What is the Teenage Dirtbag Trend on Tiktok and What Does It Signify?

Every day brings with it a new trend on TikTok. The band Wheatus’s song “Teenage Dirtbag” is currently trending on the social media site; nevertheless, what exactly is this song?

Wheatus, an American rock band, released the song for the first time in the year 2000, but it is currently seeing a comeback on the app, with many users using the tune in their videos.

The original song dealt with feelings of alienation and being a social outcast as a teenager, and those concepts are carried over into the song’s new life as an app. The song features an infectious chorus and a recognizable guitar riff. Over twenty years after the song’s first release, here’s how people on TikTok are making use of it.

Teenage Dirtbag Trend

What is the Teenage Dirtbag Trend on Tiktok?

TikTok users are utilizing the song as a soundtrack to their teenage years by uploading embarrassing images from their past on the platform. The uncomfortable teenage years appear to be something that many of us can identify with.

Nearly 800,000 videos have been tagged with the hashtag #teenagedirtbagtrend as a result of the trend’s rapid rise in popularity on the app. The guitar riff opening plays while the user submits a picture of themself today with a message like, “Here’s my adolescent dirtbag shot……”

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A sequence of images of an adolescent are flashed on the screen as part of the song’s chorus. Typically, they engage in ‘teenage rebellion’ activities such as drinking, attending parties, or getting tattoos and piercings.

Grunge-inspired clothing and old-fashioned hairstyles have also made users cringe as they look back on their adolescent years.

What Does It Signify?

A “dirtbag” is a term used to describe a teenager who is outspoken and defiant. Someone who doesn’t care what other people say and follows their intuition is described as this.

They may appear to be outcasts to some, but they are actually the ones that choose to defy the rules and follow their own path. Back in 2000, when the band first released the song, it had a lot of value as well. Ruston Kelly sang the song for the first time in concert in 2010.

“I mean if someone calls you a name, and then you call yourself that, you automatically have power over what that name would try to take away from you. “ he explained to NPR when discussing the significance of it.

Maybe I am just a confused, h**ny teenage piece of s*** sometimes, and that’s OK.”

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Who Was the Original Singer of the Song?

Wheatus sings the song “Teenage dirtbag” from his album “Teenage Dirtbag”. When the song “Teenage dirtbag” was published in 2000, it became an instant hit. To be described as a “teenage dirtbag” is a synonym for being a rebel and following your heart.

One of Brendan B. Brown’s favorite childhood memories is singing this song. In 2010, Ruston Kelly, a well-known singer-songwriter, sang the song for the first time live.

Teenage dirtbags are also referred to as outcasts and people who don’t care what other people think of them.

How Does the Trend Take Over Tiktok?

The song has inspired some people to create videos in which they look back at earlier versions of themselves while playing it. Some people associate the term “teenage dirtbag” with the defiant era of their lives that they went through when they were younger.

Others, meanwhile, are forced to relive some of the most embarrassing moments of their lives, including some that they thought they had long since put behind them.

Despite this, the trend has captured the attention of everyone on the platform, which has resulted in a significant amount of buzz.

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How This Trend Impacted People?

Some people were happy to make videos on this trend whereas others were depressed about not having such moments. Here are the response of people over the internet:

Final Thoughts

TikTok is the site that started many of the challenges and trends that are now common on other social media platforms. On TikTok, trends tend to be fairly fleeting.

A trend or a challenge typically follows a predetermined timeline: first, it gains momentum on the site; then, it blows up with millions of views and goes viral; finally, it loses its newness and appeal.

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