Sweet Punishment Season 3: What It Is All About?

With the speculations of a third season, the anime series Sweet Punishment has recently been a hot topic. You’ve come to the right site if you’re wondering what Sweet Punishment is about. I have chosen to clarify what has been occurring to you in light of all the allegations and statements made in the rounds.

Shou Izumi is the creator of the Hentai manga series Sweet Punishment. Additionally, an anime adaptation was made of it, with each episode lasting roughly five minutes.

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The uncut older version and the TV broadcast version of the anime series Sweet Punishment are both available. It debuted in April 2018. Before ending, the anime series had a total of 13 episodes. The Anime’s Cut Version was aired on Tokyo MX. On AT-X, the Uncut Version aired. After a brief discussion, Tokyo MX opted not to pick up Sweet Punishment Season 2, which led to its cancellation. Since that time, no additional Updates have been made.

Regarding the Season 3 speculations for Sweet Punishment, they are entirely false. Season 2 of the anime has not even been confirmed, let alone Season 3.

Sweet punishment season 3

Shortly, the story starts in prison. Hina Saotome, a prisoner despite being innocent, and Aki Myoujin, an exquisite but cruel guard, are at the center of the story. Hina’s heart and body are subject to Myoujin’s “heartless yet sweet dominance,” which includes physical inspections and visits from lovers who have been imprisoned.

The Sweet Punishment Anime Version premiered on April 2, 2020, and aired for 13 episodes before showing its latest part on June 17, 2020.

Studio Magic Bus managed the short anime adaptation, and Mitsutaka Noshitani served as director. Kazuhiro Toda wrote the Anime Show’s script, and Manashi was in charge of creating the cartoony graphics.

What is Sweet Punishment Season 3 All About?

According to micenewsph In Sweet Punishment, Hina Saotome, a Multi-National Corporation treasurer whose been jailed notwithstanding her virtue, tells her narrative of being made to obey the Harsh Warden’s commands.

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Despite her unquestionable innocence, Hina finds her being arrested and jailed on the grounds of embezzling cash from the corporation. The cold-hearted, sadistic, and attractive Warden of the Black Wing Prison, Aki Miyojin, has developed a strong interest in Hina and frequently exploits his authority.

After being locked up, she finds Higa Yamato, who seems like a wonderful person. As a result of his assistance, Hina and Higa develop a bond. Throughout her stay in jail, Hina relies heavily on Higa, which infuriates and enrages the Warden. Will Hina remain imprisoned, or will she attempt to escape the facility with Higa?

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