When Will Apex Legends Season 14 Be Released?

Season 14 of Apex Legends, titled “Hunted,” will begin in just over two weeks. When the current season draws to a close, players are naturally curious about the contents of Season 14, especially as hypotheses and queries fill social media and unsubstantiated datamining leaks arise.

Even though there isn’t much information out there yet about the forthcoming season, we’ve been able to piece together what we know so far. Keep reading to find out what Season 14: Hunted will bring to Apex Legends.

When Will Apex Legends Season 14 Be Released?

According to ForTheWin, The Saviors arrived in the Outlands exactly three months before to the beginning of Apex Legends Season 14, which will begin on August 9, 2022.

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The next season is expected to run for approximately 12 weeks, the same amount of time as the majority of the game’s prior versions, unless Respawn decides to make a change. The one and only exception to this rule was the third season, which ran for approximately five months.

Apex Legends Season 14

What Will Be New This Season?

The next few weeks are sure to bring more hints and maybe official announcements. Changes that have been announced thus far include the following:

  • Increase in the Level Cap

Some previously leaked information has been confirmed by the Apex Legends website: Finally, the level cap has been raised. Despite the fact that the official site does not say how many levels are being added, sources imply that the cap is being raised by 200, bringing the total number of levels to 700, rather than the current 500.

Longtime players who have been stuck at level 500 for a long length of time will be pleased to hear that they will no longer receive Apex Packs for leveling up. It’s impossible to argue that many of these new features would be terrific additions to Apex Legends—and thus far, evidence shows that’s exactly what they’ll do.

Apex Legends Season 14

  • Changes in Map Structure

One of the most popular mid-tier prize points on the Kings Canyon map, Hillside Outpost, will be deleted in Season 14. If nothing is done to replace it, the famed choke point will have even fewer places to hide from enemy attacks. If the report is genuine, gunfights in this area will be more critical than ever before to preserve the high ground.

Many intriguing things have been unearthed beneath Kings Canyon in prior seasons, including Singh Labs, the Revenant factory, and Ash herself. Ash-related environmental legend is almost certain to arise in Kings Canyon this season when the phrase “ashes from the past” is mentioned.

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  • An on-the-go Fusion

Apex Legends’ Gun Game is a new limited-time feature that has made its mobile debut. There is a collection of weapons that the player must progress through in order to acquire points for killing other players. However, if you execute three melee kills, you’ll win the game without having to score a single point.

According to recent sources, Apex Legends Season 14 will feature both Gun Game and Capture the Flag. So who’s to say that Apex Legends’ mobile-first heroes Fade and Rhapsody won’t be making their way over to the console version of the game as well?

Apex Legends Season 14

  • Wild Cosmetics

According to data miners, an event centered around hunting or safari may be in the works. They discovered a collection of cosmetics that mirror a wildlife motif. Customizable items such as banner frames are also included in the category of “cosmetic.” Players and data miners presume these objects are part of a limited-time event because there are so few of them.

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A Map From Another Planet!

A battle royale mode map does not exist on Boreas, the home planet of Seer, in Apex Legends. Apex Twitter posted an animated video earlier this month that depicts the destruction of the planet’s moon Cleo when Seer was born, an incident that many people still hold the all-seeing artist responsible for.

Toward the end of Season 12, Respawn published a picture of Newcastle’s desk, which suggested at Cleo’s position as a map location as well. A news clip about Octane’s grandfather, Torres Silva, and his recent takeover of the Mercenary Syndicate, the group in charge of the Apex Games, was playing on a laptop on his work desk.

Another clue to Cleo’s inclusion as a map can be found by zooming in on the screen. The news ticker at the television reads, “Boreas News: Cleo’s funding is decreasing, and the CRC is in a deadlock over the moon’s future.”

Cleo Restoration Committee may be referred to as CRC Since Seer left his homeworld, the humanitarian crisis that erupted after the moon’s partial destruction has only gotten worse, and if the powers that be on Boreas were offered a financially feasible deal that could improve quality of life on Cleo—for example, an offer from Torres Silva to restore the damaged moon in exchange for permission to use a portion of the moon for the Apex Games—hard it’s to imagine them saying no.

However, this is only a hunch; the new map may appear at a later date. Set-up for Season 15 rather than Season 14, as Respawn often unveils new battle royale maps in the last season of each year.

Apex Legends Season 14: Trailer


This season’s run time is likely to be roughly the same as the bulk of previous seasons unless Respawn decides to make a significant adjustment. A few more indications and perhaps a formal announcement is expected in the coming weeks.

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