How to Become an Agent or Distributor on Spay India?

As a Fintech startup based in Noida, Spay India’s mission is to provide financial inclusion to India’s migrant community and other underserved segments of the economy. And help every element of the Indian populace that isn’t well-served to enjoy a stress-free existence.

They cater to the needs of their customers by delivering financial products and services that fit their way of life.

What is Spay India?

Cash Transfers via AEPS, Bill Payments, and Mobile Recharges are just a few of the services offered by Spay India online. Non-bank account holders can also use Spay technology to send money, and it serves as a center for other financial services.

Spay India

Additionally, they offer AEPS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System) to speed up and safeguard the procedure. All payments may be made with a single click thanks to Spay India, a very convenient and easy-to-use portal.

They also offer an opportunity to become high incentive agents and Merchants with them to extend business. With Spay India, anyone may make money as either a Retailer Distributor or Master Distributor after becoming a member. Agents earn a lot of money because of the high commission rate they offer.

What is And How to Use the App?

Which Services Are Provided by Spay India?

The various services provided by Spay India include:

  • Payment of Bills
  • AEPS: Aadhar Enabled Payment System
  • Reservation of Airline Tickets
  • Recharge
  • Insurance
  • Transferring Money From Your Wallet

Spay India

How to Become an Agent or Distributor on Spay India?

Follow these steps to register and become an agent or distributor on Spay India:

  1. To begin, go to the official spayIndia website.
  2. After that, you’ll see your new Homepage.
  3. Choose “Contact Us” from the drop-down menu on the homepage.
  4. The Contact Form will now appear on the screen.
  5. Agent registration for spay in India
  6. Select the button that says “Submit” to complete the submission process. Alternatively, you can call their phone number to speak with someone directly.
  7. When SpayIndia gets in touch with you, you’ll be able to notify them that you wish to become an Agent, Distributor, or something similar.
  8. Sending a document to a business via mail is the next step.
  9. Your username and password will be given to you after they have verified your identity.
    It is now possible to access the Service after signing in.
  10. To become a distributor, you must have a physical presence in a certain location.

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What is the Procedure to Login?

To access the Spay India portal, please follow the steps below if you’ve already registered with Spay India and have a user name and password.

  1. Visit the official Spay India website.
  2. Go to the homepage and click on the login link.
  3. Now, type in your Username and Password in the fields provided.
  4. When you’re done, just click the Login Button.
  5. Successfully signed in to the Spay India website!

Spay India

How to Access the Mobile App?

Using the Mobiel App, Spay India agents can access the full functionality of the Spay India website on their mobile devices. Spay India’s mobile app can be downloaded by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store and look up “Spay India.”
  2. Install Button is now available.
  3. Then the app is installed in your phone.
  4. Go to the mobile app of Spay India
  5. Now, put your mobile phone number in the appropriate field.
  6. Please type in your mobile phone’s OTP code here.
  7. The Spay India Mobile App has now been logged into your account. App: How to Download, Features, Reviews, and Much More!

What is the Fees for Becoming Agent?

The fees for becoming an agent are as follows:

  • Master Distributor – 50000
  • Distributor – 5000
  • Retailer – 500

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