James Charles: How a Glitch Caused Loss of Tiktok Followers?

James Charles, a 23-year-old aesthetic blogger, gained popularity on YouTube by posting makeup lessons, challenges, and celebrity collaborations for his 24 million subscribers. Not to mention his enormous fan base on other social media sites, like Instagram and TikTok, where he has 36.2 million fans.

Fans were perplexed on May 3 when the influencer announced that it looked like he had abruptly lost the bulk of his TikTok followers.

Although it’s still unclear what exactly went wrong, a short while afterward, additional people started claiming that James’ following count had been restored. It seems as though it may have only been a display issue given how quickly his followers returned, but it succeeded in misleading his millions of followers nonetheless.

James Charles’ Tiktok Video is Explored

James produced a video and used social media to discuss what had transpired. In the brief movie, he smiles and says, “me doing TikToks and having 36 million fans that I love and appreciate.” James then appears in the video, surprised as his following count suddenly reads “5 followers.” “Somehow losing every single one of them,” the social media influencer adds.

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Over a million people have watched the video as of right now, and James’ fan base has grown along with it. After his video went viral, it appears that people have started following the social media sensation again.

why did james charles loss a million of followers?

What Caused the Youtuber to Lose So Many Followers?

It seems to be a TikTok glitch because it is difficult to lose almost 30 million followers in a single day. Days prior, some users had complained that TikTok’s filters were not functioning. The app had also been unavailable a few days prior.

It’s possible that James still has his supporters, but the malfunction makes it seem like he just has a small number. A few months back, users of TikTok noticed that despite having thousands of followers, their follower count was showing as zero.

James is allegedly going through a similar circumstance. The social media sensation might notice that his number returns after a few hours or days.

What is the Youtuber Doing Now?

According to James’ Instagram, the social media star seems to be having fun while creating fresh content. According to his most recent post, he had planned “Camp Charles” for his b’day and had invited his closest pals to join him.

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James demonstrated to the world that he was a master at planning parties as he cut cakes, ate food, played a lot of games, and did many other things.

James Charles Career

James Charles started his career as a hairdresser. Later, he made the decision to explore the cosmetics industry and post his images and videos on social media.

In order to share videos on beauty and makeup with his viewers, Charles started his own YouTube channel in 2015. He quickly became well-known as a male beauty expert and has since racked up more than 5.1 million channel members.

He has over 1 million followers on Twitter and 5.1 million on Instagram, respectively. The cosmetics company CoverGirl later selected him as their first male spokesmodel when his story quickly went viral.

James Charles has already stirred controversy a few times during his brief time in the spotlight. He posted an extremely offensive, racist joke about the Ebola virus in February 2017 as he was getting ready to travel to South Africa with his schoolmates. He was instantly deluged with criticism, and he quickly deleted the tweet.

In response to a question from fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson about the rudest celebrity he had ever faced, he described one of his regrettable meetings in April 2018. He mentioned the pop singer Ariana Grande, claiming that she followed him on Twitter after seeing the images and videos he uploaded from one of her concerts.

She was originally quite kind, but three hours later, she unfollowed him under pressure from followers who were upset that she had done so soon after the Ebola scandal.

why did james charles loss a million of followers?

He collaborated with the contentious YouTuber Tana Mongeau in May 2018, when they discussed their personal dealings with Tyra Banks and implied that she had done “shady” things to gain recognition.

Favorite Quotes from James Charles

“When I started wearing makeup, my parents….. were like, ‘You’re absolutely not wearing it out of the house.’ At first, I thought they were not happy with me wearing it, but later on, I realized it was out of fear of me getting bullied and ridiculed in school.” – James Charles

“My followers are some of the most loyal people out there. They know everything about me and my life. They know all my drama with guys that I have crushes on, all that stupid stuff that doesn’t really matter. But all that stuff allows me to build a close relationship with them.” – James Charles

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