One Punch Man: Does the Manga Depict Genos as Being Dead or Still Alive?

After the publication of One Punch Man Chapter 165, which showed that Garou, after gaining a new level of power, rips Genos’s core out of his body, several reactions have been posted online.

After seeing Geno in such a situation, people are now questioning whether or not Geno is still alive, as well as whether or not there is any way to bring him back.

Genos is a cyborg, which means that regardless of how much damage he sustains, he can replace broken components so long as his core remains connected to his brain. During his battle with Deep Sea King, we were able to observe how much damage Genos had sustained.

Dr. Kuseno, a scientist, was able to rebuild him even though the fight left his hands and legs in tatters. This was possible because his core was still connected to his brain. Genos had lost both of his limbs in his fight against the Monster Association before he engaged in combat with the Garou.

He had sustained severe wounds during that encounter. Genos was aware that, despite the severity of his wounds, he is one of the few heroes who is immune to the radiations that Cosmic Garou was generating. However, as we all know, Geno’s attack didn’t even hurt Garou, and Garou proceeded to take out his core and throw it at Saitama.

The center of Genos serves as his heart, which is what keeps his brain working. Our S-Class hero has lost a significant portion of his brain, and as a result, his core is no longer connected to his brain.

Is Genos Resurrected or Can It Be Fixed?

As is common knowledge, Genos is a synthetic being. There is a possibility that Dr. Kuseno has a copy of Geno’s brain stored away in one of his labs. Despite this, there will be repercussions regardless of the approach that is taken to bring him back. Because, for instance, half of his brain has been damaged, he may forget certain things, such as the time he spent with Saitama.

One Punch Man

What Is the Reason Genos Is Returning to Manga?

Yusuke Murata is the artist of the One Punch Man manga, and the television show is adapted from the webcomic that was written and created by ONE. Genos has a significant part to play in the ongoing storyline of the One Punch Man webcomic series, which will take place in the future. Yusuke Murata will need to make a lot of adjustments to the tale to accommodate the outcome of Genos’s death. It is important to keep in mind that Yusuke Murata creates the manga after discussing it with the original creator of the series. This means that the manga is the perfected version of the original work.

Why Is Genos Killed in the Manga?

The manga’s illustrator, Yusuke Murata, is well-known for taking liberties with the style of the original webcomic. There should have been no more fighting between Saitama and Garou, and Garou should never have gotten another power-up.

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As a result of the lack of Cosmic Garou’s power-up, Genos’ death (which never occurred in the webcomic) remains a very plausible possibility.

The Artist for One Punch Man Won’t Draw Genos Again!

Yusuke Murata stated that there will be no more redraws for Genos as he will remain in this bad state in a recent Tweet when chatting to the Hajime no Ippo author on Twitter. This conversation took place on Twitter.

What does redraw mean? One Punch Man Chapter 162 was previously redesigned because, in the initial drawing, Garou was going to concede defeat to Saitama and never have achieved the Cosmic Garou state. However, the illustrator modified the chapter, giving Garou a new ability to use in the fight against Saitama.

Yusuke Murata has informed us that he would not repaint Genos, which has left fans wondering what will become of their beloved cyborg hero in the future.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is Genos a Villain in One Punch Man?

One-Punch Man’s deuteragonist, Genos, or the Demon Cyborg, is a webcomic-turned manga/anime series. For the past four years, he’s been training to grow even stronger to murder the renegade cyborg that killed his parents, an S-Class hero of the Hero Association. In the series, he serves as a nemesis for Saitama, who is the protagonist.

Are Saitama and Genos Together?

The only other person that can compare to a best friend for Saitama is Genos. Being that Genos has moved in with Saitama, Saitama has spent the majority of his time with him.

Who Is Genos Real Enemy?

The Mad Cyborg is the cyborg who wrecked Genos’ hometown and killed his family. When he first encountered it, it became his archenemy.

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