Balance Unlimited Season 2: Release Date, Plot and More!!

One of the season’s most enjoyable television programs is, without a doubt, Fugue Keiji Balance Unlimited. It’s a lot of fun, whether you call it just a pal story or an animation that doesn’t take itself somewhat seriously. It lacks a complex plot and substantial complexity, but its endearing personalities compensate for all of its shortcomings.

Apart from that, you’ll be entertained enough by its clichéd action sequences and dazzling animation to enjoy watching it every week. Therefore, “Fugou Keiji Balance Unlimited” is entertaining despite its slow pacing and plenty of fanservice fillers. It’s sad that the first season has already ended.

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The question of whether the show would ever return for a second season has now been raised by viewers. If you feel the same nagging doubt, continue reading to learn whether it will be continued.

Balance Unlimited Season 1 Recap

The Millionaire Detective Balance: Limitless is a lighthearted and humorous buddy-cop drama that centers on the friendship of the two main characters, Haru Katou and Daisuke Kambe, With a counter representing the expenses they collect as a result of their mischief in each episode, Daisuke Kambe’s saying that wealth can solve every problem is a punchline that appears frequently. The fees incurred reach a limitless amount in Episode 11, the final show of the first season.

The Millionaire Detective by Yasutaka Tsutsui serves as the show’s inspiration, though there are some minor deviations. It emphasizes comical situations more and gives the narrative a more jovial tone.

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When Will Season 2 Be Released?

According to liveinkhabar, The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited’s chances of being renewed are slim because the production company CloverWorks rarely airs shows with more than one season.

The rare animes that CloverWorks has revived have been incredibly well-liked. Furthermore, The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited falls short of other, more well-known CloverWorks series like The Promised Neverland.

balance unlimited season 2

If a second season is ordered for the program, it will probably air after 2022 or toward the end. Though it makes sense that people would want more given how popular the connection between Kambe and Katou is with viewers.

Who Are the Creators and Characters?

  • Kanbe, Daisuke as Oonuki, Yuusuke
  • Katou, Haru as Miyano, Mamoru
  • Kanbe, Suzue as Sakamoto, Maaya
  • Hoshino, Ryou as Enoki, Junya
  • Saeki, Mahoro as Ueda, Reina

What’s the Plot of Season 2?

Two detectives—a more orthodox Haru Katou and Daisuke Kambe, who is also the heir to the Kambe fortune—are central to the anime’s plot. The latter meets the former while the former is stationed at the Modern Crime Prevention headquarters for people with a history of bothering the Metropolitan Police Department.

The two are now working together to solve crimes, but Haru disapproves of Daisuke’s strategies for using his wealth or just bribes to win cases. Will they be able to work through their differences and solve the riddle cases given to them?

Where Can I Watch Balance Unlimited?

Asians can watch the first season of the show on Noitamina, Fuji TV.

In the USA, UK, and Canada, FunimationNow and AnimeLab are available for non-Asians. Additionally, Wakanim has access to it.

The series is also streamed on the AniOne channel on YouTube.

balance unlimited season 2

Where Can I Get Balance Unlimited English Dub Online?

The first season of “Fugou Keiji: Balance: Unlimited” with English subtitles is available on Funimation in the US, Canada, the UK, and Ireland. Additionally, it airs on Fuji TV each week in Japan.

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