Is Bella Hadid Dating Marc Kalman?

The model has been secretive about her private life since before her famous connection with the artist The Weeknd ended. Therefore, when Hadid seemed to disclose she was dating Marc Kalman in July 2021, followers clamored to learn further about her new lover.

Although the couple has kept their relationship’s specifics a secret, Hadid has recently talked about any of her romances before meeting Kalman. The supermodel discussed her past struggles with “boundaries” in a segment for Victoria’s Secret’s VS Voices podcast in January 2022, saying, “I repeatedly went back to men-and also women-that had mistreated me, and that’s where the people pleasing came in.” She added that therapy, yoga, and avoiding social media aided her recovery.

Even though the model keeps her new romance quiet, admirers are thrilled to see Hadid in love now that she is in a healthier frame of mind. Despite his work in fashion and art, where he has a profession, Kalman also leads a low-profile life.

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So who is the man that one of the most well-known models in the world fell in love with? Here is all the information you have to hear about Marc Kalman, Bella Hadid’s partner.

In What Profession is Marc Kalman?

According to newssunzip An art director, Marc He, has collaborated with several well-known figures, including Travis Scott, the New York Times, Milk Studios, Made Fashion Week, and others. Like his partner, a beauty, Kalman is employed by the fashion business. In contrast to Hadid, his work is typically more unnoticed and focuses primarily on branding, record art, and merchandise design.

bella hadid dating marc kalman

Although Kalman’s leading site appears inaccessible, Seventeen reported earlier that he has collaborated with several high-profile brands, notably Milk Studios, KNG Records, and the eyewear company Smoke x Mirrors. According to a source, he has also created outfits for the Japanese fashion label A Bathing Ape.

Kalman and his creative collaborator Corey Damon Black have reportedly been involved in the art world for a long time, per a feature from 1985. The two didn’t meet until they “crossed paths again, oddly enough, at Art Basel,” despite having grown up in the same area.

According to the article, Black is listed as the “artist” while Kalman is listed as the “art director.”

Black also described what it’s like to work with Kalman in the feature, saying, “Marc controls my impulsiveness.” While I’m working on anything, Marc is the only individual I will chat to while I’m working. I enter a cave. I don’t care what other people think.

Since When Were Bella and Marc Dating?

According to elle July 2020, The two, who have reportedly been dating since July 2020, have kept their romance exceedingly discreet despite having eyes on her around the clock. The couple had secretly dated for a year before Bella shared their first photo. According to a person who wishes to remain anonymous, they began dating in July 2020 but “hid it very well.”

They claimed that when they arrived at a spot, “he’d drop her off but not get out and go park the car.” They took care to avoid being spotted while on a city street.

Although Marc stood a few feet behind Bella, the couple was first spotted with each other in Lower Manhattan in July 2020. Bella and Marc have never discussed the beginning of their relationship in public.

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Where Did They Meet?

It appears that the couple’s chance meeting occurred quite naturally. According to a source close to Bella and Marc, they “had seen each other before in Nyc while shooting,” the source reported in July 2021. They have run into one another on countless occasions as he is the creative force behind numerous fashion initiatives.

Bella is “Totally in Love” With Marc

The source added that Bella is “totally smitten” with her guy and that the two are becoming quite serious. She has been eager to go out with him now that things are more serious. She is genuinely happy right now.

Marc is allegedly also well-liked by Bella’s relatives. The source said, “She’s introduced him to the family, and they all believe he’s a lovely man.”

bella hadid dating marc kalman

On Instagram, Marc and Bella are followers of each other, but Marc’s profile remains set to “personal.” Additionally, he lacks a profile photo.

Where Did They Travel?

The art director traveled with Hadid to Paris for Fashion Week in April 2022. After being seen together roaming the city’s streets, Hadid released a video of her and Kalman kissing and admiring the surroundings. Kalman was pictured seated beside Hadid as she savored an ice cream in a carousel of images from her vacation to Rome, which the model also shared.

Bella Hadid’s Past Relationships

Bella is the exception to the norm that being a supermodel entails being in the spotlight. Whenever she is spotted with a possible mate, rumors start to spread. While there are a few recognized romances involving the 2016 Model of the Year, there has been much talk over the years regarding other hookups with famous people.

The Weeknd was Bella’s most well-known boyfriend. Throughout their nearly four-year relationship, Bella served as the inspiration for some of the Grammy Award-winning musician’s tracks. The two eventually identified “distance” as the issue causing their most recent breakup. They both have demanding occupations, so making time for a date is probably challenging.

Bella loved Matthew Morton, the co-founder of the Hard Rock Cafe. She also spent a few months in 2017 Australian dating model Jordan Barrett. In addition to those recognized romances, most of her dating history consists of alleged love affairs.

There have been rumors that he has written songs about beauty. The most widely reported of these rumored relationships is between NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. and acclaimed musician Drake. According to Us, Drake hosted Hadid for a lavish 21st birthday celebration. Hadid is ten years older than Drake, while Beckham Jr. is slightly older.

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