Archie Battersbee Net Worth: What Was the Reason for His Injury?

An incident at Archie Battersbee’s house in Southend, Essex, caused him to lose consciousness on April 7, 2022. After his mother caught him with a necktie over his head, she believes he was taking part in an online “blackout challenge” on TikTok.

The legal battle between Battersbee’s parents and the Barts Health NHS Trust involved the High Court, the Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court, the European Court of Human Rights, and the United Nations. The Christian Legal Centre supported the case.

The NHS argued that Battersbee’s care should be terminated since he was brain dead. In a statement, Archie’s mother Hollie Dance said, “It is for God to decide what should happen to Archie,” including “whether, when and how he should die.”

According to Battersbee’s parents, he needs more time to recuperate. On August 5, 2022, the courts ruled that Battersbee’s treatment should come to a stop, and the family’s appeals against this judgment have been dismissed. Both Japan and Italy offered to treat Archie.

Archie Battersbee Net Worth

What Was the Reason for His Injury?

On April 7th, 2022, Hollie Dance, Archie’s mother, discovered him unconscious in their home and feared he suffered brain damage after participating in a viral social media challenge.

As TikTok’s latest deadly craze, the “blackout challenge,” or “choking challenge,” has been dubbed, is one of the most popular on the platform. Eight-year-old Lalani Erika Renee Walton of Texas and nine-year-old Arriani Jaileen Arroyo of Wisconsin have already died as a result of the challenge. TikTok seems to be a favorite of both females, as they frequently uploaded videos to the app.

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Archie Battersbee’s Personal Life

Ms.Hollie Dance And Paul Battersbee (parents) have committed to do everything they can to keep their son on life support. Awaiting Archie’s improvement, they have requested additional time before deciding whether to remove him from life support.

He is the Battersbees’ youngest child. A brother and a sister are the only surviving members of the family that he is related. Tom, Tom’s 22-year-old older brother, and Lauren, Lauren’s 20-year-old older sister, are his two oldest siblings.

Archie Battersbee Net Worth

What was His Age?

There is no record of Archie’s birth date, although his mother has stated that he was 12 years old.

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Archie Battersbee Net Worth

More than £11,000 has been raised so far through a GoFundMe set up just for Archie’s care. At the time of writing, this is the only estimate we have on Archie’s net worth.

The 12th of May had been set aside for a follow-up hearing in Archie’s case. “Incredibly Tragic” was how Mrs. Justice Morgan defined Archie’s situation and expressed hope for a resolution. The Barts Health NHS Trust thanked the hospital and caregivers for their unwavering support after Archie’s death.

This incident had repercussions not only for the victim’s family but for the entire country. Christian Legal Centre’s Andrea Williams said that her organization’s thoughts and prayers were with the Battersbees during this difficult time.

Archie Battersbee Net Worth

Was He Shifted to a New Facility?

After the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) rejected an appeal to postpone the termination of Archie’s life support, his family requested permission to shift him to a new facility.

Following the Court of Appeal’s determination that Archie’s life-sustaining treatment should be discontinued and the Supreme Court’s rejection of an earlier appeal, the European Court of Human Rights indicated it ‘would not interfere with the UK courts’ rulings.

According to a letter sent by Barts Health NHS Trust lawyers, “As Archie’s caretakers, the trust continues to put his welfare and best interests first. That Archie’s condition is precarious and that even a little distance transfers him poses a serious risk is what the organization believes.”

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When Archie Battersbee’s life support was turned off at 12.15 BST on August 6, 2022, he died in the hospital. When asked about her son’s death, Hollie Dance, Archie’s mother, stated she was “the proudest mum in the world” outside the hospital.

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