For Honor Medjay Release Date: What Happens in The Game?

Ubisoft has revealed both of the new hero Neferkha the Medjay’s weapons, as well as the release date and maintenance time countdown for when he will be available in For Honor. The release date and maintenance time countdown are almost at their end.

There is a lot that players of For Honor have to look forward to. In addition to the introduction of the game’s first Egyptian fighter, the return of Horkos Masquerade in August brings with it a host of other exciting events to look forward to.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the free-to-play week, which also coincides with the introduction of the game’s second Outlander hero.

For Honor Medjay Release Date

For Honor Medjay: Release Date

According To Hitc, The new For Honor hero, Neferkha the Medjay, will be available on July 28 at 06:00 PT, 09:00 ET, and 14:00 BST. This is the release date and maintenance time countdown for when the new hero will be available.

All of the aforementioned times were taken from the game’s official Twitter account. According to Ubisoft, the maintenance will take around one hour and ninety minutes.

According to a post on the Ubisoft site, his preferred weapons are described as a “wide-reaching Fan Axe and a Dual-Wielding Axe.” As a result, he is an adaptable and resourceful warrior who excels in both one-on-one and group confrontations due to the breadth and depth of his fighting skills.

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In addition to being the first Egyptian hero available, he is also the second Outlander to join the game, following the Pirate who signed up back in January. In addition to that, he is a component of the Title Update 2 for the Year 6 Season 2 episode “The Curse of the Scarab.”

For Honor Medjay Release Date

What Happens in The Game?

It is a third-person melee fighting game that requires both a skill-driven approach to gameplay as well as a logical and strategic frame of mind. In a manner not dissimilar to that of a combat game, players must quickly transition between offensive and defensive strategies in order to defeat their adversaries.

You can choose from a number of different factions, each of which offers a unique set of classes. These include the Centurion and Warmonger classes that belong to the Knight faction, the Berserker and Shaman classes that belong to the Viking faction, and the Orochi and Kyoshin classes that belong to the Samurai faction.

For Honor has both single-player and multiplayer gameplay, with the multiplayer component serving as the primary focus of the game. Dominion (4v4 arena capture) and Raked Duel are two of the more well-liked games available in the multiplayer component (1v1). The single-player and multiplayer components of the game’s primary gameplay can be accessed on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms, respectively.

How to Purchase It?

The new Medjay hero will be available for purchase in For Honor on July 28 for $7.99 as part of a bundle. This package deal will feature the Egyptian fighter in addition to the following items:

  • One Elite Outfit
  • One Ornament
  • Seven days of Champion Status
  • Three Scavenger Crates

If you do not wish to pay $7.99 on a bundle, you will be able to acquire the Medjay hero on August 11 by spending 15,000 steel in-game.

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When Will New Hero Be Released?

Medjay, the new For Honor hero, will be released on July 28th, although it will have a different release date. Starting July 28, you’ll be able to buy a package that includes the new Outlander, along with “a unique ornament, an Elite costume, seven days of Champion Status, and three scavenger crates,” according to this Ubisoft blog post.

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The total cost of this package should be around $8. If you don’t want to spend money, you can get the Medjay for free on August 11th when it becomes available in-game. The price will be 15,000 Steel, and I’m quite sure it will be simply the hero, without the ornament and dress and all the other things.

Medjay and the new For Honor hero will be released at that time, but what is his significance? It appears from the posts that he goes by the name of With his wide-reaching Fan Axe and his Dual-Wielding Axe, Neferkha portrays him as a “resourceful fighter” capable of both group and one-on-one combat.

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He’s the first Egyptian character in the game, and the second Outlander character (the first being the Pirate). At the beginning of Season 2, Viking Jarl Bolthorn stole the Scarab Bracelet relic from Neferkha. Bolthorn unintentionally brought the Scarab curse to Heathmoor.

Neferkha understands how to break the curse and will go to any lengths to get her hands on the bracelet.

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