Chris Evans Dating History: Who Is He Currently Dating?

He’s still on the lookout for the one. Chris Evans has had his share of heartbreaks in his love life, but he remains hopeful that he will one day find his soulmate.

After Jessica Biel’s high-profile connection with Not Another Teen Movie actor, his love life has enthralled viewers. During their partnership, the former couple starred together in two films, London and Cellular. However, the 7th Heaven grads had great hopes for their future together even though they called it quit in 2006.

My friends and I often discuss marriage. Before she and Evans parted ways, Biel told Cosmopolitan, “We both want to get married, and we both want to have kids. After dating for nearly five years, she married Justin Timberlake in 2012.

He dated up-and-coming actresses like Minka Kelly and Dianna Agron after his split from Biel, and he was even linked to superstar Sandra Bullock after her divorce in 2010. Before he met his Gifted co-star Jenny Slate in 2016, he hadn’t been in another long-term relationship. Even though they called it quit in February 2017, they still had a lot of affection for one other.

One month after the breakup of their relationship, Slate remarked to Vulture about her former partner, “He’s incredibly vulnerable, and he’s straightforward.” “He reminds me of the actual colors. He possesses gorgeous, expansive, and powerful feelings and is very confident. If you could paint the inside of his heart, it would most likely be a golden tint. Simply put, it’s a joy to be in this environment.

The pair gave their relationship a second chance, but in March 2018, they called it quits for good. Evans is optimistic that he will have a family of his own in the not-too-distant future, even though he has had a difficult time finding a love that will last.

I cannot say that I do not desire children. I want to start a family. But you can’t put the wagon before the horse,” he said in an interview with USA Today after he parted ways with Slate.

“The concept of family can only be viable if it is constructed as an extension of one person’s love for another. If you suddenly want the child more than you want the relationship, you can put your partnership on hazardous footing.

An insider has confided in Us Weekly that since his most recent split, the star of Knives Out has been “seeing other women and is having fun,” but he intends to “be more secretive with his love life.”

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