscal year 2020–21. Now let’s explore the precise places where “Intrusion” was shot.

What City is the House in Intrusion in?

According to tealmango Henry and Meera, a married couple, have relocated from Boston to a brand-new, enormous home in Corrales, a little hamlet in New Mexico. Henry, an architect, constructed the cutting-edge home by himself. Corrales, next to the Sandia Resort and Casino, is where the open house used to shoot Intrusion is situated. 

The production design crew made minor modifications to the house to make it into the contemporary home seen in the movie.

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Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States

One of the critical locations for the filming of “Intrusion” was Albuquerque. The movie is set in the desert of New Mexico, with Henry and Meera’s home facing the gorgeous mountain ranges. The isolated location offers the ideal backdrop for the message the film is trying to portray. 

The vast and isolated home of the couple is in a secluded location, perfectly fitting the themes of Meera’s seemingly ideal but truly lonely life. Henry pretends to be there for her while he carries out his mad kidnappings and killings behind her back and keeps her in the dark about this terrible truth.

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