Left-right Pushup TikTok Challenge: What Are the Benefits of Performing It?

When you find yourself wanting to do shoulder taps, mountain climbers, and plank jacks in addition to push-ups, you know you’ve found a good workout challenge. That’s the case with the left-right push-up challenge, the newest fitness craze on TikTok, and part of the trend toward workout videos set to music.

Currently, videos of people performing the bodyweight routine to the tune of “Grab Da Wall & Rock Da Boat” by 504 Boyz and Weebie have been viewed over 77,000 times under the hashtag #leftrightpushupchallenge.

An expert in both fitness and nutrition, Vanessa Liu, attests to its veracity and effectiveness. According to Liu, “because you’re in a plank position for the whole challenge, your body has to recruit a lot of muscles in a short period of time to keep itself stable.” She then explains a series of exercises designed to tone your arms, strengthen your core, and speed up your heart rate.

Moreover, it can be modified to meet the needs of people of varying fitness levels. If you want a more or less challenging experience, Liu says, “just spread your feet wider or narrow them.”

If you’re just starting out with push-ups, spread your feet further apart. Keep them closer together if you’re looking for more of a challenge. You can do this sequence once to warm up, or you can build up to doing it three times. Do you wish to attempt it? All the muscles you’ll be using, and how to use them properly, are listed below.

Pushup TikTok Challenge

What is the Left-right Pushup TikTok Challenge?

Master trainer for Core Health & Fitness and author of Smarter Workouts, Pete McCall, CSCS. Methods of Exercise Physiology Explained in Plain Language and Eternal Vigor: The current push-up challenge is described as a fun way to combine core stabilization training with some fast movement to get the heart rate up and an added dose of strength training in High-intensity Workouts to Slow the Aging Process.

He says, “It’s a great little movement sequence because it combines upper-body strength, core stabilization, and explosive movements.

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When compared to more traditional methods of core stabilization, such as planks, the explosive/fast-paced movements involved in this method are more likely to engage Type II muscle fibers, which are responsible for strength and definition. He claims it is effective for weight loss and strength training because it uses so many muscle groups.

Methods for Completing the Left-Right Pushup Challenge

Tubbs simplifies the tens of thousands of left-right pushup challenge videos on TikTok into manageable chunks.

Get into a push-up position to begin. When the song reaches the chorus of “left, right,” drop one arm and touch the opposite shoulder twice. As the beat picks up, the next move is a set of mountain climbers (running from left-to-right foot in a push-up position).

Finally, when the chorus stops, jump jacks with your feet while doing push-ups with your arms and upper body.

Remember that presentation is key. If performed properly, the left-right pushup challenge “can be a fun and effective way to challenge both your muscular and cardiovascular strength in a way beyond that of a standard pushup,” The challenge’s success depends on how well you complete each individual part, however.

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What Are the Benefits of Performing It?

In the left-right push-up challenge, the first move is a high plank. You stay in a plank position and tap your left shoulder with your right hand as the song’s lyrics repeat, and then your right shoulder with your left.

The shoulder, arm, and abdominal muscles are all targeted in this exercise. “That’s because your shoulders are working so hard to keep you steady in the plank position,” explains Liu. Additionally, “it strengthens your core because, as you tap alternately, your core must work to prevent you from rotating side to side.”

Pushup TikTok Challenge

Then, after a few more beats, you’ll be able to start doing plank jumps (aka plank jacks). “Plank jacks work your entire body and get your heart rate up,” says Liu. They’re great for your upper and core strength, as well as your lower body muscle development and power.

To maintain balance as you shuffle your feet in and out, you’ll need to engage the muscles in your hamstrings, glutes, and calves. In addition to the difficulty of regular plank jacks, this exercise also requires you to lower into a push-up position while your feet juggle in and out. This component also helps develop strong arms and shoulders.

According to Liu, is the “critical component” of developing a regular exercise routine. As the challenge’s creator put it, “This challenge is a fantastic way to add some fun and variety to your routine.” Try it the next time you need a quick break from work; the whole process takes less than 30 seconds.

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Is It Safe to Perform Left-Right Pushup Challenge?

Anyone with a strong midsection, strong upper body, and a sense of rhythm should give this challenge a try. “It’s a lighthearted way to get in a little more exercise,” McCall says.

To prevent injury, however, Tubbs suggests sitting this one out if you can do a single push-up, have no coordination, are just beginning an exercise program, or are not used to performing complex physical movements. It’s best to wait until you’re confident in all the parts of the challenge before tackling it, he says.

Change the speed to something more or less suitable for your needs and preferences. That is to say, don’t feel obligated to march to the tune!

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