Does Season 3 Indicate the Release of Zombies 4?

In the third installment of the Zombies franchise, the arrival of aliens in Seabrook poses yet another obstacle for Addison and Zed’s romance; but, could this mean the end of their story?

The announcement that filming would begin in March of 2021 gave the impression that this was the case. According to Lauren Kisilevsky, vice president of Original Movies for Disney Branded Television, “We wanted to raise the stakes in this third and final installment”.

When you consider that the equally successful Descendants movie series also concluded after three films, the conclusion of Zombies 3, which marks the end of the trilogy, makes perfect sense.

Zombies 4

The film doesn’t leave the audience hanging with a cliffhanger reveal at the end as Zombies 2 did, which lends it an air of conclusion and closure. But does this mean that Zeddison’s story is over? Here is all you need to know about Zombies Season 4.

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Zombies 4: Release Date

The release of Zombies 4 on Disney Plus has yet to get any renewal news. A Zombies 4 movie is quite doubtful at this point, but don’t write it out just yet.

Because it will be available only on Disney+, Zombies 3 has a better chance of reaching a wider audience than prior films, so keep a lookout for it. A new animated television series based on the popular Zombies series, called Zombies: The Re-Animated Series, will premiere.

Zed, Addison, Eliza, Willa, and the rest of “the full Seabrook crew” will apparently appear in it, though we don’t know much else about it just yet. According to the summary, “the members of this gang may have been able to relate to one another, but they have yet to survive high school.”

Zombies 4 will only be released if the third picture is a financial success, according to the filmmakers. For Zombies 4 on Disney Plus, the release date should be set for mid-2024 if it is renewed. If not, we’ll have to wait till the animated series to see our heroes go on fresh adventures again.

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Who Will Return in Season 4?

It is expected that the majority of the cast of season 3 will return in season 4. It includes:

  • Milo Manheim as Zed
  • Kylee Russell as Eliza Zambi
  • Terry Hu as A-Spen
  • Matt Cornett as A-Lan
  • Meg Donnelly as Addison Wells
  • Kyra Tantao as A-Li
  • Ariel Martin as Wynter Barkowitz
  • Chandler Kinney as Willa Lykensen
  • Emilia McCarthy as Lacey
  • Pearce Joza as Wyatt Lykensen

Zombies 4

Does Season 3 Indicate the Release of Zombies 4?

Zed’s major aim at the beginning of Zombies 3 is to become the first zombie to attend Mountain College, which would open the way for all other monsters to attend college.

The entrance of aliens in Seabrook interrupts this plan, as they seek the path to their “ideal new home,” Utopia, following the destruction of their home planet. Seabrook’s “most valuable object” contains the artifact, which was left behind by a scout who crashed-landed their decades previously.

Zed and Addison help the aliens locate the coordinates as a thank you for their assistance with Zed’s stellar college application. Addison’s grandmother Angie is revealed to be the scout who left the message. There you go! She’s an alien cheerleader, as the cliffhanger in Zombies 2 hinted at.

Her grandmother had a crush on a human named Eli, so she went to Seabrook High School and became a cheerleader in order to fit in. They believe Angie buried the coordinates to Utopia by creating the Cheer Off trophy, the Seabrook Cup.

Addison’s team wins the Seabrook Cup, but the aliens can’t find any coordinates when they scan it. Addison pretends to be an extraterrestrial in order to keep the wolves at bay (who are suspicious of the aliens’ actual intentions).

Even if you were expecting a difficult chat with her mother as a result of this, she informs her that she’s always known. Addison’s mother confesses that her grandma always “called you her most precious thing,” as Angie had instructed her to do so for their own safety.

Zombies 4

Utopia’s coordinates are encoded in Addison’s DNA, but she must travel to the planet with them in order to get there. It appears that Zeddison’s love story will come to an end when he is unable to accompany them since he will not survive the trip into space.

This isn’t how Zombies 3 is going to finish, though. Aliens preparing to depart for Utopia on the day of Seabrook High’s commencement begin to wonder why Angie made it so difficult for them to locate the “most precious item” in Seabrook.

It is Addison’s belief that her grandmother may have realized that Seabrook, “the most perfectly imperfect place there is,” was the best place for the aliens to reside, rather than in a world free of strife.

“Conflict is sometimes necessary. When our conflicts were put aside, look at what transpired! Progress was made as a team. Conflict isn’t always a terrible thing. Occasionally, being pushed to our limits motivates us to improve, “Addison informs them.

Alien lifeboats beam back to Seabrook rather than Utopia after realizing she’s right. At the conclusion of Zombies 3, a new normal has been established in Seabrook, where cheerleaders, zombies, werewolves, aliens, and other creatures can coexist together.

Finally, the Zombies trilogy comes to a conclusion as Addison finally discovers who she is, and Zed is accepted into Mountain College so that the couple may both attend there. However, there is always the possibility that another species will arrive in Seabrook and change the dynamic once more.

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Zombies 4: Trailer

The trailer for season 4 is not released yet. Here is the trailer for season 3 below:

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