Which Are the Most Expensive Fruits in the World?

Fruits are no different when it comes to delicacy and cost! Here is a list of the most costly fruits in the World, from China’s Buddha-shaped pears to Japan’s rare Taiyo no Tamago mangoes.

From the British Isles’ Lost Gardens of Heligan to Japan’s Hokkaido island, premium fruits can be found all over the World.

Some are valued for their unique shapes, while others command exorbitant costs because they adhere to strict quality control standards that specify their ideal size and weight.

The ten priciest fruit in the World are broken down in this article, along with the cost you should budget for if you wish to try one.

Top 7 Expensive Fruits in the World

  • Buddha Shaped Pears

According to indiatimes These Buddha-shaped pears, a brainchild of Chinese farmer Gao Xinzhang, are made by culturing the fruit inside tiny Buddha-shaped moulds.

According to legend, eating one of these Buddha-shaped pears will grant you immortality; not a bad deal, considering they only cost $9 apiece.

These Buddha-shaped pears, a brainchild of Chinese farmer Gao Xinzhang, are made by growing the fruit inside tiny Buddha-shaped moulds.

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The tale of the magical fruit that was cultivated in the form of the Buddha served as the basis for the concept, and it took the diligent farmer six years to perfect it.

  • The Sekai Ichi Apple

According to Wikipedia The Sekai Ichi apple, one of the biggest apples in the World that you can potentially buy, is another example of an East Asian fruit.

most expensive fruits

These pricey Japanese-grown fruits measure about 15 inches in circumference and weigh a hefty 2 pounds.

When you consider that one Sekai Ichi Apple is the same size and weight as numerous normal apples, its price of $12 isn’t as outrageous as it may seem.

The English translation of Sekai Ichi is “number one in the world,” which isn’t the most modest fruit name, but it has a certain ring of truth.

Each bite of them delivers a blend of sweetness and juiciness, making them enjoyable to consume as well.

  • Dekopon Citrus

According to freshplaza The Dekopon citrus fruit is a sweet hybrid of orange and tangerine that is seed-free to make eating one more enjoyable.

Another unusual fruit with Japanese roots, you can buy a bundle of six Dekopon citrus for $80 (though, as you might assume, these aren’t sold in your typical 7/11 market).

The Dekopon citrus fruit has a harder and thicker peel than its more familiar cousins, which distinguishes it from other oranges and mandarins.

The citrus fruit known as Dekopon is a delicious substitute for common oranges if you’re seeking for a novel source of vitamin C. It’s certainly worth looking for.

  • Sembikiya Queen Strawberries

According to chefspencil The common strawberry has a long history of being served with delectable creamy at Wimbledon tennis tournaments.

Another exotic fruit you can buy in Japan is the Sembikiya queen strawberry, which comes from the furthest away as you’ll get to the Wimbledon competition.

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Few would taint the flavour of Sembikiya queen strawberries with cream, or anything for that matter, similar to how few people would do the same with other exotic fruits because they are perfectly wonderful as they are.

  • Square watermelon

According to sakaesushi The cost of the next fruit in this list of the most costly fruits in the World will make your eyes water if you thought $85 was a steep amount to pay for the Sembikiya queen strawberries.

most expensive fruits

Square watermelons, valued for their distinctive cubed shape and costing $800 each, are among the most expensive fruits you can buy in Japan.

Since 2014, you can purchase square watermelons anywhere in the World without incurring the added cost of a round-trip trip to Japan because they grow in boxes, giving them their distinctive shape.

Apart from their distinctive appearance, square watermelons don’t provide any advantages over typical, spherical watermelons. They have the same flavour as their regular cousins.

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If you’re thinking of having one brought to you for a special occasion, keep in mind that these square watermelons range approximately between 5 to 6 kg each.

  • Taiyo no Tamago Mango

According to supafresh Going to Japan once more, this time for the mangoes known as Taiyo no Tamago, which are only grown in the Miyazaki district on the island of Kyushu.

This summer fruit must weigh at least 350 grammes and have a greater sugar content to be chosen for exclusive sales.

A deep ruby red must make up at least half of their colour as part of the stringent inspections needed before selling.

Given their shape and colour, these Tamago mangoes’ moniker, which means “Eggs of the Sun,” is appropriate for one of the most alluring-looking fruits you can buy.

  • Densuke Watermelon

According to tastingable The Densuke watermelon, which is found on Hokkaido Island in northern Japan, is the most expensive in the entire globe.

Hokkaido, the foremost of Japan’s islands, is renowned for its numerous national parks and adorable snow monkeys taking hot spring baths.

The Densuke watermelon measures around 11 kilogrammes and has a blacker gloss that gives it a distinctive appearance. It has a little sweeter flavour than the typical watermelon.

One watermelon cost $6,100 at auction in 2008, ranking it as among the most costly fruit crops due to its scarcity.

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