A Comprehensive List Of Most Attractive OAN News Anchors

The far-right, pro-Trump cable channel One America News Network (OANN), previously known as One America News (OAN), debuted on July 4, 2013, is owned by Herring Networks, Inc., and was created by Robert Herring Sr. The network has its main office in San Diego, California, with news operations in New York City and Washington, D.C. According to the firm, OANN was available in 35 million residences in 2019 and had an audience of between 150,000 and 500,000 people; however, Nielsen Media Research assessed that number to be closer to 14,000. Let’s see the most attractive OAN News anchors that will blow your mind.

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The Most Attractive News Anchors of OAN


In June 2016, Rachel Arenas joined the department of One America News. She received a B.A. in Communications from UCLA.

After receiving her degree, she performed behind-the-scenes work at KNBC and KTTV in Los Angeles. Later, Rachel established herself in front of the cameras as a Journalist for the local Santa Barbara, California, station, where she covered a wide range of events, including many of the state’s most enormous wildfires. She also started hosting Inside Santa Barbara, an hour-long newsmagazine program for the city.

most attractive OAN news anchor

After some time, Rachel moved back to her birthplace of San Diego, where she now works at the OAN headquarters as an anchor, reporter, and writer.

Rachel’s career achievements include hosting a special broadcast of the momentous Singapore Summit and covering the Mueller Report’s public release. She is most pleased to create Week in Review, a hugely successful unique program on OAN. Rachel has received numerous Excellence in Journalism awards for her Week in Review, Year in Review, and other work for OAN.


According to thfamousinfo Elma Aksalic began working at One America News in September 2017 after graduating from The College of Saint Rose with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism.

Elma, born and brought up in New York, developed a passion for media early and made that ambition a reality.

Elma has covered significant domestic and international stories while working behind the desk at One America News. This includes politics, real-time communication with our D.C. reporters from Capitol Hill, and coverage of breaking news.

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Elma participated in several internship programs throughout her time in college, most famously a six-week media program in Istanbul, Turkey, and an internship at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

There, she participated in non-profit organizations and groups and conducted interviews with foreign officials, focusing on global crises. Elma also contributed to the school newspaper and hosted a radio program where she discussed neighbor news and volunteer work.

most attractive OAN news anchor

Elma worked as a Reporter for Spectrum News after graduating, covering numerous athletic events in the tri-state region. She also engaged in print journalism, writing articles for the Albany Times Union. Elma has been able to pick up the abilities required to work around and behind the camera through these tasks.

Elma appreciates the simple delights life offers in her free time, especially spending time with family and colleagues.


At One America News Network, Mike Dinow works as both a presenter and a reporter. He serves as the newscast anchor from Tuesday to Friday at 8 and 10 PM PST and 12, 3, and 5 PM PST.

Mike studied media studies at Cal State University Northridge after being born and reared in Los Angeles, California.

Mike has been a tv broadcaster for about 20 years. He has worked as a journalist in locations ranging from Middle America to California’s Central Coast.

most attractive OAN news anchor

In 2011, Mike moved back to Southern California, where he served as a newscaster for KCAL/CBS in his hometown and later as the main anchor and reporter for the news program “L.A. Now” for the county of Los Angeles.

His background in news reporting and broadcasting is extensive. He is knowledgeable in various subjects, from regional politics to significant global events.

As the nightly anchor of the OAN program, Mike is thrilled to be able to offer you the most recent and credible news from across the world and do so with an energy and passion that will connect with you.

Stephanie Myers

Although Stephanie started One America News Network in May 2015, her path to the news business was unique. After receiving a B.A. in communication from San Diego State University, Stephanie worked at a virtual start-up to polish her journalism abilities while attending UCLA. 

most attractive OAN news anchors

She employed her above and behind-the-camera skills for entertainment-focused journalism and directing, securing freelance jobs in Los Angeles and even traveling to Park City, Utah, to cover the yearly Sundance Film Festival. She would always find herself viewing C-SPAN at night while looking for a news channel that only broadcasts the news and nothing else.

GRETA WALL        

Greta Wall began working at OAN in May 2015, having graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University with a degree in journalism. She started her career at the network as a weekday journalist and weekend anchor, developing stories and covering specializes all week. subjects

most attracti ve ON news anchors

Greta’s program “Wall to Wall” now occupies the anchor chair full-time. By checking in Monday to Friday at 10:00 AM, 2:00 PM, and 4:00 PM ET, you can sync up on the most recent news related to the economy and the equity markets. After the trading day, make sure to watch the special final bell report!

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