Which Are the Best Tiktok Couple Challenges?

The most widely used social app right now is TikTok. You may be living in a remote lodge in the woods without wifi if you haven’t noticed its viral tendencies spreading on the Web, and that’s understandable.

This app is a hub for entertainment and features a ton of trends that are fun to try out either by yourself or with another person. TikTok challenges for couples are great for when you’re hanging out with your significant other at home.

Another of the easiest ways to increase views & likes for TikTok videos is to take part in viral tasks and trends. Plus, it’s entertaining to be a part of a group activity. Additionally, you can get ideas from all the famous people who use the program. For instance, the “Wildest Dreams” slow zoom trend was so popular that Taylor Swift unexpectedly produced “Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version),” a rerecorded version of the song, to allow fans to properly use her sound.

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She then created her own version of the trend when it was abandoned. There are several celebrity couples to look to if you’re specifically seeking TikTok challenges for couples, such as TikTok royalty Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck.

Others will make use of tiny, piecemeal video collages and a certain viral sound. All of them will be enjoyable and provide you with the opportunity to connect over a topic that is often discussed online. Furthermore, despite the fact that certain pronouns are employed in the audios, couples of all various genders engage in these trends.

Which Are the Best Tiktok Couple Challenges?

  • PassingThePhone Challenge

You and your companion literally roast each other back and forth as part of the #PassingThePhone challenge. It’s a funny approach to point out your partner’s worst tendencies or the things that are really particular to them.

tiktok couple challenges

You simply hand the phone to the following person, who repeats it back, while saying, “I’m handing the phone to a person who [insert cringe-worthy stuff].” Additionally, in the typical TikTok style, increase the stakes by increasing the descriptions as the video goes on. Hopefully, no one will suffer an ego injury as a result.

  • Slow Zoom + “Wildest Dreams” Challenge

The “Wildest Dreams” song by Taylor Swift has become extremely popular at the same time as the Slow Zoom effect.

You can center you’re SO as the subject and follow one of two viral strategies to join in the trend, which aims to make the subject of the zoom the “primary character”: Have them just lip sync to the music and enjoy the spotlight that comes with being the main character, or zoom in on them when you have an aha moment while watching a movie. Enjoy this challenge in your own unique way. It can be interpreted in a variety of ways.

  • The “I’m A Survivor” Challenge

This humorous trend exploded on TikTok for celebrating people as heroic for going through everyday problems and routine tasks, using music from Reba McEntire’s 2001 song “I’m A Survivor.”

Many couples used the trend to make fun of heroic, but actually not that complicated, things each individual does in the connection, such as being the one who makes the coffee in the morning, fills up the car without help, replaces the Brita filter, and so on. One of the people was highlighted as the “single mom who works two jobs.”

  • “Please Don’t Go” Challenge

The “Please Don’t Go” challenge uses music from Mike Posner’s 200K hit song with the same name, which has become an instant TikTok classic.

tiktok couple challenges

Mime to the pre-chorus while appearing fully normal and dressed as you normally would. When the rhythm for the chorus drops, cut you and you’re SO in a car, facing each other, wearing sunglasses and head scarves. You should both be maintaining a neutral expression as your hair is blowing in the wind.

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  • StairShuffle Challenge

Have you ever attempted to shuffle up the stairs? Odds are, this is an utterly foreign and almost impossible concept, but the #StairShuffle challenge was made into a major phenomenon on TikTok, with 1.2 billion views.

You should practice the shuffling motion before attempting it with your significant other while you ascend a flight of stairs in your apartment. With this one, practice makes perfect.

  • Couples’ Q&A Challenge

You may try out a tonne of Q&A sound clips on TikTok with your SO. The finest ones will ask you to close your eyes as you respond to a series of inquiries regarding one another or your relationship. Who started the first kiss? or “Who’s the messier one?” are common questions they ask. Have your call log you as you complete this task in order to see the results later.

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