Steven Yeun Net Worth: How Did He Get So Rich?

Steven Yeun is a South Korean-born American actor and producer. Steven Yeun’s ascent to fame was aided by the success of “The Walking Dead” and “Minari.”

At Kalamazoo College, he discovered an interest in theatre and improv during his first year. After graduating from college, he convinced his parents to allow him to pursue a career in performance full-time by joining the improv club at his university.

After going to Chicago, Illinois, he joined Second City Improv and later made a move to Los Angeles. After appearing as a guest star on “The Big Bang Theory,” he was cast as Glenn on AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” which launched his career.

Early Life

Yeun was born in Seoul, South Korea, on December 21, 1983, to Je and Jun Yeun. He and his younger brother Brian were raised in a Christian home where they spoke Korean as their primary language. It was in 1988 when the family relocated from their native Michigan to Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada. In the United States, the family had a beauty supply company after migrating from South Korea, where his father was an architect.

Troy High School is where Yeun went after Ruth M. Buck. He graduated in 2001. He subsequently attended Kalamazoo College, earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a focus on neuroscience in 2005.

Steven Yeun Net Worth (

At Kalamazoo, Yeun made friends with the sister of Jordan Klepper’s comedian and took him to see Klepper’s improv show. Yeun was motivated to enroll in his first acting lesson due to this encounter.

Later, after becoming acquainted with Klepper, he made a career change and relocated to Chicago to study improv and act under Klepper’s guidance. Even though his parents had hoped Yeun would go to law or medical school, they allowed him to work in the entertainment industry for two years and encouraged him to do so.


“Stir Friday Night!” an Asian American sketch comedy troupe based in Chicago, welcomed you into its ranks when you moved there in 2005. He subsequently joined The Second City, a nationally famous sketch-comedy team. To further his acting career, he moved to Los Angeles in October of 2009.

Yeun’s breakthrough performance as Glenn Rhee in the AMC horror movie “The Walking Dead” came in 2010. Based on the comic book series, the show follows a group of people as they try to escape a zombie outbreak.

Steven Yeun Net Worth

When it premiered, it swiftly rose to the top of cable television’s ratings after receiving rave reviews from critics and viewers alike. Since Yeun’s character developed throughout the six seasons, he was on the show and garnered tremendous praise for his portrayal. He opted to leave after the season seven premiere in 2016.

Personal Life

Yeun tied the knot with the photographer Joana Park in December 2016. They have two children together and share a home in Los Angeles.

They are in a committed relationship. In Los Angeles, he has invested in his younger brother’s restaurant, a combination of Korean and Mediterranean cuisine in the Koreatown region.

Yeun is a supporter of both the Detroit Pistons and the Detroit Red Wings hockey teams. Additionally, he has expressed support for Andrew Yang’s candidacy for president of the United States in the 2020 election.


In 2021, even YEun was nominated for the “best actor in a leading role” category at the candy Awards. In addition, he was nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2021.

Steven Yeun Net Worth

She’s a two-time winner of the hidden voice contests. As a result, he has won multiple awards, including the prestigious ul Film Award, the prestigious n Suphоria Award, the Flоrida Film Iris clе Award, and the Indiewired Iris’ Soll Award. Yеun has been nominated for the in-line Film & Video Society Award, the Telluride Award, and the Grand Sales Award.

How Did He Get So Rich?

His parents emigrated from South Korea to Michigan when he was a little child, and his parents’ faith influenced his upbringing in the United States. After completing his undergraduate studies at Kalamazoo College, where he majored in psychology with a concentration in neuroscience, he entered the workforce. He became interested in acting after seeing the collegiate improv group Monkapult, which he eventually joined despite his initial reluctance.


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When he relocated to Chicago in 2005, he decided to pursue his improv and acting career instead of law or medical school. After graduating, Steven joined a sketch comedy group called Stir Friday Night. He became a member of The Second City, an improv comedy troupe, in 2009.

Yeun is most recognized for his role as Glenn Rhee, a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world plagued by flesh-eating zombies, on The Walking Dead. In the history of cable television, this show had one of the most significant ratings. The Bun Shop, his brother’s Korean-Mediterranean fusion restaurant, is a source of additional money for Steven, in addition to his acting gigs.

Steven Yeun’s Net Worth

Steven Yeun, an American actor and producer, born in South Korea with a net worth of $5 million, is of South Korean descent. First recognized for his role in “The Walking Dead,” Steven Yeun went on to star in “Minari.”

During his first year at Kalamazoo College, he became interested in the performing arts, particularly improv and theatre. After that, he became a member of an improv group at his college, and after he graduated, he managed to persuade his parents to let him pursue a career in performing on a full-time basis.

Steven Yeun Net Worth

He initially settled in Chicago, Illinois, where he became a member of Second City Improv. Subsequently, he relocated to Los Angeles, California. The decision turned out to be a good one, as shortly after he was cast in a guest-starring role on “The Big Bang Theory,” he was offered the part of Glenn on “The Walking Dead,” which would establish his name in the industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Net Worth Of Steven Yuen?

The Net Worth of Steven Yeun is $5 Million.

Where Is The Birthplace Of Steven Yuen?

The birthplace of Steven Yeun is Seoul, South Korea

What Is The Height Of Steven Yuen?

The height of Steven Yeun is 5′ 9″ (1.75 m).

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