Better Call Saul Timeline: When Does Saul Show Up in Breaking Bad?

After its premiere in 2008, “Breaking Bad” quickly rose to prominence as one of television’s most critically acclaimed and commercially successful series ever. It was one of the series that helped establish television’s Golden Age, receiving praise from critics and adoration from viewers alike.

The film stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul as a high school chemistry teacher who turns into a drug kingpin after learning he has lung cancer. El Camino, a sequel film, and Better Call Saul, a prequel television series, are both new additions to the universe Vince Gilligan created.

There are a lot of “Breaking Bad” episodes to take in between the TV show and the movie, so keeping track of events in the universe can be difficult. More so when you consider that “Better Call Saul” takes place before the original series and features many of the same characters as younger versions of themselves.

Better Call Saul Timeline

Better Call Saul Timeline

A detailed timeline of the fictional world’s history is possible thanks to the author’s meticulous attention to detail regarding the timing of important events.

With the conclusion of the overall story set to air this year on “Better Call Saul,” the prequel series will finally be connected to “Breaking Bad.” Even though we have no idea what will happen in the upcoming season, you can see everything that has happened in the franchise so far here.

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Where Did We Last Leave Off?

When we last left Better Call Saul, it was in the middle of the year, but we have a good idea of the month. Do you recall the episode “Plan and Execution,” the sixth season’s midpoint, in which Gus made a generous donation to a good cause and displayed a large check?

Better Call Saul Timeline

In this case, the check was written on June 24, 2004, which we can see. This is consistent with the series’ other references, which put Saul four to six years before Breaking Bad. Gus went into hiding shortly after that, and Lalo showed up at Jimmy and Kim’s condo when Howard was there, so that scene with Gus occurred not long before this week’s final scene with Kim and Jimmy. …and the rest is history.

The date of Jimmy and Kim’s final farewell should be sometime around July 1, 2004, to account for a few days of mourning following Howard’s passing and Kim’s subsequent departure from the bar and subsequent relocation.

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Where Did We Land After That Sudden Leap?

After the heartbreaking sound of Kim taping up moving boxes, the scene cuts to Saul waking up next to a mysterious woman and beginning another day of morally ambiguous legal practice. We recognize him as Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad; he drives a white Cadillac with “LWYRUP” license plates, and his hairline has thinned out considerably to show that some time has passed. How much, though?

Better Call Saul Timeline

When we examine that “LWYRUP” license plate more closely, we see the first hard piece of evidence: The registration sticker on it says it expires in November 2005, so the time jump is probably around a year, give or take a few months. (It’s possible Saul has only recently purchased the Caddy, and the year is still late 2004, but for the sake of argument, let’s say the year is mid-2005.)

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When Does Saul Show Up in Breaking Bad?

Better Call Saul, which premiered on AMC in 2008, is a prequel to the critically acclaimed series Breaking Bad. Saul Goodman first appeared in the eighth episode of Season 2, “Better Call Saul,” in the role of the lawyer for Walt and Jesse’s meth dealer Badger.

Saul and Walt and Jesse’s “first meeting,” as the episode implies, occurs in late 2008. However, we do know that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will return as Walt and Jesse in the final episodes of Saul. So, will they “meet” Saul Goodman three years before they actually “meet” him in 2005? Or maybe we’ll just be transported back to 2008.

Better Call Saul Timeline

Will Gene Make an Appearance in Season 6?

Beginning with Season 1, each new season of Saul has featured a black-and-white flash-forward to Jimmy/life, Saul, after Breaking Bad as “Gene,” a lowly Cinnabon manager in Omaha. Now, where does that fall in terms of time?

In Season 5, when Gene switched his license plate from Nebraska to Missouri out of fear of being caught, the year 2012 was clearly visible on the registration sticker. In that case, the events depicted would take place around a year after the conclusion of Breaking Bad, when Saul had his records destroyed and started over as “Gene.”

In spite of this, Gene has yet to make an appearance in Season 6, and we can only assume that he will do so in the show’s closing episodes. Is it possible that “Gene” and Kim might get back together in the future? Soon enough, we’ll know: Only four more episodes of AMC’s Better Call Saul will air before the series concludes on August 15 at 9/8c.

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