Alvaro Morte Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Made From Money Heist?

Alvaro Morte is a well-known actor, producer, and director in Spain’s film and television industries. His acting skills have earned him a strong reputation in the Spanish film industry, and there is no question that he is an outstanding actor.

He achieved global acclaim thanks to his role as Sergio “El Profesor” Marquina in the Netflix heist series Money Heist. Because of this online series, his life was forever changed, and he became famous in Spain and other nations. Many people can’t contain their excitement for his upcoming seasons.

Alvaro Morte Early Life

In Algeciras, Alvaro Morte was raised with the understanding that his hometown constituted a crossroads between Europe and Africa. The closest place Alvaro Morte has ever lived to Africa is Moroccan, 583 kilometers away from his home in Spain.

Alvaro Morte was born in the Andalusia region of Peninsular Spain, consistent with his ancestry. Spanish is the official language in this region of Spain, as opposed to Catalonia, Valencia, and Galicia.

He was a fearless child who displayed a wide range of dramatic traits. Alvaro Morte’s parents recognized these talents in their son and decided to enroll him in the Córdoba School of Dramatic Art.

Alvaro Morte Net Worth

Alvaro Morte attended high school in Córdoba, a city in southern Spain’s province of Andalusia. An actor from Spain decides to pursue acting as a career and enrolls in ECAM film school. Alvaro Morte received a university scholarship in addition to his honors degree, which surprised his family.

In the wake of his high school graduation, Alvaro Morte was awarded an entire ride at the University of Tampere on a full scholarship. In Tampere, Finland, there is a public university called Tampere University. University students in Spain focused on stage management and translation skills. ‘ For him, the transition from student to researcher was long.

Alvaro Morte Net Worth

Alvaro Morte Career

Alvaro Morte launched his acting career with a small role in the Spanish television series Hospital Central (2002). Afterward, he was cast as the title character in the television series Planta 25. Many television shows and films have featured Alvaro Morte in supporting roles, including Bandolera, Amar En Tiempo Revolucionario, Lola La pelicula, etc.

In 2017, Alvaro Morte was featured as an El professor in Netflix’s Money Heist. Alvaro’s work was praised worldwide. Alvaro Morte worked on Aida, Isabel, La monument Del agua, and other films. Morte also founded 300 guns in 1995. (2012).

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Morte joined Movistar+’s El embarcadero in 2019, playing roles from 2019 to 2020. Alvaro will play Login Abelar in Amazon’s The Wheel of Time, a fantasy adaptation. Morte will play Juan Sebastián Elcano in Sin lmites in 2021.

Alvaro Morte Personal Life

Alvaro Antonio Garcia Morte is known as Alvaro Morte or Professor. Alvaro was born in Algeciras, Cádiz, Spain, to a Christian family on February 23, 1975. He will be 47 in 2022. He graduated from Cordoba’s Dramatic Art Miguel Salcedo Hierro (ESAD) in 1999. He survived left thigh cancer at 33.

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Alvaro Morte’s parents are unknown. Alvaro Morte has two children with his wife, Blanca Clemente. First, Julieta, then Leon. Alvaro is bilingual.


Alvaro is one of the most well-known actors working in the Spanish film industry, and he is frequently the first choice of large companies and brands to represent their products or services.

Alvaro Morte Net Worth

Morte advocates for many brands and companies, including Dsquared2, Audi Espaa, Dean & Dan Caten, and others.

Alvaro Morte Net Worth

Site-specific information estimates Alvaro Morte’s net worth in 2022 at $4 million. Due to the Web series’ popularity, he’s one of Spain’s highest-paid actors. Alvaro Morte earns almost $25,000 weekly.

He gets a lot of money through movies, online series, and TV shows. Alvaro Morte wins $500,000.

His income comes from acting, commercials, and TV ads. Alvaro Morte’s net worth and fan base are growing after his web series success.


‘Money Heist,’ his breakout series, has earned him nominations for Premios Feroz, Zapping Awards, and the Union of Spanish Actors Award.

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For his role in “La Casa de Papel,” he won the IRIS Award 2019 for Best Actor and the 27 Actors Union Award as Best Leading Actor in Television. He also won the La Alcazaba Award for Best Dramatic Actor. He also won the ESQUIRE Man of The Year and the GQ Award.

In 2019, he was honored with the Award of Spanish Actors’ Award for Best Male Lead Performance in Television.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alvaro Morte’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, Alvaro Morte’s net worth in the United States is $4 million.

What Exactly is His Height?

Alvaro Morte is 1.9 metres tall ( 185 cm ).

What is His Annual Salary?

Alvaro Morte earns more than $500,000 each year.

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