Prey (2022) Release Date, Plot and More!!

The best warriors from the Great Plains nurtured and groomed Naru (Amber Midthunder), a ferocious fighter. Naru must take action to defend her tribe when a fresh threat arises.

Prey is a sequel to the first four Predator movies and is set 300 years back in time in the Comanche Nation in 1719.

Prey is the tale of a young, aggressive, and expert warrior named Naru (Amber Midthunder). When danger approaches her camp, she goes out to defend her people since she was raised in the shade of the most famous warriors who wander the plains.

The upcoming film is being marketed as a sequel that picks up many years before the events of the first one and tells the story of Earth’s first predator species visitor.Prey has been kept a closely guarded secret as per director Dan Trachtenberg’s request, but information about the movie has gradually started making its way into the headlines. Below is all we currently know about Prey.

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Prey: When and Where Does It Appear?

On August 5, 2022, the first hunt will start in earnest. It’ll be the first feature film in the team’s history to be entirely streamed. Despite the fact that Disney is now the parent company of the Predator franchise, the human skinning and skull removal are perhaps too graphic for the kid-friendly Disney+. Prey will now reside on Hulu, a more parental service owned by Disney and Fox.

prey 2022 release date

What’s the Trailer for Prey?

In May 2022, we got our first look inside the extraordinary world of Prey.

In the teaser, a teenage Native American woman is shown running from a woodland before being stopped by a warrior who instructs her to seek cover. Before that recognizable three-dotted reticle emerges on one of their heads, the two stare into the deserted woods. After that, the main character Naru and an unseen Yautja engage in a heated confrontation, as seen in the teaser.

Who Are the Creators of Prey?

Prey is still produced by the studio formerly known as Fox, following a slight conflict between the creators of the original Predator movie and 20th Century’s new parent firm, Walt Disney.

As previously announced, Dan Trachtenberg, who is known for creating the widely acclaimed film 10 Cloverfield Lane, is seated in the final film. Prey will be Trachtenberg’s first feature picture in six years, despite the fact that he has since worked on significant television projects like Black Mirror and The Boys. The blockbuster surprise followup was his feature debut film and helped establish him as a filmmaker to watch attentively. Prey stars the following-

Amber Midthunder

Dakota Beavers

Dane DiLiegro

Stormee Kipp

Michelle Thrush

Julian Black Antelope

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What is Prey All About?

Prey transforms the Predator IP into a story set in a time three hundred years in the past, long before the events of the first movie. The story follows a teenage Comanche hunter called Naru as she hunts down a mystery enemy that is threatening her people well before America.

prey 2022 release date

Naru has no idea that the peril is a Yautja, an incredibly intelligent and high-tech alien known to the general public as a Predator, which hunts the most evil creatures in the galaxy for entertainment. In addition, producer John Davis has revealed that this marks the first instance in which the fabled species has declared Earth its own personal hunting area, roughly three millennia before one such predator engaged in combat with a disorganized squad of soldiers in Central America.

Prey (2022) Release Date

According to Wikipedia, the prey was released on July 21, 2022.

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