The Outlaws Season 3 Release Date: What Could Happen in Season 3?

Comic crime thriller The Outlaws is written by Stephen Merchant. It was formerly known as The Offender and was first shown in the early months of 2020 with a different name. The BBC described it as a part-time crime thriller, part-time character study, with a touch of levity and heart.

You’ll undoubtedly want more after binge-watching the second season. Is there going to be a third season of The Outlaws on Amazon Prime? We eagerly await the next chapter in The Outlaws’ story.

We’re in for a wild trip as we see what our seven favorite outlaws may get themselves into next. As seen by this season’s finale, there will be more to come. All eyes are now focused on the possibility of a new beginning. After all, watching all six episodes of Season 2 in a row was a breeze. We need need more of it, but will it happen?

The Outlaws Season 3

The Outlaws Season 3: Release Date

As of this writing, there is no word of a third season. Stephen Merchant, on the other hand, is open to the idea of a third season as long as the characters can be brought back. He stated the following in an interview with Radio Times:

“I love the characters, I like the world. I don’t know how long you could believe that they’re still doing community service but I suppose it’s like Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, where they were always building a different houses in different parts of the world.

So hopefully there’s a way to keep bringing them back, particularly as I love working with this cast, and as I say, once you’ve created a world and you’ve got characters that you enjoy writing for you sort of want to keep on milking that cow.”

Given how well the show has been received thus far by both critics and viewers, it’s likely that there will be another season. However, in addition to establishing a story arc to keep the program going, the actors’ schedules may also play a role.

The Outlaws Season 3

As a result, unless the performers involved have the opportunity to come together for another round of community service, we may have to wait a bit before the show returns to our televisions. According to cartermatt, the release date is not revealed yet but we may expect season 3 to release in mid-2023.

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Which Cast Members Could Return in Season 3?

Even though they had to cope with a violent drug gang in the last season, all of the “outlaws” cast is expected to make a comeback.

  • Christopher Walken plays Frank
  • Stephen Merchant plays Greg
  • Darren Boyd plays John
  • Clare Perkins plays Myrna
  • Eleanor Tomlinson plays Gabby
  • Rhianne Barreto plays Rani
  • Gamba Cole plays Christian

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Jessica Gunning, who played Diane, the PCSO in command of the gang of criminals, was the actual star of the performance, in my opinion. A third season would be a great opportunity for her to reprise her clumsy role in the first two seasons, therefore we’d want to see her back.

The Outlaws Season 3

What Could Happen in the Outlaws Season 3?

The first season focuses on seven individuals who are already close friends but are compelled to form new friendships and cooperate with one another in order to fulfill the requirements of their community service in Southern England.

The fact that there is a threat of gang crime in the city is what makes the plot even more thrilling. It is a tale about improbable characters who are compelled to cooperate for the sake of a higher goal.

It’s difficult to say at this point because the second season wrapped up so perfectly, with all of the loose ends of the season’s many storylines being neatly tucked away. If you saw the season, you are aware that it included the characters getting into problems after finding (and spending) stolen drug money.

After that, they were confronted by a nefarious drug lord, and in order to rescue themselves while also bringing the villain to justice, they pretended to be drug traffickers. I won’t say anything else because I don’t want to give away any spoilers, particularly for viewers in the United States who might not have caught up with the second season yet.

If the program is picked up, the “outlaws” will almost certainly find themselves in another sticky situation, but as to what that might be, we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed and see what happens.

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The Outlaws Season 3: Trailer

Season 3 of The Outlaws has yet to release a trailer, as the second season is already streaming. Here’s a look at the second season’s trailer:

Final Thoughts

The Outlaws, a drama-comedy created by Stephen Merchant, has begun its second season on BBC One. Viewers can see new episodes of the show every week, but those who want to get caught up may watch the entire first season on the BBC iPlayer.

Stephen Merchant is eager to increase his earnings; nevertheless, the decision ultimately rests with those in higher management positions. Putting together a cast of this caliber is not going to be cheap for the BBC, so they will have to weigh the benefits against the costs. However, the network may not agree with our assessment.

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