Dark Desire Season 2: Cast, Plot, Ending and More!!

Since its February 2 debut, Dark Desire’s second season on Netflix has wowed crowds everywhere. Apiece of the fifteen episodes, which run for almost 40 minutes each, skillfully tie up loose ends to bring this passionate drama to a successful conclusion.

The star-crossed lovers Alma and Darrio, and their nefarious manipulation of desire and deceit, are the main subjects of the series, directed by Pedro P. Ybarra. Like its predecessor, this last season has been quite good at convincing its audience which character is more skilled at playing this deceptive game.

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Who Played Whom in Dark Desire Season 2?

  • Maite Perroni. Alma Solares.
  • Alejandro Speitzer. Darío Guerra.
  • Erik Hayser. Esteban.
  • María Fernanda Yepes. Brenda Castillo.
  • Jorge Poza. Leonardo Solares.
  • Regina Pavón. Zoe.
  • Paulina Matos. Edith.
  • Leticia Huijara. Lucinda.

 Release Date for Dark Desire Season 2

The final Dark Desire Season 2 launch date has been made known by Netflix. It is revealed in the movie New on Netflix – February 2022, which just came out. On February 2, 2022, Netflix will release it.

dark desire season 2 ending

The release date for Dark Desire Season 2 on OTT has been revealed. Media rumors state that the first series will debut on Netflix on July 15, 2020, with new episodes following a year and a half later. This timeline depends on Netflix’s estimated release date for Season 2.

Dark Desire Season 2 is probably one of the best series, with episodes coming out one after the other. Another critical factor in this series’ success and popularity is its engaging narrative, which, as we already mentioned, draws viewers to look it up on the internet.

What’s the Plot?

Exactly where the first season finishes, the second season’s story picks up. Alma is now staying with her parents and seeks to regain control of her life. She is alienated from her daughter Zoe, she lost her position at the university, and she and Leonardo divorced.

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She is driven by her passion for Darrio and discovers him lurking around. Alma also dreams about him often. She enrolls in a counseling session with a group of ladies and meets Lys, a mystery Lys carrying a secret of her own.

With his newfound wealth, Darrio travels back to Mexico to wed Julieta, his true love. However, the restored passion between him and Alma instantly turns their lives upturned.

Dario’s fiance Julieta mysteriously dies under sad circumstances as Darrio’s prior mysteries come to light. Alma must now decide whether to accept the truth and act morally or to rethink the future she had always pictured with Darrio.

dark desire season 2 ending

This time, she is not alone because investigator Montano, her former Leanardo, daughter Zoe, and ex-brother-in-law Esteban are all available to assist her at every turn.

Like its predecessor, the second season doesn’t hold back on depicting several intimate scenes that don’t leave much to the mind. To get retribution, Alma carefully sets a trap for the dishonest Darrio to fall into. As a result, the presence of the police plays a crucial role in the story.

How Do the Second Season of Dark Desire End?

Before confronting Darió, Alma had around 70% of the puzzle pieces. But she didn’t put the pieces together until they were in the process of having intimacy. Before agreeing to flee with him, she forced him to admit to impersonating his twin and discuss his past relationship with Lys and Julieta.

But all of that was a ruse. To persuade Darió to admit to killing Julieta, Alma duped him into believing everything she said. After her initial “trust only” attempt backfired, she had to resort to extreme measures.

When Alma administered sodium pentothal to Darió, he eventually admitted to killing Julieta. That required luring Darió to an empty building floor using Esteban (Erik Hauser) and a voice changer, setting up cameras that the police could see, and then threatening him with a gun. When that strategy also fell through, Alma reached for the truth serum, her failsafe. The goal was achieved.

Alma disclosed her big plan in the closing moments of Dark Desire Season 2 before puffing on her dying cigarette. Darió noticed that he was restrained to a hospital bed as she pointed it out. It appears that this troublemaker may have left town permanently.

Will Dark Desire Return for a Third Season?

After Season 2, Dark Desire will end. According to a trailer released by Netflix, season 2 of Stranger Things will not air. So it appears the drama will conclude with everyone content and nicely resolved.

Why Didn’t Netflix Pick Up a Third Season of Dark Desire?

It stands to reason that Netflix declares Dark Desire’s second season as the series’ last. The drama’s storyline does not offer much save a quick-paced narrative, many intimate moments, and maintaining its mystery.


The background of Darrio’s doppelganger is developed in Dark Desire through various flashes that introduce new people. Even when Alma flips the script at the end, the result is nearly guaranteed.

In addition to Maite Perroni and Alejandro Spitzer’s powerful performances, the magnificent photography and music playing contribute to maintaining the drama’s atmosphere. The length of fifteen episodes for the erotic thriller seems excessive.

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