Eternal Summer Movie: How Was The Ending?

In filmmaker Leste Chen’s tender story of love and longing, three high schoolers go through the pains and joys of love. In the 2006 Taiwanese movie Eternal Summer, Joseph Chang, Ray Chang, and Kate Yeung feature in the film. Leste Chen served as the director. Ray Chang won the Best New Performer prize at the 43rd Golden Horse Awards in 2006 after the movie got four nominations.

Who Played Whom in Eternal Summer?

eternal summer movie ending explained

What’s the Plot of the Movie?

In producer Leste Chen’s poignant story of friendship and desire, three high school students go through the pains and joys of love.

Jonathan (Ray Chang), a diligent student who grew up in a southern Taiwanese beach town, was asked by his worried teacher to watch over Shane, a disobedient classmate (Joseph Chang). A decade later, what once was a social obligation has become a genuine friendship, with Shane already finding his niche on the basketball floor and Jonathan staying on the academic path.

After arguing with her father, Carrie (Kate Yeung), a schoolgirl from Taiwan, leaves Hong Kong to come to live with her mother. She also enrolls in their school. She makes friends with Jonathan, persuades him to go with her on a covert day trip to Taipei, and later seduces him at a seedy hotel. However, Jonathan backtracks, plainly upset. She ultimately concludes that he is gay and in love with his closest friend, based on her observations of their friendship with Shane.

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After a day at school, during which Shane shows interest in Carrie, Carrie later meets Shane through Jonathan. Initially, she has reservations about the snobby Shane but gradually succumbs to the troublemaker’s roguish charms. She agrees to be his girlfriend provided that he successfully gets into college.

Later, Shane gets his act together and enrolls in college, but Jonathan does not because he is preoccupied with his growing sexual identity dilemma. To respect the feelings of his old friend, Shane makes every effort to keep his love for Carrie a secret. Despite their best efforts, the truth finally comes out, leading all three to see their connections from an entirely different perspective.

After a party, Shane is driving his motorcycle when he gets struck by a car. To take him back to his house, Jonathan enters. They have intimacy after that; Shane unexpectedly initiates it. The following morning, when Shane is still asleep, Jonathan calls Carrie, asking her to watch over Shane before departing constantly.

eternal summer movie ending explained

Shane then drives Jonathan and Carrie toward the beach shortly after. Jonathan tells Shane that they should end their relationship. Furious, Jonathan pushes Shane to the floor and inquires about his sincerity. From her automobile, Carrie observes the two lads alone. Shane reiterates that close friends are free to share anything. Jonathan speculates that Shane might no longer want to be buddies, but Shane finally admits to having emotions for him romantically.

How Did the Movie End?

According to imdb, Shane admitted to the conclusion that Johnathan is his best friend and that he is lonely. I seriously question what he said. I firmly believe Shane views Jonathan as more than just a close buddy, but he is likely also in denial and perplexed only if Jonathan is allowed to inquire about Shane’s feelings for him.

Whether Shane also loves Jonathan or if he was only eager to do whatever to keep him around is up for debate. Frankly, I believe that he loves him. After all, one doesn’t act that way toward someone they don’t feel strongly about. Additionally, it appears he did declare his love for Jonathan in the novel. In any case, the film was gorgeous, fantastic, and everything.

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Is the Movie Worth Watching?

According to imdb, the film’s subject is the friendship and bond between two schoolboys and a schoolgirl in rural Taiwan. Despite being slow, this movie is brilliantly produced. The characters have been nicely developed. The story is heartfelt and compelling.

It’s a relatively straightforward story. The Right Moment was stunning in depicting a lower-class family’s struggles while coping with hunger, gangsters, and crime. Eternal Summer’s way describes the inner conflicts of those on the brink of adulthood is lovely. With the finale, the film begins.


I loved how the movie progressed at a very moderate pace, which allowed for the characters’ emotional growth. The narrative is depressing, but not in crying or screaming; it is depressing in that it strikes you in the heart and causes you to worry about the characters all night. Even if it occasionally tends toward melodrama, it’s not that indulgent.

I would initially compare it to Fleeing by Night because of the two males and one female storyline, but Eternal Summer is more overt in its expression of romantic feelings.

This movie does not portray love as a romantic, happy thing; instead, it shows how complex and disruptive it can be to live with someone you can’t publicly express your love for. It’s a good story. The soundtrack bolsters the movie and stirs the soul.

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