Udyr Rework Release Date: What are the New Abilities?

Udyr’s rework will be the next significant VGU in Season 12 of League of Legends. However, Riot intends to keep the new kit of the Freljordian spirit walker comparable to the old stance-based one.

Reworked Udyr is finally coming to League of Legends after a fan poll in Season 11. Aside from the 2021 meta, his obsolete kit won’t be around for much longer on the Summoner’s Rift.

“His popularity has waxed and waned over the years, but somehow there have always been plenty of players in his corner ready to stance dance and maul their way through the Rift,” champion designer Stash “Stashu,” Chelluck said in a June 2021 dev blog.

To counter this, Riot plans to introduce Udyr into the modern game, following in the footsteps of Fiddlesticks and Dr. Mundo.

Udyr Rework Release Date

What Are the Abilities of Udyr Rework?

Udyr’s updated kit hasn’t been leaked yet, but Riot has a clear vision for where they want to take the jungler. There is a strong desire to maintain his “stance-changing individuality” in melee combat.

“We think this is what makes Udyr unique and stand out on the roster,” lead champion producer Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles said in January 2022.

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In order to make Udyr more interesting to play and to make it clearer when Udyr is doing something spectacular, they want to add some intrigue to his stances and melee pattern. However, they’re combining this simpler kit with a current game full of dashes and flashy effects.

It’s likely that Riot will keep his “four basic abilities that change stances” and refrain from giving him any “ranged abilities or major dashes.

However, they’re considering “super stances,” in which “Udyr can recast his active stance to employ the super version on a cooldown”. “Awakening” stances are now being referred to as passives. As long as Udyr is already in an Awakening pose, he can do so. If you’re awakened, you’ll be able to use each position in a more powerful way,” developer Luis Aguas wrote in a blog post published on January 7.

Udyr Rework Release Date

Udyr Rework: Release Date

On August 10, 2022, patch cycle 12.16 of League of Legends will release the reworked Udyr to the Public Beta Environment (PBE). According to dexerto, Fans can expect the overhaul to go online on August 24, 2022, if no substantial modifications are made.

Since the Udyr rework teaser has been shown to the public, this is what we should expect in terms of a release date.

Reav3, the game’s developer, said that the next champion roadmap will also be released next week. However, Udyr’s revision had to be made available first before it could be released. It’s safe to assume that the PBE will see this rework as soon as next week.

Udyr appears to have undergone a significant transformation. He has reworked every one of his abilities to include a more realistic animation.

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League of Legends: Udyr’s New Abilities

The new abilities of Udyr include:

Passive: Spirit Walker

Awakened Spirit: With Udyr, you don’t have a traditional ultimate; instead, you have four fundamental skills that can be used in various ways depending on where you’re standing. Awakening the champion’s stance while it is on cooldown allows him to re-cast his stance and add new effects.

Monk Training: If Udyr activates an Ability, his two subsequent strikes get a 30 percent increase in their attack speed and a 5 percent reduction in Awaken cooldown time on hit.

Udyr Rework Release Date

Q: Wilding Claw

Wilding Stance: For the next four seconds, Udyr’s attack speed is increased by 25%. A bonus of 3.2 percent maximum health physical damage is dealt by his next two mauling attacks in this stance.

Awaken: Attack speed is increased by 34%. A total of 10.6 percent of the maximum health of any isolated victim is dealt with by Udy’r’s next two attacks, which call lightning to strike six times.

W: Iron Mantle

Mantle Stance: For four seconds, Udyr’s shield strength increases by 63 points. In this stance, his following two attacks earn a 10% life steal and a 12% health restoration on hit.

Awaken: Udyr regenerates 89 shield points every four seconds, bringing the total to 178. During this phase, Stance Life on hit and Life Steal bonuses were doubled.

E: Blazing Stampede

Stampede Stance: Udyr’s movement speed increases by 30% for four seconds, then returns to normal. This stance allows Udyr to lunge at his targets and stun them. for 75 seconds with his attacks when in melee range. Each target’s cooldown for this effect is six seconds.

Awaken: An additional 32 percent movement speed is granted for 1.5 seconds as a result of this ability.

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R: Wingborn Storm

Storm Stance: If an enemy enters his glacial storm, Udyr deals 20 magic damage each second and slows them by 15 percent. This lasts for four seconds. Storm foes take 14 magic damage from the next two Udyr assaults.

Awaken: In order to bring the storm to a location, unleash it. This [Sic] increases max health damage by 9.4% for the rest of its duration.

Udyr Rework: Trailer

Final Thoughts

Udyr’s rework will soon be accessible in the PBE (Public Beta Environment) of League of Legends. But there will be several updates to balance it, which may cause problems when it becomes live. This will depend on how overpowered it seems in-game.

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