Which Are the Best HxH Characters?

The 2011 anime series Hunter x Hunter, popularly known as HxH, is one of the genre’s most well-liked and critically regarded. It wouldn’t be overstating things to state that this show is unique.

I don’t think there’s any doubt that this anime was destined for success with its stunning action, captivating story, rich symbolism, and lovely fusion of genres. We should therefore spend some of our time admiring the memorable moments this anime has given us, and I think we’d all agree on that.

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Precisely that is what we are going to do today. Get ready, ladies and gents. We’ll be looking at the Best 10 HxH characters in this article, which is why we’re so excited about this anime.

Which Are the Top 7 HxH Characters?

  • Killua

Ladies and gentlemen, we are off to a great start! No other than Killua Zoldyck is the person at the top of the list. But is it a surprise? No! Was there a Hunter x Hunter character that was as amusing throughout the entire series as Killua? I’m not sure.

which are the best HxH characters?

The character in the entire series that generated the most excitement was him because he was the most motivating, alluring, attractive, and jaw-dropping. I’m not going to lie. Looking back on the anime, I realize how entertaining it was to see him and Gon make every effort to become top hunters.

  • Gon

Yes, he is the person that came in second. It’s time to discuss Gon Freecs, the green character from the show, Weebs. Since Gon is the primary protagonist of the program, we are primarily viewing the anime from his point of view.

Additionally, as the show goes on, we observe Gon relegated to the background so that someone else can occupy the available screen time.

which are the best HxH characters?

And that’s a remarkable quality in him. He doesn’t try to or actually steals the entire screen time for himself. However, offers a chance to other characters, which is how he came to give Killua the top rank.

  • Meruem

Meruem is a name that practically all anime fans are familiar with. Why? Due to his overall impact on the series. Let’s first have a look at his look before we discuss that. He is obviously not a genuine human. An ant, he is. Of course, it’s not an ordinary ant. A Chimera ant, he is.

Now, if you haven’t seen the anime until that time, you can’t be sure. But those who did understand the significance of our presence. He was extremely intelligent and strong because he was the finest of the Chimera ant queen’s children.

  • Hisoka

Everyone who gazed at this monster resembling the Joker was captivated. But his approach to achieving it was, to put it mildly, intriguing. One of the fascinating characters on the show is Hisoka. He is a patient man.

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Await the complete development of strong characters like Killua and Gon. And it is only after this that we witness him maneuvering past them. He plays a supportive role in some scenes and a villain in others. He is so joyous and charming because of this adaptable personality feature.

  • Isaac Netero

When someone is renowned as the world’s most powerful nen user in their prime, you know they are a mess. Isaac Netero is undoubtedly a monster. Not because he’s a bad guy or anything, but more due to what he may be.

He is one of the most adored anime characters ever. More significantly, he is also among the anime’s strongest characters.

which are the best HxH characters

As previously said, he was the best towards using nen during his peak. And as a result, he now has the advantage he deserves. Despite all of his blessings, this freak of nature manages to maintain his composure in the anime.

  • Kite

He doesn’t precisely have the appearance of a very significant character. The Kite seems to be a minor character who would be overlooked by most viewers only based on appearance, in my opinion.

I must admit, though, that reality is rather different. The reason this man is so unique is that he has a history in anime. Since Kite was a pupil of Ging Freecs, his strength was exceptional.

Additionally, he was remade as Meruem’s twin sibling in the anime. Any character in the program would have a strong relationship just from this. This man, though, kept his creativity to himself and got his original name restored, Kite. He merits more adoration and respect.

  • Kurapika

He works with the core boys and is a blacklist hunter. He also serves as the head of a group that Light Nostrade originally formed.

Kurapika appears to truly catch the quiet, extremely powerful soldier image with his blonde hair and cyan clothing. You may believe he is weak, yet he has the ability to murder anyone and everyone. Similar to that, that’s only one of the many good reasons to honor this man’s personality and work.

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