Sydney Sweeney Net Worth: in Which Other Movies and Tv Shows Has She Appeared?

Actress Sydney Sweeney hails from the state of Washington in the United States. Sweeney is an actor who has been seen in the series “Everything Sucks!” on Netflix, as well as in the series “The Handmaid’s Tale” on Hulu and the miniseries “Sharp Objects” on HBO. 2019 marked the beginning of her central role in the teen drama series ‘Euphoria’ on HBO.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Sydney Sweeney was born in Spokane, Washington, in 1997 and is currently a sophomore at the University of Washington. Her parents are lawyers; her mother is Lisa, and her father is Scott. Trent is the name of her younger sibling. When an independent film began filming in her hometown, Sweeney became fascinated with the acting industry.

With the help of a five-year business plan, she convinced her parents that she should be allowed to audition. They moved to Los Angeles shortly after that so that Sweeney could pursue a career as an actor.

Sydney Sweeney Net Worth

ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction” aired at several film festivals in the United States in 2009 while Sweeney was a preteen. “Heroes” and “Criminal Minds” were guest appearances for her in the year of her birth.

Television Career

Sweeney appeared in the premiere episode of NBC’s police drama “Chase” after her on-screen debut in 2009. ‘90210,’ the fourth series of the iconic ‘Beverly Hills, 90210′ franchise, also included her in an episode. In addition to “Kickin’ It,” Sweeney appeared in episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, The Middle, and Pretty Little Liars, among other television shows.

This past year, Sweeney experienced her most successful year to date. It all started with her portrayal of two groups of high school students in Oregon in the 1990s for the Netflix series “Everything Sucks!” Emaline Addario, a junior in the theatre club, was played by Sweeney. Jahi Di’Allo Winston, Patch Darragh, Quinn Liebling, and Elijah Stevenson were in the cast.

Sydney Sweeney Net Worth

As Alice, Amy Adams’ character’s roommate in the psychiatric facility, Sweeney starred in the HBO miniseries “Sharp Objects” in 2018. Before putting on her show, Sweeney investigated stories of girls with mental illness and visited hospitals where self-harming patients were treated.

When “The Handmaid’s Tale,” a dystopian Hulu series, premiered in 2013, Sweeney was cast as the religious Eden Spencer. After that, she landed the lead role of Cassie Howard on HBO’s teen drama “Euphoria” in 2019. “The White Lotus” was an award-winning HBO miniseries she starred in in 2021.

Career as a Film Actor

Sweeney starred in John Carpenter’s supernatural horror thriller “The Ward” and science fiction monster picture “Spiders 3D” in the early 2010s. His other film credits are angels in Stardust, The Martial Arts Kid, Stolen From Suburbia, Cassidy Way, The Horde, Vikes, and Dead Ant. After starring in the horror thriller “Along Came the Devil,” Sweeney starred in two more films in 2018.

In addition, she made a brief cameo in Andrew Garfield’s neo-noir thriller “Under the Silver Lake.” He appeared in three blockbuster films the following year: “Big Time Adolescence,” “Clementine,” and Quentin Tarantino’s historical reinterpretation, “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood,” which featured Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt as cinematic stars coming of age. Sweeney portrayed Snake, a Manson family member, in the final film.


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In 2020, Sweeney participated in the fourth chapter of the “Welcome to the Blumhouse” anthology series, “Nocturne,” a supernatural horror film. During her senior year of high school, she took on the role of Juliet Lowe, a pianist who grows dangerously envious of her identical twin sister, played by Madison Iseman. The sensual thriller “The Voyeurs,” in which Sweeney starred, followed, as did a role in the thriller “Night Teeth.”

In Addition to These Endeavors,

Fifty-Fifty Films is Sweeney’s production firm, and she works as an executive producer. The Unborn, “Takeo,” “Night Blind,” “Held,” “Love Made Visibly,” and “It Happened Again Last Night” are just a few of Sweeney’s short film credits in addition to his work in feature films. She also starred in Halsey’s “Graveyard” music video, which was released in 2019.

Personal Life

Sweeney attended the University of California, Los Angeles, where she majored in entrepreneurship for her post-secondary education. In addition, she has a background in mixed martial arts (MMA).

ydney Sweeney Net Worth

When it comes to his love life, Sweeney has kept things very quiet. The heir to the pizza brand Pompei, restaurateur Jonathan Davino, is rumored to be her boyfriend.

Sydney Sweeney’s Net Worth

American actress Sydney Sweeney has been in several episodes of “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Sharp Objects,” and other shows. Sydney Sweeney is a millionaire with a fortune estimated at $5 million.

Sydney Sweeney Net Worth

She’s also been in Netflix’s “Everything Sucks!” and HBO’s “Euphoria,” both teen dramas. “Big Time Adolescence” and “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood” are among the films in which Sweeney has appeared.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Age of Sydney Sweeney?

Currently, Sydney Sweeney is 24 years old (12 September 1997).

What Is the Yearly Salary of Sydney Sweeney?

A year’s salary for Sydney Sweeney is more than $400,000.

How Much Money Does Sydney Sweeney Have?

The net worth of Sydney Sweeney is estimated at $4 million.


American actress Sydney Sweeney is best known for her roles as Emaline Addario in the web television series “Everything Sucks!” and Haley Caren in “In The Vault.”

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