Isabella Guzman: Everything You Need to Know About Her!

In their Aurora, Colorado, home, Yun Mi Hoy was allegedly attacked in 2013 by Isabella Guzman. A video of Guzman testifying in the courtroom went viral on TikTok seven years later, making her an overnight sensation.

Guzman violently killed her mother when she was only 18 years old. Even as a young girl, she exhibited behavioral problems, yet family members characterized her as “kind” and “good-hearted.” Her family was in disbelief.

Guzman was found not guilty due to insanity at the moment of her arrest. She was diagnosed with Schizophrenia by doctors, and a judge mandated that she reside in a psychiatric facility until she posed no harm to herself or others.

Guzman claimed her Schizophrenia had been under treatment after spending seven years in the hospital and requested to be discharged. During the same period, TikTok users began sharing videos from her 2013 court appearance, giving her a huge fan base.

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The Tough Childhood of Isabella Guzman

Early on, Isabella Guzman displayed behavioral problems. When she was around seven years old, her mother reportedly moved her to live with her birth dad, Robert Guzman, out of fear. Guzman finally returned to living with Hoy, but she struggled throughout her adolescence and left school not long after.

Guzman and Yun Mi Hoy’s relationship suddenly deteriorated in August 2013. Guzman allegedly started acting “more aggressive and disrespectful” toward her mom. On Tuesday, August 27, the two got into a particularly heated dispute that concluded with Guzman spitting in her mother’s face, according to her stepfather, Ryan Hoy.

The following morning, Hoy reportedly got a message from her child that said, “You will pay,” according to CBS4 Denver.

isabella guzman

Hoy contacted the police out of fear. When they got there that afternoon, they spoke with Guzman and warned her that if she didn’t start to respect her and abide by her rules, her mother might evict her officially.

In another phone call, Hoy invited Guzman’s biological father to meet with her. That evening, Robert Guzman showed up at the residence, as per Huffington Post. We sat in the backyard, and he spoke with her about the respect people should do for their parents, he later said.

Why Isabella Guzman Brutally Killed Yun Mi Hoy?

According to CBS news,  In 2013, at 18, Isabella Guzman allegedly fatally stabbed her mother in her mother’s Aurora home. She entered a plea of not guilty due to insanity, which the prosecution claimed was obvious. Guzman was sent to the Colorado Mental Health Institute in Pueblo after the judge accepted his plea.

 Around 9:30 p.m. on August 28, 2013, Yun Mi Hoy made her way home after work. She informed her husband that she was taking a shower above, but he shortly heard a crash and terrifying cries.

Just as Isabella Guzman closed the room door, Ryan Hoy hurried upstairs. He hurried back downstairs to dial 911 when he noticed blood dripping underneath the door. Guzman had latched it and was leaning on the opposite side as he attempted to push inside.

When he entered the toilet, he discovered Yun Mi Hoy lying naked on the floor with a bat next to her and numerous stabbings. She had already been dead when he tried to revive her. Later, investigators discovered that she had been stabbed a minimum of 79 times and killed her throat and chest in addition to having her throat cut.

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Isabella Guzman had already left the area when cops came. The following afternoon, police discovered her in an adjacent parking garage, still wearing her mother’s bleeding on her pink sports bra and turquoise shorts. Guzman was described as “apprehended,” and a search was immediately started.

According to CNN, Guzman reportedly had to be pulled out of her cell on the day of her trial court on September 5, 2013. She then made several odd faces at the television in the courtroom while smirking and gesturing at her eyes.

Isabella Guzman entered a plea of not guilty due to insanity. A medical expert stated that she had Schizophrenia and had long-standing delusions. She had no idea that she was killing her mother. Guzman believed that Cecelia’s murder had been committed to saving the earth.

Isabella had Schizophrenia?

One of the most apparent signs of Schizophrenia is frequently this. Isabella claimed to have internal voices that directed her actions to the detectives. She asserted that the agents instructed her to kill her mother to save the world.

isabella guzman

She has Schizophrenia, according to a doctor’s testimony in Arapahoe County Court. According to the doctor, she had been battling severe Schizophrenic ideas for a long time. She was declared not guilty due to insanity based on the testimony. She was admitted to Pueblo’s Mental Health Institute when she was 18.

Is Isabella Now Fit to Be Free?

Since 2020, Isabella has wanted to escape the mental health clinic where she has spent more than seven years and re-enter society. Isabella stated, “I was not myself that when I did that, and I have been returned to full health,” in an interview with CBS4 that was recorded over a computer camera inside the facility.

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