David and Louise Turpin’s House of Horrors: The Distressing True Story

The 13 children of David and Louise Turpin were raised in a tightly regulated and cruel atmosphere, which caused the media to describe their Perris, California, home as a “house of horrors” after learning what the children had to go through to survive.

Sadly, despite its seeming hyperbole, the Turpin kids were so restricted that their neighbors only occasionally saw them outside, and when they did, they would comment on how white they were.

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For many years, David and Louise Turpin kept their kids in their house and shut them off from the outside world.

This lasted for many of the 13 Turpin kids for years. Since some of the kids were ultimately let out of their imprisonment, they were so cut off from the outside environment that they had no idea what a doctor or a policeman was.

Are Turnip Kids Safe Now?

The kids in the Turpin family‘s home were so starved once police officers arrived that they were not even able to determine that one of the casualties was indeed a 29-year-old woman when they rescued her. She was the oldest of the Turpin children, but due to her malnutrition and ill health, her muscle mass had stopped, and her weight was just 82 pounds.

The Turpin family didn’t always let their kids use the restroom, thus feces were all over the carpeting. Even more frequently, the Turpin kids had been shackled or fastened to their beds.

One of the Turpin children was certain to escape given that they were only allowed one shower a year and only one meal a day. The 17-year-old daughter of David and Louise Turpin accomplished this in January 2018.

She dialed 911, leaped out of a wall, and begged the operators to send help to save her family. She explained that they still cry when they woke up at night and ask her to contact someone. I needed to contact you so you could assist my sisters.

The 13 Turpin children will have a difficult time recovering mentally and physically because their parents usually serve their entire lives behind bars. The horrific person Louise Turpin became to her children, however, may be better understood in light of Louise Turpin’s own past.

turpin family story

Who is Louise Turpin?

According to The Desert Sun, the Turpin parents were accused of various crimes of abuse, criminal mischief, child molestation, and mistreatment of a responsible adult. David and Louise Turpin recently joined guilty pleas to 14 associated criminal offenses, and it is expected that they will serve the remainder of their natural lives behind bars.

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However, Louise’s own toxic and traumatic background was how she ended up here.

Teresa was nonetheless shocked about what Louise did to the Turpin family’s children. The sister claimed that Louise was always considered a “nice girl” who have never smoked, drunk, or used drugs.

How Was Teresa’s Relation With Turpin’s Kids?

According to hollywoodlife, Teresa Is Louise’s sister. Since Teresa only ever spoke to the four oldest children via video conference and just once with other children, her bond with the nephews and nieces was virtually nil.

I’m not even sure if you could claim that any of us had a bond with the kids, Teresa stated. Never in millennia had we suspected that she was mistreating the children; instead, she would start inventing justifications for why she really can not video chat. With 13 kids, she would explain, “David and I are simply so busy. We will get to it this weekend.

It seems sensible that Teresa Robinette feels shocked by how my sister turned out. The Turpin matriarch’s true identity and how it could have been unavoidable for her to become the tormentor of her own children are better depicted by their other sister, Elizabeth Flores, who’s less shocked.

David Turpin: The Head of the Turpin Family

According to Collegiate Times, the violent Turpin family patriarch had a successful life and professional life. He graduated from Virginia Tech University with a degree in computer science and, according to reports, worked for both General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin until retirement in 2012.

Finding two prominent status with two of the largest defense organizations in the world as a young person who grew up in Mercer County, West Virginia, 40 miles outside of Blacksburg, was an incredible accomplishment. David, who was eight years older than his future bride, went to the same high school.

turpin family story

His mom and dad, James and Betty Turpin, told The Publication that after graduating from college, their son had gone on to be a computer engineer. He is listed as a senior electronic engineering major and a part of Eta Kappa Nu, the honor organization for electrical and computer engineering, in the 1984 Bugle yearbook.

According to The Daily Mail, Louise’s father was a preacher, and weirdly enough, his desire to have a formal ceremony was the only reason he wanted to take her back. When David and Louise were married in 1984 back in Princeton, the 1,000-mile cross-country journey came to an end.

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