How to Restart Your Phone Without Power Button?

On iPhones and Android phones, the physical power buttons occasionally cease functioning. Moving parts tend to malfunction more frequently the longer you use a device. Can a phone be restarted without pressing the power button?

It’s usual for your phone’s hardware to break down after a few years, whether it’s the power button, the volume buttons, or perhaps even the charging port itself. In these circumstances, it could be challenging to shut down or restart your smartphone, particularly if some apps start acting strangely and significantly drain your phone’s battery.

You can restart your smartphone without a power button using any of the five methods we’ll present in this post. Most of this is related to Android, although certain adjustments will work on iPhones as well.

Five Ways to Turn on Mobile Device Without Pressing Power Button

  • Connect Your Charger

Simply connect your charger to turn on your phone if you wish to restart it but the battery is dead.

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  • Utilizing the Recovery Mode

Only Android devices can be used with this technique, therefore make sure your Android phone is off before using it.

Simply connect your USB cable, then press and hold the volume up/down buttons to activate recovery mode. When the menus display, just select “exit” to restart the device. Because different manufacturers use various Android versions, this could change.

  • Making Use of Third-party Applications on an Android Phone

Power Menu and Shutdown, two third-party applications, can rapidly launch the power menu and ask for permission to restart your device.

  • Download Shutdown or Power Menu from the Play Store.
  • On startup, grant the accessibility permission.
  • After that, all you have to do is press “Open Power Menu,” and your power menu will appear right away. Your device has two options: restart it or shut it down.
  • Scheduled Power on/off Times

The majority of contemporary cellphones today have capabilities for scheduled power on and off. Simply set the timing for a restart if that’s all you want to do with your phone. Choose the turn-on time as well; for example, choose 11:58 PM and turn it on at 12:00 AM. This will also be beneficial.

Exactly turning off your iPhone at a set time is not possible. However, if you’ve set an alarm and the gadget is off, it will switch on by itself when the alarm goes off without you having to press the power button.

  • Restart an Android Device via ADB

Additionally, this approach only functions on Android. You must enable USB debugging and your smartphone’s developer options for this to function. Access the Android Settings > About phone section. Up until you receive a notification stating that you are now a developer, keep tapping Build number.

Visit Android Settings > Developer settings > USB debugging next.

Use a USB cable to connect your Android phone to a computer or laptop. You would then receive a notice indicating that USB debugging is connected.

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  1. Your PC should be downloaded and installed with Android Debug Bridge (ADB).
  2. Enter cmd in the location directory of your computer to launch the command prompt in this directory, C: ADB. (for Windows only)
  3. Then hit Enter after typing ADB devices. It will display the connected phone’s serial number (IMEI).
  4. Enter the command ADB reboot. The phone will restart shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Guard Against Long-term Harm to My Phone’s Power Button?

Nowadays, the majority of our smartphones come with a FaceID or a fingerprint scanner. To ensure the long-term security of your hardware power button, it is always advised to unlock your smartphone using this method. Additionally, turn on functions like Raise to Wake or Double Tap to Sleep/Wake to almost negate the need for a power button.

Can I Turn My Device On or Off Using Those Buttons?

Using programs like Button Mapper, you can remap the volume button on Android phones to activate the power menu. Button Mapper can be downloaded and installed from the Play Store.

  • Launch the application, then grant access in the accessibility settings.
  • You will be given the option to remap your buttons after granting the necessary permissions.
  • Toggle between the volume up and down options by tapping on the volume buttons.
  • Tap the power dialogue and choose the single tap, double tap, or long press option.
  • Now take the desired action, and the power menu should be triggered.
  • You can now restart or turn off your phone.

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