Did Drake Date Serena Williams and How Serena’s Ex Reacted to It?

Drake is a musician and songwriter who has had a career that has spanned well over a decade, but it is not uncommon for his personal life to garner more media attention than his musical endeavors.

He refers to himself as a lover boy, and throughout his career, he has been linked to a number of different people, including the tennis star Serena Williams. Despite the widespread speculation that the two were involved in a romantic relationship, neither of them ever publicly addressed the subject.

However, we are able to provide you with the latest information regarding Drake and Serena Williams.

Did Drake Date Serena Williams

How It All Started?

When Drake first started going to Serena’s tennis matches in 2011, it was a completely innocent move on his part. Back in 2011, Drake declared his admiration for Serena Williams and started attending her tennis matches to cheer her on from the stands. It was reported that he attended a few of her games and stood on the sidelines cheering for her.

In the same year, he tweeted a message to her that seemed to be flirtatious, saying, “@serenawilliams I cannot wait to put it on you and make you sweat……….during our match this weekend.”

Capital Xtra reports that he continued to reference Williams in songs like “Worst Behavior” from his 2013 album Nothing Was the Same. The question of whether or not they were more than friends was never answered with concrete evidence.

What Was the Reaction of  Serena’s Ex Common?

On his 2011 track “Sweet,” Common, who dated Serena Williams once, implied that Drake was “soft” by making sexist references to Williams. There are a few memorable lines in the song, such as “Singing all around me man, la la la/ You ain’t motherf***ing Frank Sinatra.”

Drizzy wasn’t impressed by Common’s diss song. After Common called him a “b**ch” for his singing, he fired back in an interview by saying that he “ain’t no b**ch” and daring Common to say it to his face. Following this, Drake delivered one of his best verses to Rick Ross’ 2011 song “Stay Schemin,” spitting lines like “shawty wanna tell me secrets about a rap n*gga/I told that b**ch its more attractive when you hold it down.”

Common and Drake’s rap beef was put to rest in 2012 after both artists released diss tracks targeting the other. Common later confirmed in an interview that his animosity toward Drizzy was due to the rapper’s growing relationship with Serena.

His explanation was,  “For me, I think it was an emotional thing,” he said. “Unfortunately the war might have been over a girl, even though at the time I never said that.”

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How Drake Supported Serena During Her Matches?

During his trip to London in 2015, Drizzy was spotted spending some of his free time rooting for Serena Williams at the Wimbledon tennis tournament. It was said that he cheered for her team from the stands and spent time with her when the two of them were not on the court.

Did Drake Date Serena Williams

Drake’s response to Serena Williams’ victory at Wimbledon in 2015 was to post a picture of Williams holding the championship trophy alongside the caption “Showtime Champ. A big plate for all that food you ate at Wimbledon!”

Drake has been spotted at a number of Serena Williams’ matches, which has garnered attention from her fans. There were whispers of a possible romantic connection between the two people, but neither one of them would comment on the topic.

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Where the Couple Was Spotted Kissing?

When Drake and Serena were caught kissing in the VIP section of a restaurant in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the United States, things started to heat up between the two of them. The internet quickly became flooded with photographs and videos documenting the event in question.

Kissing can be seen on video footage of Drake and Serena Williams as they exit what appears to be a restaurant or a hotel. The footage was released online. Drake is seen walking her to an awaiting car at the end of the scene.

Drizzy was back in the stands cheering on Serena Williams as she came within one match of becoming the greatest female tennis player of all time. Many people blamed the Canadian rapper for Serena’s loss in the US Open semi-finals after she was knocked out of the tournament. The two of them left the game together, though.

Did Drake Date Serena Williams

Despite the fact that Drake and Serena had a romantic relationship in the past and that Serena is now married, the rapper still made time during his visit to London to attend Wimbledon.

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Did Drake Date Serena Williams?

When asked about Drake’s presence at her 2015 Wimbledon matches, Williams simply called him a “longtime friend and supporter.” “We’ve been friends for, like, so many years,” she said at a press conference in July 2015. “Just like family.”

According to E! News, “Drake has always had a huge crush on Serena, so he is on cloud nine and will continue to court her as much as he can.” The insider also pointed out that Williams allegedly felt the same. “Drake is very much Serena’s type as well. She is a big fan of him and his music,” they said.

But as quickly as they spread, the rumors died down. Drake moved on to other women like Rihanna, and Williams married Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian in 2017.

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