When Will Shazam: Fury of the Gods Be Released?

At this year’s CinemaCon, DC Films had a significant presence. As part of the Warner Brothers presentation, Shazam! was a hot topic. Infernal fury.

Shazam 2: Fury of the Gods is a follow-up to the 2019 film Shazam. It was released in theatres on April 5, 2019. Billy Batson, a 14-year-old orphan, has the power to turn into a superhero by simply saying the word “Shazam!”

Billy becomes enamored with his newfound superpowers and relishes the freedom that comes with being a superhero. Billy, on the other hand, must master the art of good deeds in order to thwart Dr. Sivana’s attempts to seize control over magic.

In the end, Shazam proves himself to be a superhero who lives up to both his name and his powers. When we return to Billy and his family in Shazam 2: Fury of the Gods, we find them once more banding together to face the wrath of new adversaries.

Shazam Fury of the Gods

When Will Shazam: Fury of the Gods Be Released?

After several reschedules, Shazam! Fury of the Gods will now open in theatres on December 21, 2022.

After Warner Bros. rearranged its planned release schedule, the sequel was originally scheduled to hit theatres on April 1, 2022, but that date was later pushed back to November 4, 2022, and then further delayed to June 2, 2023.

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In the end, delays to Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, another DC sequel, allowed the sequel to be moved up to December 2022. After joking about the multiple alterations, Sandberg assured fans that filming preparations had not changed despite the shift in release date.

“And Shazam! Fury of the Gods is now a summer 2023 film… WB was like ‘Can’t you just use fake beards on the kids?’ and I was like, ‘If Tom Cruise is going to space for real then we can wait for the kids to grow real beards! It’s an important plot point,” he tweeted.

“Seriously though, it doesn’t mean we have to change the shooting schedule so no need to freak out about the age of the kids. You can freak out about your own age though. I’ll be 42 in three years. How about that!”

Filming on the sequel, which was originally scheduled for mid-2020, was delayed until May to August of 2021.

Who Will Return in Season 2?

Shazam 2: Fury of the Gods reunites the original film’s lead actors.

William ‘Billy’ Batson will continue to be played by Asher Angel, alongside Zachary Levi as Shazam. With Faith Herman as Darla Dudley and Grace Fulton as Mary Bromfield, Jovan Armand as Pedro Pea, Ian Chen and Jack Dylan Grazer as Freddy Freeman, Billy’s foster family will return.

Meagan Good and Michelle Borth portray Billy’s teenage friends, Darla and Mary, respectively, as adult superheroes. Pedro’s superhero alter ego is performed by DJ Cotrona, Eugene the superhero is played by Ross Butler, and Freddy the superhero is played by Adam Brody.

Mark Strong may potentially play Dr. Thaddeus Sivana in the future.

The two new villains to join the Shazam universe have been revealed in recent casting announcements. Helen Mirren has been hired as Hespera and Lucy Liu has been cast as Kalypso in the upcoming film adaptation of Greek mythology. Two of Atlas’s daughters are named Hespera and Kalypso.

As for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s possible appearance as Black Adam, it’s still up in the air.

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What is Likely to Happen in Shazam 2?

We don’t know much about the sequel’s plot at this point, other than the idea that Shazam will have to deal with angry gods. The first trailer shows that Shazam is grappling with a power crisis and battling to keep the Shazam Family together. We’re confident, though, that the danger of the daughters of Atlas will change that.

Hespera and Kalypso appear to be targeting the Shazam Family because they were given abilities at the end of the first film, which was taken from the gods. Dr. Thaddeus Sivana has ruled out a return, which could suggest that the previous movie’s credit scene will not be reprised.

Shazam Fury of the Gods

After he was arrested by the Shazam family, the villain appeared in his cell in this scene. Supervillain Mister Mind, who looks like a caterpillar, was introduced to Sivana. Even Mister Mind has his own Monster Society of Evil, which includes the villain Sivana on a regular basis.

“We’re going to have so much fun together. We’re about to take possession of the seven realms, “He tells Sivana something that we assumed was going to set up the sequel’s storyline.

It is a nod to the Seven Magiclands, which are linked to the Rock of Eternity in the comics, by mentioning “seven worlds.” As DC’s Shazam Family has been formed, may the sequel see them explore these realms?

Star Zachary Levi appears to be eager for Shazam to join the ranks of DC’s other superheroes. A team-up film is doubtful in the near future, but there may be additional cameos in the sequel.

Filmmakers informed Digital Spy that the only constraint they had was that they couldn’t employ any DC characters that weren’t already in the DC Universe.

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Shazam Fury of the Gods: Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Directed the Series?

Shazam 2 is directed by David F. Sandberg.

Who Wrote the Script?

Inspired by Bill Parker’s comic book. For the film, Henry Gayden and Chris Morgan penned the script.

Where to Stream It?

Shazam 2: Fury of the Gods premieres on December 21, 2022, in theatres near you. It’s possible that we won’t be able to stream the film until after its initial 45-day run in theatres.

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